The story of a a young man who has spent his life searching for revenge only to find himself up against a bigger challenge than he originally bargained for.

Nicola: All this fighting. It's not who's right. It's who's left.
The Narrator: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, will forever make better grammatical balance than turning the other cheek.
[first lines]
The Narrator: Long before the dawn of man, strife was already a major component of life. Wherever a creature shared a piece of land with another, it was just a matter of time until a struggle for resources would ensue. Man was no different, showcasing a perverse fascination with violence. Man and civilization brought forth more innovative ways of taking human life than any other function needed for survival. There are more ways of killing a man than there are ways of making bread or making love. While the latter two are quite limited in scale, man has gone beyond imagination with his capacity to destroy life with one push of a button. Between uncontrolled crime in the streets and escalating war on the borders, it was all just a matter of time. From the ashes, a new world was born. The surviving nations finally realized that man's unstoppable appetite for destruction must be contained. A ban on all firearms was strictly enforced. And just as the sword gave way to the gun, the gun gave way to the sword; leaving the authorities to carry the hope of their nations on the tip of a spear. Little did they know that the self-destructive nature of man could never be stopped. There's not enough love in this world, not enough money to prevent this ancient circle from coming around again. When the time is ripe, evil will rise; personified in our case with a wood cutter. Nikola is his name, and this is his town, his land. The God forsaken place where our tale begins. And as many ways as there are of killing a man, there are equally as many ways of telling this old tale of strife.
The Narrator: Life, every man holds dear. But the dear man holds honor far more precious than dear life. Especially if that man happens to be Japanese.
The Drifter: I'm the product of a fucked up generation.
Yoshi: Who are you?
The Drifter: Either a friend or a foe. Depends on who is looking.
Yoshi: I'm looking.
The Drifter: Maybe you should look somewhere else.
The Bartender: Sh! Did you hear that...? My bed is calling me.
The Bartender: To be the most powerful motherfucker on the face of the planet
The Drifter: There's no such thing barkeep... there's always someone more powerful than you
The Bartender: That... is a smart... smart line coming from a young... young mind
Killer No. 2: See you tomorrow love... I've got a quick errand to run... a little thing called death to deliver
Momoko: [sarcastically/scornfully] Death! Has no messenger! It delivers itself! Usually in the most adequent way when dealing with impersonators!
Killer No. 2: Ha! Now i'm betting that's much better than japanese
Killer No. 2: I cut your uncle like a yellow tailed sushi role
[last lines]
Killer No. 2: Can You smell the air
[Yoshi pins him to a tree with a sword]
Nicola: I don't know if you are trying to protect me or replacing me Number Two
Nicola: Then if i die... it'll be like i always thought it would be... in battle while i'm still craving life
The Drifter: Unlike you, I've never stabbed anyone in the back.
Nicola: You wanna kill a man like me, son? You better stab me in the back. That's the catch. Honorable men, well, they die hard, but they still die. It's men like me who survive and conquer. Men like me understand that the fight is not about who's right, but about who's left.
[his last words]
Uncle: Like an aged tree which yields no blossoms... cheerful my life has been... bearing but a single fruit...
The Drifter: Pretty optmistic of you... to be worried about your mustache... when your about to lose your head
Nicola: You Want Honor? I Give You Deception! You Want Justice? I Give You Pain! You Want Closure? I Give You Death!
Yoshi: Great lessons are often found in defeat.
The Narrator: Revenge is an act of style for all practical matters... no one has known to come back from the dead... after being avenged in the name of justice moreover so man can fight anything... but his nature
The Drifter: I'm not leading this army of clowns to the grim reaper
Yoshi: [Grabs him] They killed my uncle! And still have my cousin... and the man who leads them... MUST HAVE DONE SOMETHING TO YOU!
Killer No. 3: [to other customers as number 2 jams a blade into a cohort's eye] He just has something in his eye.
Yoshi: Spiders... don't have superpowers.
The Bartender: But they can climb walls.
[last lines]
Nicola: I'm gonna miss you son! Someone once told me there's always someone more powerful than you... problem is where is he when you need him most?
The Drifter: [stabs him in the throat] The man who told you this... WAS MY FATHER
[Nicola finally reconizes him as he dies]

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