Biographical story of Loretta Lynn, a legendary country singer that came from poverty to worldwide fame. She rose from humble beginnings in Kentucky to superstardom and changing the sound and style of country music forever.

Loretta Lynn: [in a radio interview] Shoot, we've been driving so much, I don't know where I am half the time. But it's fun. We sing, and talk, and Doo - that's my husband - he'll get to acting horny.
Speedy West: [shocked] What!
Loretta Lynn: And the more I laugh, the hornier he gets, and then he'll say, "Loretta, spread me up another one of them baloney sandwiches!"
Radio station manager: [later] I don't know where in the hell you think you are, lady, but that kind of smut don't go in this part of the country!
Loretta Lynn: I didn't know it was dirty! I thought "horny" meant cuttin' up and acting silly!
Radio station manager: And come off that dumb hillbilly act!
Doolittle Lynn: If you knew Loretta, you'd know that ain't no act.
Loretta Lynn: Thank you, honey.
Loretta Lynn: [catches Doolittle with another woman] Woman, if you want to keep that arm, you better get it off my husband.
Girl at fairgrounds: Who are you telling what?
Loretta Lynn: I don't know who you are, but I know what you are.
[Doolittle walks out of the door after an argument with Loretta]
Loretta Lynn: Doolittle; are you leavin'?
Doolittle Lynn: [come back in the house] Naw, Loretta; *I* ain't leavin'.
[Loretta walks up to her parents' house]
Ted Webb: Well, look whose back!
Loretta Lynn: Doolittle's done throwed me out.
Clara Webb: Maybe it ain't to late to stop you from ruinin' your life.
Ted Webb: I believe married life is makin' you fat, girl.
Clara Webb: [to herself] Oh, no!
Doolittle Lynn: Mr. Webb, me and Loretta are fixin' to get married, if it's alright with you.
Ted Webb: Go ask Clary.
[Doolittle walks through the house to the kitchen]
Doolittle Lynn: Mrs. Webb, me and Loretta is thinkin' about gettin' married tomorrow.
Clara Webb: Go ask Ted.
[Doolittle walks back onto the porch, then back into the house]
Loretta Webb: Doolittle, what are you doin'?
Doolittle Lynn: Ted says go ask Clary; Clary says go ask Ted; I don't know.
Loretta Webb: Wait 'til they go to bed; then you can catch them together. 'Less they'll keep you runnin' back and forth all night long.
Loretta Lynn: I done wrote me a song, Betty Sue. Your mama dadgome songwriter now.
Betty Sue Lynn: That's a nice song, mama.
Loretta Lynn: Thank you, baby.
Loretta Lynn: [to Doolittle] An' stoppa that growlin'. You sound like a big ol' bar.
Loretta Lynn: I'm gettin' so sick of baloney.
Doolittle Lynn: You are? Well, you know what they say about eatin' baloney, don't you?
Loretta Lynn: No, what?
Doolittle Lynn: Makes you horny.
Loretta Lynn: What does that mean?
Doolittle Lynn: [starts laughing] Are you so dadburn ignorant, you don't know what "horny" means?
Loretta Lynn: No, what does it mean?
Doolittle Lynn: I ain't gonna tell you.
Loretta Lynn: Hey Doolittle Lynn, who's that sow you got wallowin' in your jeep?
Girl: What'd you call me?
Loretta Lynn: A sow, that's a woman pig!
Lee Dollarhide: [to Doolittle] If you're born in Kentucky, you've got three choices; coal mine, moonshine or move it on down the line.
[the morning after the wedding night]
Loretta Lynn: This food's cold.
Doolittle Lynn: That's 'cause it froze on the way over here from the damn restaurant. You want a hot breakfast, you got to come with me.
Loretta Lynn: You think I'm going over there with you and all them folks knowin' what we been doin' in here?
Doolittle Lynn: Hell's Bells, Loretta. You think this is somethin' the rest of the world ain't caught onto yet? They don't give a damn.
Doolittle Lynn: [as Loretta is putting the babies to bed] Baby, I was just thinking... we got an anniversary coming up and I was wondering what kind of anniversary present you wanted.
Loretta Lynn: Hmm... well, I ain't got no wedding ring yet.
Doolittle Lynn: Wedding ring! Bullshit!
Loretta & Mooney's child: Ah, bullshit!
Loretta's child: Ah ha ha ha!
[after discovering Mooney with a young woman]
Loretta Lynn: I'm warning you Doolittle, I'd better never catch you with trash like that again! I mean it!
Doolittle Lynn: [has just tasted Loretta's cooking for the first time] Make many pies, Loretta?
Loretta Lynn: Naw, this is the first one.
Doolittle Lynn: How much salt that recipe call for?
Loretta Lynn: Shoot, you don't put salt in a pie! You put in flour and eggs and sugar and... oh no.
Doolittle Lynn: Makes sense though; salt and sugar are both white.
Doolittle Lynn: [after Loretta's first appearance on the Grand Old Opry] What we got to do next is; figure out what to do next.
