A young actor's obsession with spying on a beautiful woman who lives nearby leads to a baffling series of events with drastic consequences.

Holly Body: I do not do animal acts. I do not do S&M or any variations of that particular bent, no water sports either. I will not shave my pussy, no fistfucking and absolutely no coming in my face. I get $2000 a day and I do not work without a contract.
Jake Scully: I thought you were a bartender, not a priest.
Douglas: That's right, I'm a bartender.
Jake Scully: Then keep the fucking glass filled!
Douglas: Keep your own glass filled.
Jake Scully: I like to watch.
Corso the Director: Makes you hot, doesn't it?
Jake Scully: Yeah!
Corso the Director: Makes me hot too, real hot. Come on over here and I'll show you how hot. Okay, take off your clothes, I wanna take some pictures.
Jake Scully: Okay. What is it that we're watching?
Corso the Director: I don't know. What are you, some kind of method actor?
Sam Bouchard: Kicked the bitch out, I hope.
Jake Scully: Nah, I didn't.
Sam Bouchard: Why not?
Jake Scully: It was her place.
Jake Scully: Christ, I keep seeing it: Carol lying there. Her face was glowing.
[after discovering his girlfriend's infidelity]
Sam Bouchard: Her face was glowing?
Jake Scully: Yeah.
Sam Bouchard: How do you do that? How do you get a girl's face to glow? I got sixteen years of good humping, not once did I even get a glimmer, let alone a fucking glow! Glowing?
Male Porno Star: I'd buy THAT for a dollar!
Male Porno Star: I'm not just a stunt cock, I'm an ACTOR!
Jake Scully: What a fool I am.
[following his humiliation in the acting class]
Sam Bouchard: C'mon, Jake, you're too hard on yourself. These guys, they can't get a job, they put an ad in the trades, they call themselves teachers. What do they teach us? How to be more fucked up than we already are!
Sam Bouchard: Don't be so melodramatic.

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