Young drug pushers in the projects of Brooklyn live hard dangerous lives, trapped between their drug bosses and the detectives out to stop them.

Andre The Giant: [to Strike] You even glance in the direction of that little kid Tyrone, and I'm a fuck you up so bad you're gonna wish I had killed you.
Ronald 'Strike' Dunham: [In Rodney's car; Rodney gives him crap about abandoning his post to be questioned by Klein] Aw, man. Fuck you, Rodney.
Rodney: [silently pulls over to the shoulder] Excuse me?
[punches Strike in the stomach]
Rodney: Who the *fuck* are you talking to like that? Are you out of your motherfucking mind?
[pulls Strike down on his lap]
Rodney: Huh? You think I'm one of these crew-niggas sitting on the project?
[punches him again]
Rodney: BENCH, motherfucker!
[grabs a gun from the backseat and sticks it in his mouth]
Rodney: Open yo mouth, nigga. Now you feel that? I'll put this gun in yo bad-breaf-smellin' mouth and I will pull the trigger. And I will splatter what little motherfuckin' brains you got all over the Corinthian leather interior of my car! And this my wife's brand new car, so you know I don't give a fuck. You understand me? *Do you understand me, bitch?*
[Strike nods]
Rodney: And let me tell you something else... if I ever hear about you talking to that "homocide" one more time, that Rocco motherfucker - I mean, I don't care if it's the light of day - if I hear my name coming up in this at all and I heard it was from *you*, then I'm gonna kill you. I mean you are 187 on the strength, you understand me? *Do you understand me?*
[Strike complies]
Rodney: Word is bond.
[takes the gun out of his mouth and pushes him off]
Rodney: Now get yo motherfuckin' ass out my car.
Rodney: Rocco Klein... Rocco Klein, you know, I've always wanted to ask you... you Italian, you a jew? I mean, what are you? You can't make up your mind?
Det. Rocco Klein: Me?
Rodney: Yeah, you.
Det. Rocco Klein: I'm from the lost black tribe of Israel, the Yos.
Det. Rocco Klein: I read you like a Marvel fuckin' Spiderman comic book.
Errol Barnes: My old man... was a preacher. And when I started messin' with this shit, he said, "you gonna pay for that. You gonna pay for that shit, boy." He was right. You can't cheat this shit no... mo'.
Det. Rocco Klein: This cocksucker is an innocent man!
Rodney: Errol told me you talked to the homicide cop. How'd that go?
Ronald 'Strike' Dunham: It was a-ight.
Rodney: 'A-ight' or 'all right'?
Ronald 'Strike' Dunham: It was a-ight. All right?
Andre The Giant: [beating up Strike] It's motherfuckers like you that mugged Rosa Parks.
Ronald 'Strike' Dunham: Who the fuck is Rosa Parks?
Andre The Giant: Who the fuck is Rosa Parks? Who's Rosa Parks?
Ronald 'Strike' Dunham: It's hard on brothers out here.
Andre The Giant: Brothers? You stupid ignorant motherfucker.
Det. Rocco Klein: [suspects Victor took the fall for Strike]
Ronald 'Strike' Dunham: Why was you so gung-ho about all this shit, man? Most cops... Brothers killin' other brothers aint no big thing. Blasé, blasé. What made you care about me, my brother Victor, Darryl Adams, Tyrone? Huh? What made you give a shit?
Det. Rocco Klein: If I ever see you again... I'll book you on charges of criminal solicitation and conspiracy to commit murder. I'll let Andre beat you down again, then pick up Rodney on the same charges and I'll make sure you two share the same cell, the same fuckin' bed. Do you understand me clearly?
Ronald 'Strike' Dunham: Yeah, I understand you clearly.
Rodney: [sigh] If God created anything better than crack cocaine he kept that shit for hisself.
Andre The Giant: [to Strike] Dont you want to go some place you've never been before? I mean, you love trains, but you've only ridden the subway.
Det. Rocco Klein: Errol. I thought you were dead.
Errol Barnes: I was. I came back.

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