Chucky, the doll possessed by a serial killer, returns for revenge against Andy, the young boy that defeated him and has since become adult.

Chucky: Don't fuck with the Chuck.
Tyler: Barclay *was* right. You're not a good guy.
Chucky: [laughs] Sorry, kid, you got me. I'm bad.
Chucky: Who the fuck are YOU?
Tyler: I thought you Good Guy Dolls only said three sentences.
Chucky: I'm new and improved.
Chucky: I got a new body lined up and I'm not gonna let you spoil it.
Andy Barclay: Tyler.
Chucky: Right. Just think, Chucky's gonna be a bro.
Chucky: Oh you gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me.
Chucky: Tyler? Come out, come out wherever you are. Olly olly oxen free. Get out here you little son of a bitch.
Andy Barclay: We killed you.
Chucky: You know what they say. "You just can't keep a Good Guy down."
Chucky: Presto - - you're dead. It's definitely YOU.
Chucky: Time to play!
Chucky: [looking at Andy's copy of "PlayPen"- an adult magazine] My, how you've grown.
Chucky: Hi, soldier!
[flips Shelton off, and laughs maniacally]
Shelton: [smiles] Fuck me.
Colonel Cochrane: What're you doin' Tyler?
Tyler: [Cradling Chucky] We're playing Hide the Soul.
Colonel Cochrane: Now, we don't play with dolls do we Tyler? Dolls are for girls.
Tyler: But, Charles is my new best friend.
Colonel Cochrane: Tyler, you know better than to talk back to a superior officer.
[confiscates Chucky]
Chucky: [Watching enviously as Andy shares a passionate kiss with Kristen DeSilva] Damn, I gotta get out of this body.
Chucky: [whispers] Andy!
Andy Barclay: [Scares and wakes up Shelton]
Shelton: What the fuck?
Chucky: [Runs away]
Andy Barclay: No, stop!
Shelton: What the fuck you're doing in my room, Barclay?
[Looks for Chucky]
Andy Barclay: You wouldn't believe me!
Shelton: Where's the doll? Where's the FUCKING doll? You took it, didn't you?
Andy Barclay: NO!
Chucky: Just like the good ol' days. Nothin' like a good strangulation to get the circulation goin'.
Colonel Cochrane: At Kent, we take bed wetters and we turn them into men. So grow-up, Barclay, it's time to forget these fantasies of killer dolls.
Shelton: Who said you could look at me? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?
Andy Barclay: Shelton.
Shelton: That's Lieutenant Colonel Shelton to you, asshole.
Andy Barclay: Lt. Colonel Shelton.
Shelton: No, Lieutenant Colonel Shelton, SIR.
Shelton: Whitehearst, you are without a doubt the sorriest excuse for a cadet I've ever seen. Wouldn't you agree?
Whitehearst: No, Sir. I do not agree, Sir.
Shelton: Are you contradicting me, you sorry-ass sack of shit?
Sgt. Botnick: The Romans invented the military cut. You know why?
Andy Barclay: Why?
Sgt. Botnick: To keep their hair short, so their enemies couldn't grab a hold of it in battle and slit their throat.
Sgt. Botnick: A haircut ain't regulation, soldier.
Chucky: Regulate this
[slits the barber's throat]
Shelton: Relax, Barclay, it's only paint.
Chucky: [searching for Andy on the internet] Come on, Andy. Where are you, you little shit?
Shelton: [to Whitehurst] You are without a doubt the most pathetic thing I've ever seen!
Chucky: I got a new game we can play. It's called "Hide the Soul". Trust me, you'll love it.
Shelton: [laughs] What's the matter Barclay, huh? You homesick? You miss your mommy?
[picks up his shoe to find that it is scratched]
Shelton: What the fuck is this?
Andy Barclay: Don't worry about your shoe all right? I'll polish it, just give me back the doll.
Shelton: No, You listen to me. Tell Whitehurst he's off the hook, huh? I got myself another slave and clean up this mess.
[gives him back the shoe]
Shelton: You've got 5 demerits.
Andy Barclay: What about the doll?
Shelton: My kid sister's birthday is coming up. I think she's gunna love it, don't you?
[makes the doll wave goodbye]
Andy Barclay: What are you doing?
Whitehearst: Polishing Sheldon's shoes.
Andy Barclay: He makes you polish his shoes?
Whitehearst: No, I offered out of the kindness of my heart.
Chucky: A good soldier, is always prepared Tyler.
[brandishes a Bowie knife]
Mr. Sullivan: And what are children after all, but consumer trainees?
Sergeant Clark: If you get hit, you are dead, so hike back to base.
DeSilva: [whispers] Asshole.
Shelton: What was that DeSilva?
DeSilva: I said you asshole, sir.
Shelton: Does this look like a *gun* to you Barclay? It's a rifle!
Chucky: I've gotta get out of this body.

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