Two women are arrested for smuggling while vacationing in Thailand.

Doug Davis: You're a scammer and you're a manipulator. You think that I don't know you? You are dead wrong. The only thing that has ever come out of your mouth is lies. Six years old... the paint... the paint all over your hands. All over our couch? 'I didn't do it.' 16 years old with the beer cans in my car. 'I didn't do it.' Let me hear you say it again, Alice. Come on! Let me hear you say it in here, huh? Come on, one for old times' sake!
Alice Marano: [screaming] I didn't do it!
Alice Marano: That's all freedom is... an illusion.
Nick Parks: C'mon, I made the ultimate sacrifice: 1 first class ticket for 3 economy.
Alice Marano: You'll never know what you ultimately sacrificed.
Darlene Davis: Well, you were the one carrying the bag.
Alice Marano: Yeah. The bag you packed.
Alice: If my brain wasn't on drugs right now, I could possibly kill someone.
Alice Marano: I need to talk to the guard who forgot to lock the gate.
[first lines]
'Yankee' Hank Green: I scheduled the hearing for the Burmese.
Alice Marano: I am an American citizen. I have a right to an attorney.
Guard: Oh, yes, and right to one telephone call, too.
[last lines]
Alice Marano: I know a lot of people won't understand why I said I did it. But, for me, it was the right thing to do. Maybe more right than anything I've ever done before. And I know Darlene and Hank will never stop trying, til I'm out of here. Until I'm free.
[Alice is getting stoned]
Darlene Davis: You've got to be kidding.
Alice: What?
Darlene Davis: Do you really think getting stoned right now is a good idea?
Alice: Yes, I think it's an excellent idea.
Alice Marano: Can I make a wish?
Darlene Davis: Um, waiter, there's a bug in my snot.