After a traumatic accident, a woman becomes drawn to a mysterious abandoned carnival.

Mary Henry: I don't belong in the world.
John Linden: [pours whiskey in his morning coffee] What do you think, I'm an alcoholic? I just like to start the day off in a good mood.
Mary Henry: You must be hilarious by noon.
Mary Henry: It's funny... the world is so different in the daylight. In the dark, your fantasies get so out of hand. But in the daylight everything falls back into place again.
Minister: Profane! Sacrilege!
Mrs. Thomas: You can take all the baths you want.
John Linden: You're gonna need me in the evening, you just don't know it yet.
Minister: You cannot be our organist. In conscience, I must ask you to resign.
John Linden: [when Mary does not drink the glass of beer he ordered for her at a bar] What's the matter? Don't you drink?
Mary Henry: Not really.
John Linden: Well, I do. And not only do I drink really, I really drink.
John Linden: That's just what I need! Get mixed up with some girl who's off her rocker!
Mrs. Thomas: You just let your imagination run away with you.
Minister: You cannot live in isolation from the human race, you know.
Dr. Samuels: Now, don't be hasty!

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