Heath Ledger plays the fabled romantic as a man who, after failing to win the affection of a particular Venetian woman, strives to discover the real meaning of love.

Dalfonso: You are charged with heresy. To wit: fornicating with a novice!
Casanova: She was hardly a novice.
Casanova: Casanova, the philosopher? Who devotes his life to the perfection of experience? Yes, I know him.
Francesca Bruni: No, Casanova the libertine, who devotes his life to seducing women.
Casanova: Well, we're obviously talking about the same person.
Casanova: She has a secret lover? Who?
Giovanni Bruni: I don't know, it's a secret.
Francesca Bruni: Give me a man who is man enough to give himself just to the woman who is worth him. If that woman were me I would love him alone and forever.
Pucci: A massive amount of fornication can lead to confusion.
Casanova: What's this 'we?' You slapped him, you fight him.
Dalfonso: Where is Casanova?
Sister Beatrice: I've taken a vow of si-...
Casanova: Be the flame - not the moth.
Casanova: To say I love falsely is as contradictory as to say I believe falsely.
Lupo: We were worried about us.
Pucci: Witchcraft!
Pucci's servant: Actually, sir, it's because hot air rises, counteracting the gravitational forces of... witchcraft.
Casanova: I, too, come here to make confession.
Francesca Bruni: What have you to confess?
Casanova: Well, let's see. Jealousy. Pride. Covetousness. Despair. And you?
Francesca Bruni: I came to prepare my soul for marriage.
Andrea: [after seeing Francesca with Casanova] Such bad news for you, Signor Paprizzio.
Lord Papprizzio: [silence]
Lord Papprizzio: O! Calamaity. She's thrown me over.
Andrea: Disgraceful.
Lord Papprizzio: Oh, well. A scandal.
Andrea: You're a free man now.
Lord Papprizzio: Oh, dear. What will I do?
Victoria: Bishop Pucci
Pucci: How can I help you my dear?
Victoria: I was a virgin. My virginity was my most cherished possession. My gift from God. My gift was taken from me.
Pucci: Tragic and most damnable. What was the name of this vile seducer?
Victoria: Giacomo Casanova. When Casanova came to my room and... robbed me... I fought for my honour
Pucci: Are you saying that you would be willing to give me the testimony that I need to hang him?
Victoria: Yes. But I would be worried about my reputation.
Pucci: Of course. But I think we could say if everything went according to plan we could return your reputation *and* your virginity to you.
Victoria: You could do that?
Pucci: Oh, yes. We are the Catholic Church. We can do anything.
Casanova: I have too long dominated the conversation. What are your thoughts on the matter?
Francesca Bruni: What did you just say?
Casanova: I've never sought glory as a lover.
Sister Beatrice: What then, senor Casanova, do you seek?
Casanova: A moment that lasts a lifetime.
Pucci: Heresy is what *I* say it is.
Francesca Bruni: True love does not grow with the number of lovers. It wastes away.
Dalfonso: Eternal damnation for one night with Casanova.
Sister Beatrice: Seems fair.
masked woman: Have you seen my husband?
masked man: I am your husband.
Lord Papprizzio: I'm not going, I don't want to go, you can't make me!
Casanova: Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Pucci: Aha! So we meet Casanova. I find it very hard to believe that THIS is what women want.
Casanova: I've got to stay here. If I go with you they'll be looking for both of us. It's too dangerous!
Giovanni Bruni: What if you never left?
Giovanni Bruni: You have sullied my glove! I mean, uh, my love. My love.
Casanova: I'm sorry. What did he just called us?
Lupo: We didn't sully it. It just came out of nowhere.
Actor: Has the ice man come?
Beautiful Masked Woman: Yes, and he comes again tomorrow!
Lupo: The apple is very distracting.
Casanova: Yes, I can.
Lord Papprizzio: Oh, God.
Lord Papprizzio: I hope she doesn't think I'm, uhmm, I don't know, what's the word? What's the expression I'm looking for?
Lupo: Rotund?
Lord Papprizzio: Excuse me, what did you say?
Casanova: What, are you two working together now?
Andrea: [refering to Francesca] There's a man who's after her.
Lord Papprizzio: Oh really, does she like him?
Servant Girl: My Lady says the pig must stay outside, but the animal, we'll take.
Pucci: Casanova bought a pig. Casanova took pig to Bruni house. Is anyone going to explain this?
Andrea: This is the last time I travel coach!
Casanova: Do we have a spare sword?
Lupo: Yea we do.
Lupo: Look at the state of us! Where have we been all night?
Lord Papprizzio: Oh, there you are!
Lord Papprizzio: I want you to transform me. Transform me.
Lord Papprizzio: [to Pucci] It's what I've been saying, stupid.
Lord Papprizzio: You see that trunk over there shaped vaguely like a salami?
Fulvio: Yes...
Lord Papprizzio: Well, it's filled with salamis.
Casanova: And what did we do that for?
Lupo: I don't know.
Pucci: Yes, you are! Not!
Pucci: Does your nurse enjoy executions?
Mother's Lover: Does the Pope have a balcony?
Giovanni Bruni: You've sullied my love. Victoria Donato is my fiancée.
Casanova: Is she?
Giovanni Bruni: Yes. In the sense that I am going to marry her.
Casanova: Ah. Well, she never mentioned that.
Giovanni Bruni: Of course she didn't. I haven't asked her yet.
Casanova: She has a fiance...
Lupo: So do you.
Pucci: Let's just say... they have a hunger for religion.
Casanova: No, Lupo, I'm... oh, could I have some tea?
Casanova: The choice of lime is very sliming.
Lord Papprizzio: You're too kind.
Casanova: Good God, you've achieved the impossible.
Casanova: Congratulations, we're getting married.
Giovanni Bruni: I'm in hell.
Francesca Bruni: I'm busy.
money collector: I want my money!
Lupo: Next week, without fail.
money collector: You said that last week.
Lupo: I was a week early.
money collector: Go to hell.
Lupo: We'll see you there sir.

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