A high-profile terrorism case unexpectedly binds together two ex-lovers on the defense team - testing the limits of their loyalties and placing their lives in jeopardy.

Devlin: [viewing site of the bombing] I told you, nothing to see.
Martin Rose: Nothing to look at, which is different.
Martin Rose: Is that going to be your headline?
Joanna Reece: No headline without proof.
Martin Rose: You've obviously never read a British newspaper.
Attorney General: Look, Martin, I can imagine what you're thinking. How this looks to you.
Martin Rose: I've made no allegation.
Attorney General: But if we accept that they - that someone... Then we have to accept all sort of things which are simply unacceptable. And I will not accept that.
Martin Rose: You really know how to clarify a situation, don't you?
Attorney General: I'm not even here.
Devlin: This room's bugged.
Martin Rose: Not like you to be suspicious.
Devlin: No, I'm just saying. It's routine around here. Confidential conversations are transcribed and filed away.
Martin Rose: Better be careful what I say, then.
Devlin: Yeah, or at least speak clearly. For the sake of the typist.
Devlin: Martin, be careful.
Martin Rose: It's a bit bloody late for that.
Martin Rose: [at dinner party] Can I sit between two people who hate each other? I like to come as a relief.
Claudia Simmons-Howe: What if they get us before he gets to court?
Martin Rose: Well at least we bloody well tried.
[first lines]
Mother: [walking in a busy market square] You really will have to rethink your lifestyle, you know?
Pregnant Daughter: What lifestyle are you taking about, mum?
Mother: Wine only on Fridays. And try to think about dark green vegetables.
Young Man on Cellphone: [appearing another video monitor] So really, that's the same as saying we'll never see each other again. Well it is. It just is.
Woman on Cellphone: [on another monitor] How can I do anything if I don't know what you want?
Teenage Girl: [in the background] She was so upset about it, and I said to her, "Look," I said, "you've got boobs. They're there, look." Staying in is pathetic when she could be out having a good time.

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