A social worker fights to save a girl from her abusive parents, only to discover that the situation is more dangerous than she ever expected.

Douglas J. Ames: Everybody has fears... now, what scares you?
Lillith Sullivan: Me.
Douglas J. Ames: You scare yourself?
Lillith Sullivan: Sometimes.
Douglas J. Ames: Why? What about yourself scares you?
Lillith Sullivan: I have bad thoughts.
Douglas J. Ames: About what?
Lillith Sullivan: People.
Douglas J. Ames: People in general or... certain people?
Lillith Sullivan: Certain people.
Douglas J. Ames: Like who?
Lillith Sullivan: You.
Douglas J. Ames: You have bad thoughts about me? Why?
Lillith Sullivan: I just do.
Douglas J. Ames: Did I do something or say something that upset you?
Lillith Sullivan: It's just... the way you are.
Douglas J. Ames: How am I?
Lillith Sullivan: Facile.
Douglas J. Ames: Facile? Pfff... do you even know what that means?
Lillith Sullivan: Easily comprehended, often lacking sincerity or depth. You're smug too... want me to tell you what that means?
Douglas J. Ames: Uhm, If I... seem smug or facile, I want...
Lillith Sullivan: Don't apologize.
Douglas J. Ames: Why not?
Lillith Sullivan: You're a grown-up... it's embarrassing.
Lillith Sullivan: Number 12, I worry about what's going to happen. Yes or no?
Douglas J. Ames: You want me to answer that?
Lillith Sullivan: Yes or no.
Douglas J. Ames: No.
Lillith Sullivan: That should be a yes.
Douglas J. Ames: I talk to a lot of kids, I don't think I've ever felt like that before.
Emily Jenkins: Like what?
Douglas J. Ames: Threatened.
Lillith Sullivan: [suddenly sweet] What are you doing, you silly pumpkinhead?
Emily Jenkins: Shut the fuck up, you miserable woman! Before I come down there and beat your ass like you beat your son, I have your address! So, you better think twice before you call me and start swearing at me!
Emily Jenkins: You believe in there,
[points at the church]
Emily Jenkins: but out here it's all just bullshit?
Emily Jenkins: What does she want?
Edward Sullivan: To know what your idea of hell is... and make you live there.
Emily Jenkins: Get out of my house!
Lillith Sullivan: Don't yell at me!
[first lines]
Lillith Sullivan: [waking] I can see you.
Emily Jenkins: Are you scared? I'm not.
Emily Jenkins: You know, none of this should have happened. If I could make it go away, I would.
Lillith Sullivan: You *did*.
Edward Sullivan: They say when you're born you're given your eternal soul. The part of you that lives on, lives again. Whatever evil she is didn't come from us. It was already there. From the moment she came into being, she brought something with her. Something older, destructive. Soul of a demon.
Therapist: [to Emily] Hey! Wait a minute. Who do you think you are, barging in there like that?
Lillith Sullivan: It's okay, Diane, Emily's been under a lot of stress lately, but she's really nice to me and I hope I can stay with her a long time.
Therapist: Don't ever do that again.

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