Two researchers in a green alternative energy project are put on the run when they are framed for murder and treason.

Eddie Kasalivich: Doctor Sinclair and I ride together.
Eddie Kasalivich: I think your experiment just got a mind of its own.
Paul Shannon: Do you understand the concept, Lyman... Poor Impulse Control?
Paul Shannon: The incident in Chicago was tragic to be sure, but sometimes that is the price we must pay to insure our competitive edge in the future. We didn't intend to pay for our space exploration program with the lives of 10 American astronauts, but we did, nevertheless we must not waiver in our commitment to technological and scientific research and development!
[Last line]
Paul Shannon: Anita, take a memo, to the director of Central Intelligences. "C-Systems... no longer a viable entity. Will be in contact." That's it.
Dr. Lily Sinclair: So, is this how you seduce all the girls?
Eddie Kasalivich: Only physicists with hypothermia who are accused of being a terrorist.
FBI Agent Ford: Ma'am, we just had eight city blocks disappear. The President of the United States talked to my boss at three this morning, he wants answers.
FBI Agent Doyle: Holy!... did you see that?
FBI Agent Ford: Whoa!
Lily Sinclair: I'm being framed.
[after shooting and killing Lyman Collier]
Paul Shannon: I didn't tell you, Lyman, but your retirement had already been arranged.
Eddie Kasalivich: He was a 60 year old scientist who did nothing but good and they put a bag over his head.
Paul Shannon: I wish you wouldn't threaten to kill my scientists right to their faces!
FBI Agent Ford: Hundred bucks, kid didn't do it.
FBI Agent Doyle: You got a nationwide manhunt for an innocent man?
FBI Agent Ford: Make sure nobody shoots him.
Train Porter: What took you so long?
Eddie Kasalivich: The bridge was up.
Lyman Collier: If someone's going down for this, it is not going to be I.

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