Residents of a coastal town learn, with deathly consequences, the secret shared by the two mysterious women who have sought shelter at a local resort.

Clara: I'm never merciful, and knowledge is a fatal thing.
Eleanor: Once upon a time, I was born. It is still a fact that the day you are born is the day you are most likely to be murdered. More human souls are killed by mothers' hands, than by the hands of strangers. My mother tried to murder me, but love confounded her.
[first lines]
Eleanor: My story can never be told. I write it over and over, wherever we find shelter. I write of what I cannot speak: the truth. I write all I know of it, then I throw the pages to the wind. Maybe the birds can read it.
[last lines]
Eleanor: I am Eleanor Webb. I throw my story to the wind, and never will I tell it more. Another one begins.
Darvell: Only those prepared to die will find eternal life.
Eleanor: I remember everything. It's a burden.
Frank: My mum said you came to see me when I was in hospital. She um... She thinks that... That you're my girl. Would that be so bad. Because I...
Eleanor: It would be fatal.
Frank: Look... I know - I know I'm ill and all, but...
Eleanor: No. For me.
Clara: I had eyes that cut through lies, I had lungs that breathed eternity. Felt I'd lived my whole wretched life just to prepare me for that moment.
Clara: [to Frank] I must say, you are definitely Ella's type - earnest, clueless, about as sexy as a pair of shoes.
Ruthven: Forgive me, my friend.
Darvell: Forgiveness is a Christian value, Ruthven. My gods are older... more ruthless.
Ruthven: You died!
Darvell: How else does one find life eternal?
Ruthven: I would give my soul to be as you are.
Darvell: So be it.
Clara: If you could have anything, what would it be?
Darvell: Your pardon.
Clara: In time. Maybe.
Darvell: Your company, then? We have time.
Robert Fowlds: There comes a time in life when secrets should be told.
[Breaking Morag's neck]
Savella: I said be calm! I hate these crying women.
Clara: I was a harlot.
Darvell: But that is in the past.
Savella: Some things are eternal.
Werner: You were to find a man on of good blood who appreciates this brotherhood and what we do.
Clara: What is it you do?
Savella: We are the pointed nails of justice.
[while Trying to Strangle Savella with a Chain]
Clara: Amazing how two little girls with no money and learning slipped through your fingers for an eternity!
[to Darvell]
Clara: It was on a beach like this that we first met. But I went with Ruthven, for all my damnation. But it was you. You were the pearl.
[after Darvell Beheads Savella Instead of Her]
Clara: You truly are a wonder.
[to a Pimp She's Just Killed]
Clara: The world'll be more beautiful without you.
Eleanor: My mother did three things for me. One, she spared my life the day that I was born. Two, she paid for my upkeep on her knees and on her back. And three, she gave me the story I can never tell.

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