A teenager accidentally activates a machine that enables him to speed up his body so that other people seem to be standing still.

Zak Gibbs: I don't have any money.
[to Dopler]
Zak Gibbs: Do you have any money?
Dr. Earl Dopler: You can't ask your hostage for money!
Franceseca: Make it so number one.
[Zak scoffs]
Franceseca: What? We have Star Trek in Venezuela.
Kelly Gibbs: Have I told you lately how much I respect and admire you?
Zak Gibbs: Buy a car? Give money to Satan? Oh!
Zak Gibbs: [holding up the watch] Can you fix this?
Dr. Earl Dopler: Yeah. But we're gonna need some stuff you can't get at Radio Shack.
Dr. Earl Dopler: [points screwdriver at Zak] Give me the watch!
Zak Gibbs: Or what? You'll adjust me to death?
Dr. Earl Dopler: [laughs] "Adjust me to death." That's great. Give me the watch.
Dr. Earl Dopler: I need the room number for Dr. Gibbs.
Night Manager: And you are?
Dr. Earl Dopler: [placing $100 on desk] In a hurry.
[Places $200 more on desk]
Night Manager: I'll see what I can do.
Franceseca: [immediately after all the excitement] So, what do you have in mind for our next date?
Franceseca: [to Zak] What are you doing in there? Did you break into my house just to pee?
Dr. Earl Dopler: You know what I don't like? Getting kicked in the head.
Dr. Earl Dopler: [gets kicked in the face by Francesca] Limber.
Vice Principal: [to bullies] That's a perfectly good trash can. Don't be throwing students at it.
Zak Gibbs: I didn't know you knew Karate.
Franceseca: I don't. That was ballet.
Dr. Earl Dopler: I love my country. Now give me the watch so I can go to Costa Rica.

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