An insane independent film director and his renegade group of teenage filmmakers kidnap an A-list Hollywood actress and force her to star in their underground film.

Fidget: No! I want to go home! I don't want to be in show business anymore!
Cecil: I knew you were the weak one, Fidget. Just remember, your parents liked Godzilla.
Lyle: They wouldn't even let you see R-rated films as a child.
Dinah: They've never even been to a midnight movie.
Chardonnay: They enjoy classic TV sitcoms turned into feature length films.
Cherish: They've never rented a porno movie.
Cecil: And to top it all off, they talk out loud in the theatre once the feature has begun.
Honey: Oh, that really is unforgivable, Fidget.
Fidget: Okay, okay! My parents are the enemies of film!
Cherish: All my directors fuck me.
Cecil: I am not all your directors! I am Cecil B. Demented!
Cecil: Technique is nothing more than failed style.
Honey: How can you be a drug addict in the new millennium? It's so retro.
Lyle: Before I was a drug addict, I had so many different problems. Now I just have one - drugs! Gave my life a real focus.
Cecil: No one gets laid until we've finished our movie. We're horny, but our film comes first!
[Raven introduces herself to Honey]
Raven: Hi, I'm Raven, I'm a Satanist and I'll be doing your make-up.
[changes tone]
Raven: You look so pale...
[angrily slaps Honey, then turns sweet again]
Raven: Sorry, but Satan says you need more color.
Honey: No! Please let me go! I promise I won't tell anyone about your little movie!
Cecil: Little?
Honey: I didn't mean, you know, *little*. I meant, you know, low-budget... ly cult.
Cecil: There are no rules in underground cinema, only edges.
Honey: Raven, you know, you're a really pretty girl. You could escape from all of this madness.
Raven: Escape to what, Honey? I mean, my father is Zo-Zo, the three headed guard dog at the gate to hell.
Honey: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Honey: Cherish, this is America, you know. It's a free country. People can make bad movies if they so desire.
Cecil: Not anymore they don't!
Cherish: You think just cause you've made "real" movies you're better than me, don't you?
Honey: Oh, please.
Cherish: Do you know why I became a porno star?
[everyone in van groans]
Cecil: Cherish has recovered memory.
Cherish: When I was ten years old, my entire family fucked me under the Christmas tree.
Honey: I'm so sorry.
Cherish: Yeah, I bet you are... "jingle balls, jingle balls" my stupid brother started singing.
Honey: [laughs]
Cherish: You think that's funny?
Honey: [still laughing] No, I don't.
Cecil: That's all behind you now, Cherish. We're here, and we're makin' movies.
Raven: Pain is pleasure! Slavery is freedom! Suicide for Satan!
Cherish: We can fuck now?
Cecil: From here to Timbuktu!
[takes a big sip from a chalice]
Raven: It's goat's urine. Want some?
Cecil: Power to the people who punish bad cinema!
Cherish: Porno Fans! It's me, Cherish! And I need your hardcore help!
Cecil: Celibacy for celluloid!
Sniffles: Nobody here but us whackers.
Candy counter girl: Do you know Quentin Tarantino? I love his movies!
Cecil: No adlibbing!
[fires gun]
[filming a scene for "Raving Beauty"]
Honey: It's that fucking new multiplex that opened in the mall, isn't it?
Cherish: I heard they were sold out last night, mom.
Lyle: No, not for the Flinstones sequel...!
Honey: I am ready for my close-up, Mr. Demented.
Cecil: Continue eating the oysters or you will be shot and killed!
Cecil: I am Cecil B. Demented! And this is a fucking kidnapping!
Cecil: I'm Cecil B. Demented, and you're in my movie. Do not look into the lens and ruin the shot or you will be shot.
Rodney: I'm ashamed of my heterosexuality!
Cecil: Death to mainstream cinema!
Cecil: Demented forever!
Cecil: [the camera operator has just been shot] Principal photography has been completed!
Cecil: I have a vision!
Petie: Tell me about Mel Gibson's dick and balls!
Cecil: Action Fans! Help us!
Cecil: I'm a prophet against profit!
Fidget: Hey, hey MPAA, how many movies have you censored today?
Dinah: Hey! We're not union! And we're takin' over this movie!
Honey: I fucking hate Forrest Gump!
Honey: Family is just a dirty word for censorship.

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