In the near future, crime is patrolled by a mechanized police force. When one police droid, Chappie, is stolen and given new programming, he becomes the first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself.

[from trailer]
Chappie: I'm consciousness. I'm alive. I'm Chappie.
Chappie: Don't laugh, I'm being cool.
Deon: Don't let people take away your potential Chappie.
[from trailer]
Yolandi Visser: You know what's a black sheep?
Chappie: No.
Yolandi Visser: It's like when you're different than everyone else.
[from trailer]
Psychologist: People are always fearful of something they don't understand.
Chappie: I've got blings?... I've got blings!
Chappie: No. I can't shoot people. Chappie no crimes!
Chappie: I don't want to die. I want to live.
Ninja: If you want survive Chappie, you must fight!
Yolandi Visser: [Dabbing a cloth on Chappie's face after he comes to her with his arm missing, limping and in pain] Chappie... who did this?
Chappie: [In a crying sounding voice] A man... in a van.
Yolandi Visser: A man in a van?
Chappie: Yeah...
Yolandi Visser: Did he put you in the van?
Chappie: [Softly] Yeah...
Yolandi Visser: Do you know this man?
Chappie: No... And there were children, also... And they threw fire, even though I said, "please".
Chappie: You've hurt my people!
Deon: I created you, but I might not survive you.
Chappie: [Repeated line] Fuckmother!
Vincent: The problem with artificial intelligence is it's way too unpredictable.
Deon: This is a new kind of life form, a new step in evolution.
Ninja: Chappie if you want to be in the gang you have to be cool, like daddy! Look how daddy walks! Look how cool it's! Need to keep it gangsta' Chappie!
Deon: You've taught us so much more than I can ever have imagined.
Chappie: I can save us.
Chappie: [after almost beating Vincent to death] Now, I forgive you bad man.
Deon: Remember. No matter what happens. You are made for good.
Chappie: I'm scared.
Yolandi Visser: [Hugging Chappie] Mommy loves you!
Vincent: You think you're real?
Chappie: I just want to live.
Chappie: Think something mommy.
Yolandi Visser: Okey.
Chappie: Is it daddy?
Yolandi Visser: Yes.
Yolandi Visser: It's more than just a machine!
Vincent: Your little robot is a big problem to me.
Chappie: Why did you build me to die maker?
Deon: I didn't. I built you to live.
CEO: A thinking robot could be the end of mankind! Destroy that robot. Burn it to ash!
Deon: Chappie cannot die! He's too important!
Yolandi Visser: We program that robot to fight for us!
Deon: He's the key to the revolution. A machine that can feel and think. He can outsmart the enemy and free us all.
Ninja: So, which dog do you want to be Chappie? The live dog or the dead dog?
Vincent: I'm a soldier first. My main interest is to protect and serve.
Ninja: It's time to pump up the jam!
Vincent: [Tapping Chappie's head] You know what's in here? Bunch of wires mate!
Yolandi Visser: [to Chappie] I know you don't understand, but it's okay.
Chappie: You lied to me!
Ninja: [to Deon] Know who yo are my friend!
Vincent: If we control the robots, we control the people.
[Poster on Deon's workspace]: Craft life... don't let life craft YOU!
Yolandi Visser: [Reading] "All the sheep in Magooville were white, but Abel was a black sheep..."
Yolandi Visser: Do you know what's a black sheep?
Chappie: No.
Yolandi Visser: It's like, when you're different to everyone else.
Chappie: Like me. I look different from you and Amerika.
Yolandi Visser: Yeah.
Chappie: And the boys.
Yolandi Visser: Yeah, but it's not so much how you look, it's special, like what's inside. That's what makes you different. See, it's who you really are... inside, your soul.
Chappie: Chappie's inside here?
Yolandi Visser: Yeah, you see... the outside, this... this is just temporary. When you die the soul inside goes to the next place. The thing inside... see, that's what mommy loves. Come. Mommy loves you.
Yolandi Visser: You look so happy. Like little happy chappie. That's it. That's your name. "Chappie".
Vincent: This is the day of reckoning!
Vincent: They're out of control!
Vincent: You think you're here eh? You're a bunch of wires!
Deon: I can't save you, Chappie. The problem is much greater than your battery.
Chappie: Why?
Deon: Because you are conscious. You can't be copied because you're not data. We don't know what consciousness is, so we cannot move it.
Deon: Surely you can go & count your narcotics in a... in another room.
[last lines]
Chappie: Now we are both black sheep, mommy.
[first lines]
Journalist: Historically when we look at evolution, it's not surprising that Chappie's left turn happened.
Professor: It's too early to tell how this is all going to play out. I didn't believe this would happen in my lifetime, but it is happening.
Ninja: Yippee-ki-yay, motherfuckers!
Vincent: You Godless freak! GODLESS!
Ninja: [to the Mosse] DO IT!

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