Flint Lockwood now works at The Live Corp Company for his idol Chester V. But he's forced to leave his post when he learns that his most infamous machine is still operational and is churning out menacing food-animal hybrids.

Tim Lockwood: I don't get vests. What, is it winter in your torso but summer in your arms?
Earl Devereaux: [as a tear runs down his cheek] It's enough to make a grown man cry. But not this man! Get back in there, tear!
[Sucks tear back into eye]
[from trailer]
Flint Lockwood: There's a leak in the boat!
[camera pans down to an actual leek who starts screaming in panic]
Earl Devereaux: I'm not a barista! I'm a police-sta!
Brent: [Eating soup made by Manny] Dr. Manny, this is delicious!
Manny: I call it "Manny's Gorilla Stew"
Brent: So how do you make a gorilla stew?
Manny: You keep it waiting for 2 hours.
Earl Devereaux: I'm glad you're still wearing that diaper!
Brent: I wish I've brought a fresh one!
Brent: [from trailer] What is that?
Manny: Tacodile! Supreme!
Tim Lockwood: They came here to help you, and so are we. So let us.
[Cut to a leaf of lettuce]
Sam Sparks: Swallow Falls is in trouble. Will you help us?
Brent: You bet I will! I just need someone to cover my shift.
[puts his sign in a tree]
Brent: Thanks, tree.
Tim Lockwood: There's a leek in my boat!
Earl Devereaux: Brent, do you ever get the feeling that maybe Steve Lockwood is just a monkey?
Brent: Why would you say that about him, Earl? Why would you ever say that?
Sam Sparks: Of course he's just a monkey. How stupid are you people? No one should ever put any trust in a monkey.
Manny: Chester thinks you're a monkey.
Barb: Well, I'm an ape. Chester knows that.
Sam Sparks: But he calls you a monkey.
Manny: It is true, he does.
Barb: He's just joking around. Chester's my best friend.
Sam Sparks: If Chester was really your friend, would he still call you a monkey?
Earl Devereaux: Stand back, everybody. I'm gonna cut the cheese.
[cuts the web of cheese, it farts]
Earl Devereaux: That was the cheese.
[first lines]
Flint Lockwood: My name is Flint Lockwood. My whole life I wanted to be a great inventor. Just like my hero.
Brent: What's it doing?
Sam Sparks: I think she wants you to scratch her buns.
Brent: I like that, too. Who's a good cheespider? She's cute!
Earl Devereaux: [when flint frightens a sentient strawberry] You scarred the jam out of him
Shrimpanze: [puts Steve's mind device on it's head] Shrimpanze
Steve: [snatches it back] Steve
Shrimpanze: [swipes it again] Shrimpanze
Steve: [grabs it once more] Steve
Shrimpanze: [does it a third time] Shrimpan...
Steve: [Steve retrieves his thought device then knocks the shrimpanze overboard] SHOVE!
Steve: STEVE
Steve: [Flint throws him into a teleporter] Afraid
Steve: [spasming after the food animals throw him back out of the teleporter] BANNA... BANNA
[gets electrical shocks causing him to attack Flint]
Steve: [returning to the island] Home... home... home... home

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