Follows Frank Dux, an American martial artist serving in the military, who decides to leave the army to compete in a martial arts tournament in Hong Kong where fights to the death can occur.

Chong Li: Very good. But brick not hit back!
[first lines]
Boxer: Jackson, you going to go to Hong Kong?
Jackson: I love anything full contact. I need a few more scars on my face.
Boxer: But I heard you can get killed at that Kumite.
Jackson: Only if you fuck up.
Victor: What's the hold-up?
Official: He says Senzo Tanaka is his shidoshi.
Victor: What's the difference if Bruce Springsteen is his shidoshi?
Official: If Senzo Tanaks is his shidoshi, then show us the Dim Mak.
Ray Jackson: [turns to Frank] What the hell is a Dim Mack?
Official: Death touch.
Ray Jackson: I ain't your pal, dickface.
Ray Jackson: Aren't you a little young for full-contact?
Frank Dux: Aren't you a little old for videogames?
[Frank has just won his first fight in record time]
Jackson: His first fight in the kumite and he broke the fucking world record!
Frank Dux: Shingo and I were close friends. Brothers. And you and Mrs. Tanaka have treated me like a son. What will happen now?
Tanaka: No more training. Stop now.
Frank Dux: [shakes his head] But you have so much to teach.
Tanaka: You don't understand. During the war, I lost my first family. My son, daughter, and wife. I left Japan because of the war. War was wrong. I came to America to start over, to have a new family, and a son. For 2,000 the teachings passed, father to son, father to son. When Shingo died, it stopped.
Frank Dux: Teach me. I can do it.
Tanaka: You are not Japanese! You are not a Tanaka!
Frank Dux: You told me to use any tactic that works, never to commit yourself to one style, to keep an open mind!
Tanaka: Why?
Frank Dux: To honor you, shidoshi.
Ray Jackson: Who the hell are these scumbags?
Rawlins: Stay out of this, pal.
Ray Jackson: I ain't your pal, dickface.
Jackson: Choose a brick. I know, bottom one, right?
[Jackson takes a deep breath and smashes the top brick. Dusting off the bottom one, he holds it up]
Jackson: See? Not a scratch on it.
Official: [chuckles] Not Dim Mak.
Jackson: Yeah? Well, neither is this.
[Jackson smashes the brick against his forehead]
Jackson: [giving the pieces to the official] For you.
Chong Li: You are next!
Jackson: Time to separate the men from the boys.
Victor: Just be sure Chong Li doesn't separate your head from your body.
[Frank is doing splits between two chairs]
Jackson: That hurts me just lookin' at it.
Title Card: [Last Lines] From 1975 to 1980, Frank W. Dux had 329 matches. He has retired undefeated as the Heavyweight class Kumite champion. He still holds records to this day. Quickest knockout: 32 seconds. Quickest punch in a knockout: 3.2 seconds. Fastest Kick in a knockout: 72 MPH. Total knockouts: 92.
Victor: I'm Lin. You Jackson? You look like a Jackson. That must make you Frank Ducks.
Frank Dux: No, it's DUX.
Victor: Oh, right, like put up your dukes.
Hossein: Now I show you some trick or two!
Chong Li: You break my record, now I break you, like I break your friend.
Ray Jackson: So you stomped him real good, huh, Frankie?
Janice Kent: Even worse.
Ray Jackson: What do you mean?
Janice Kent: He made him say matte.
Ray Jackson: All right, Frankie! But you'd better watch out - you might have to face me next time!
Janice Kent: You guys are out of your minds!
Ray Jackson: I'll drink to that!
Victor: Now remember, it's full contact. There are three ways to win. One, You knock your opponent out. Two, the other guy quits, and shouts 'Matte.' It's like saying 'Uncle.' Three, You throw the fucker right off the runway!
Jackson: Piece o' cake.
Hossein: You come upstairs with me for an interview.
Janice Kent: Like hell, let go of me.
Hossein: You want Hossein, no?
Janice Kent: No, Hossein is an asshole.
Janice Kent: Do you want me to spell it out for you?
Frank Dux: [prevents Hossein from smacking Janice Kent] Leave the girl alone.
Hiro: He's the American shit head who makes tricks with bricks!
Ray Jackson: Guess the Kumite starts one day earlier this year, huh fellas?
[Jackson is getting ready to fight Chong Li]
Frank Dux: Go for the gut. He's soft there.
Ray Jackson: What the hell are you talking about?
Frank Dux: Chong Li's weak in the gut. That's how Parades surprised him.
Victor: [nods curtly with a look of grim encouragement]
Frank Dux: Hey. You listening to me? Go for the stomach. And stay away from his right leg.
Ray Jackson: Will you stop worrying, Frankie? I've got it under control. You sound like my mother. Man alive.
Tanaka: You cannot take Katana Sword by stealing, it is very special sword, you must earn it.
Young Frank: I wasn't going to steal it!
Tanaka: [slices off the front of Frank's hat] You didn't Flinch! You have fighting spirit!
Young Frank: You not gonna call the cops?
Tanaka: MMM, Not if we make a deal.
Young Frank: What kind of a deal?