Loretta Lynn: [In the bathroom of the honky tonk when Doolittle is trying to convince her to sing on stage for the first time] Don't call me that! I may be ignorant, but I ain't stupid!
Ted Webb: I ain't ever gonna see you again.
Loretta Lynn: Yes you will, daddy.
Ted Webb: Maybe, but I ain't never gonna see my little girl again.
Loretta Lynn: [Doolittle buys Loretta a guitar] Doolittle, I can't play that thing!
Doolittle Lynn: Well, most people can't till they learn how, dammit!
Patsy Cline: People are wantin' to know who you've been sleepin' with to get on the Opry so quick.
Loretta Lynn: Well, I never... who would say such a thing?
Patsy Cline: All those girl singers who've been sleepin' with everybody and *still* ain't got on the Opry.
Loretta Lynn: I just can't believe I'm sittin' here talkin' to Patsy Cline.
Patsy Cline: You act like you ain't never seen a glamorous country music singer before.
Loretta Lynn: Dadgum it, Doo! You never ask me nothing! You just say, "Hey baby, here's the deal, take it or leave it." Well, it's drivin' me crazy, Doo!
Doolittle Lynn: Well, hell, then let's go up to the house, call a lawyer and get a divorce. I'm tired of this bullshit.
Loretta Lynn: I don't want no divorce! I just want the dadgum bedroom in the back of the house!
Radio station manager: [to Loretta] You're number fourteen, nationwide!
Loretta Lynn: [trying out a new song] It goes like this "It'll be over my dead body, so get out while you can", then it drops down to "cause you ain't woman enough to take my man!"
Doolittle Lynn: Where'd you come up with the idea for that song, Loretta?
Loretta Lynn: [after hearing of Patsy's death] She can't be dead, Doo! We're goin' shopping! Who am I gonna talk to now?
Patsy Cline: [Loretta and Doolittle are fighting in the parking lot] Get in the car, Loretta! Get in the damn car and drive, Charlie!
Patsy Cline: [to Loretta] I'll call you on Monday and we'll go shopping. Anything we can't buy, we'll make. Anything we can't make, we'll steal!
Doolittle Lynn: [comes stumbling in drunk] Happy anniversary, darlin'!
Loretta Lynn: Yeah, it looks like you had a happy one. Y'know, Doo, most couples spend their anniversary together.
[notices the guitar]
Loretta Lynn: What's that?
Doolittle Lynn: Oh, that's your anniversary present, baby. Happy anniversary.
Loretta Lynn: My anniversary present! Doo, sometimes I think you got a washer missin' in your brain. I can't play that thing!
Doolittle Lynn: Get in and I'll drive you home.
Loretta Lynn: I ain't gettin' in that thing. It looks like somethin' for Mars.
Doolittle Lynn: Girl, what the hell do you know about Mars? I'll bet you ain't never been outside the mouth of this holler.
Loretta Lynn: I know I ain't gettin' in that thing. If you like it so much; you can walk me home.
Doolittle Lynn: Oh, Loretta; them pies ain't the only thing salty about you. Wait a minute; I'm comin'.
Doolittle Lynn: Loretta, I'm leavin' Kentucky. Goin' out west somewhere, find me another job. That damn coal mine about to kill me. There ain't nothin' in Kentucky for me except a chest full of coal dust and being an old man before I'm forty; ask your daddy, he'll tell you.
Loretta Lynn: Were you goin' without me?
Doolittle Lynn: Just long enough to get the money to send for you.
Loretta Lynn: You promised my daddy you wouldn't take me far off.
Doolittle Lynn: Darlin', you're goin' to have to decide if you're my wife or his daughter. Besides, you got to go; I love you.
Loretta Lynn: You better come up with a better reason than that.
Doolittle Lynn: Hop in; I'll run you back up to the house. What are you doin' in this bottom anyway?
Loretta Lynn: I came to see the doctor.
Doolittle Lynn: What for, you sick?
Loretta Lynn: Yeah, I'm sick alright; I'm goin' to have a baby.
Doolittle Lynn: [laughing] You know, Loretta, we may have found something you know how to do.
Loretta Lynn: [after her father weighs her] A-hundred-n-seventeen? This baby's gonna be a big 'un daddy.
[the Webb children all receive new shoes, Loretta also receives a dress]
Webb child: Hey, how come she gets somethin' extry?
Ted Webb: Cause, your sister's become a young woman.
Webb child: Aww, she ain't no woman, she ain't nothin' but a dadburn kid.
Loretta Lynn: [performing for her children, but her sons are wrestling] You boys stop fightin' and listen to me sing!
Lee Dollarhide: [after watching Doolittle drive his Jeep up the side of a hill to win a bet] Damn! That son of a gun Doolittle don't know the meanin' of the word quit.
Ted Webb: He sure went to a lot of trouble to get on top of a pile of nothin'.
Loretta Lynn: [trying to practice the guitar but her sons keep interrupting] If you boys don't settle down on this porch, I'm gonna have to whup you!
Loretta & Mooney's child: That's right!

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