Bob, a cab-driving serial killer who stalks his prey on the city streets alongside his reluctant protégé Tim, who must make a life or death choice between following in Bob's footsteps or breaking free from his captor.

Bob: There's only one real way out for you, to prove to me that I can trust you. There's only one way to do that.
Bob: Just study. You don't want to be shackled to this house for rest of your life, do you?
Rabbit: No.
Bob: Good. There's hope for you yet. So, study hard and maybe you and I can work out a deal.
Rabbit: Deal for what?
Bob: Some freedom. You know, get off the chain, get out of the house. Get a girl. You're older now, I think that, uh, you should have a taste of a woman real soon.
Bob: Without education, you're fucked. I mean, you've seen some things. I've showed you some things for sure, but you haven't understood them. You ever do a puzzle? You know the kind of puzzle that has the picture on the outside of the box? That's what people are. Pictures on the outside, pieces inside.
[after Rabbit stabs Angie]
Rabbit: I know - I know it hurts real bad, but you just gotta stay quiet, okay?
Angie: You stabbed me.
Rabbit: I had to or he would have.
[Rabbit takes off his shirt and places it over the wound]
Rabbit: I tried to miss the vital organs. I think I did okay.
Angie: How do you know? Look at me!
Rabbit: I told you. I know how your body works.
Bob: Don't be a quitter. RABBIT! You have to follow through, following through is the key to life.
Bob: You got me, and no one else.
[to Rabbit]
Bob: You will have one job: You do what I say. You clean up my house. Garbage bags, mops, bucket, broom - they are your tools. Breakfast. You will serve me breakfast, every morning for the rest of your life. You will not eat or drink anything without my permission. You only eat after I have eaten, and only what I have left on my plate.
[Buzzer rings]
Bob: You hear that? That means that I'm bringing one back. You have 10 seconds to open these locks. Every night I bring home a newspaper. After I finish reading it, I want you to try and find stories about missing people. You cut them out nice and neat and you put them in the scrapbook. There is no phone in this house. The TV is off limits unless I offer it. If someone knocks at the - well, no one's gonna knock. If you steal from me, you get a beating. If you try an' escape, or you don't keep the house clean, you get a beating. If you make me nervous, or get in my way at all, a beating. From now on this is your world. It is only you, me, and them. I will call you Rabbit.
Angie: Have you ever touched a girl?
Rabbit: [Shakes Head]
Angie: You can touch me, Rabbit. You can touch me however you want. I can show you - I can show you how my body works.
Rabbit: I already know how your body works.
[after Rabbit kicks him in the groin]
Bob: That is the last free shot that you will ever get.
Bob: Where do you think that you are on the food chain, Rabbit?
Rabbit: I won't do it.
Bob: No kid of mine is going to grow up uselessly educated.
Rabbit: I'm not your kid.
Bob: The fuck you're not.
Bob: Do you see anything that says you aren't my kid? That, that, that we aren't family?
[Locked in the bedroom with Angie]
Rabbit: This isn't about sex.
Angie: Then - then, what is it about?
Rabbit: I guess it is about sex, if sex involves killing.
Angie: [starts crying] Oh, shit!
Rabbit: But, I haven't done either.
Bob: [as he catches Rabbit trying to escape through the attic] You going somewhere, Rabbit? You get a "A" for effort. I know every move that you make!
Rabbit: [screams] HELP! HELP!
Bob: [Yells to Rabbit] Everything you do I let you do!
Bob: Do you want to learn things? You know really learn? Cuz it's important as hell to know shit, otherwise people will, they will walk all over you.
Bob: I got things that you, uh, that you should learn.
Bob: [screaming at Rabbit] You are looking to be shackled to this fucking wall for the rest of your life, Mister!
Bob: You are so fucking predictable. And a fucking embarrassment!
Bob: You look like your mother.
Rabbit: My dad's gonna find you.
Bob: If- if that's what you believe.

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