A divorcing couple tries to maintain their friendship while they both pursue other people.

Celeste: Now I know why you fucking cry all the time. This shit's emotional.
Tucker: Do you wanna be right or wanna be happy? Sometimes the end is just the beginning!
Riley: You know what your problem is? Contempt before investigation. You think you're smarter than everybody else.
Jesse: Nailed that divorce.
Paul: No one has given a more self-righteous monologue while wearing a trash bag.
Celeste: The tweens don't want her anymore, Scott. But the gays do! You're gay, start thinking gay! Ten percent of Americans are gay. Gay Izod! It's great, she can be Lady Gaga by this time next year. It's a huge market!
Scott: Wow. You might have just turned the cock in the butt around.

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