In Los Angeles, an ex-con takes the underground fighting world by storm in his quest to fulfill a promise to a dead friend.

James: You know, invincibility lies in defense.
Isaiah Bone: Possibility of victory, in the attack.
James: Genghis Khan once said, the greatest pleasure is to vanquish your enemy, and chase them before you. To rob them of their wealth, and to have those dear to them bathed in tears.
Isaiah Bone: I... am the punishment of God. And if you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you... Genghis
James: I imagine several hundred years ago, a group of very powerful men, not unlike yourself, were out conquering the known world. So they get to Africa, feeling pretty good about themselves, definitely feeling superior to the savages they see running in the jungle. That is, until one of the brothers drops his loincloth. And then these powerful men, all of a sudden, come face to face, so to speak, with one of life's great inequities.
James: Profanity is a brutal vice. He who uses it, is not a gentleman.
James: Hey baby, come meet my man Bone. He just whooped the Hammerman.
Angela: [sauntering up] Words can't describe how little I give a damn.
Franklin McVeigh: Good to see you James. You should visit more often. I hear you have become quite the "golfer".
James: Yes, but unfortunately I just "lost my golfing partner".
Franklin McVeigh: You my friend must learn the fine art of subtlety. So what do I owe this pleasure of this visit?
James: [opens a suitcase with money in it] Five million dollars.
Franklin McVeigh: What's this for?
James: I want to fight. With your "Pretty-Boy".
Franklin McVeigh: Ahh... so we are looking to sit at the grown-ups table are we?
James: I have a fighter. This guy is the real deal.
Franklin McVeigh: You are not talking about "Hammerman" are you? He is not even in Price's league!
James: No it's a new guy. The best I have ever seen. And I have seen Price.
Franklin McVeigh: It's not as simple as that James. The Consortium is owned by a private organization. All newcomers have to be agreed upon by committee.
James: Come on, Frank. After all I have done for you, you could not do me this one little favor?
Franklin McVeigh: You're asking me to "vouch" for you. The funny thing about vouching for someone James is that when that someone shows himself to be less than what was promised,every decision you take from that point on, is 2nd guessed, and that, in my line of work, is suicide. And besides what does a cool, mellow fellow like yourself want to 'hang out' with a bunch of stuffy old white guys?
James: Same reason you want to hang out with those stuffy old white guys: Power!... connections. But let's keep it 'real', I'm just a cool, mellow fellow, just shufflin' and jivin', Crip walkin', basketball playing, singin', dancin', taking out your "garbage". That's what I am to you...
Franklin McVeigh: You're... right. You... are... African... American. And myself and my friends, for the most part, don't care... for the company... of... African... Americans. Quite frankly... we are entertained by you. We are thrilled by your high-flying acrobatics on the basketball court. That wonderful sense of rhythm you have. Your animal athleticism. But apart from that... we have no use for you. Understand? Let's face it James, do you set a place at your dinner table for your pit bull dogs? Is this "keepin' it real" enough for you? Am I clear?
James: Clear as water...
[first lines]
Prisoner: Might not be any of my business, but uh, JC's crew is headed this way to bump you. And they all got shanks.
Isaiah Bone: I know.
James: You're lookin' kinda hard there, ain't ya?
Isaiah Bone: Hard not to.
James: I always admired fighters and the fight game. A warrior's life is the life for me. There's honor, virtue. A warrior's life must be pure of body and spirit. That is why I don't smoke, I don't drink, or I don't use profanity. You see, I'm not like the rest of those thugs you see out there smoking blunts and playing video games. And neither are you, Bone.
[last lines]
Pinball: Life in the city keep goin', don't it?
Isaiah Bone: Oh yeah.
Pinball: Sure you don't wanna stick around? I could set some fights up, we could make some more money, man.
Isaiah Bone: Nope. Got some business to take care of...
Veretta: [walks up like she's next to fight him] ... Call me.
James: You think about. But you should know, I don't like people that say no to me.
Isaiah Bone: Maybe you should get used to it.
Tamara: You did all of this just to keep a jailhouse promise?
Pinball: You see that chick? I used to hit that. Pretty hot for a fighter.
Isaiah Bone: [she takes a beating] Not any more.
Tamara: I'm not sure I approve of the company you keep, Mr. Bone.
Isaiah Bone: Me neither.
Isaiah Bone: [to Pinball] You know car wash is not just a movie.