A color-blind psychiatrist Bill Capa is stalked by an unknown killer after taking over his murdered friend's therapy group, all of whom have a connection to a mysterious young woman that Capa begins having intense sexual encounters with.

Hector Martinez: You stick your dick in a barrel of barracudas once, maybe you won't lose it. You leave it in there, it's gonna get chewed off at the root.
Hector Martinez: You're talkin' to me about an issue of confidentiality?
Dr. Bill Capa: Similar to the Miranda oath.
Hector Martinez: If a friend of mine got killed and the only thing between the killer and me was Miranda you know what I would do? Huh? I'd fuck Miranda up the ass. But don't tell anybody, because it's a matter of confidentiality.
Child's Giggly Voice: Suck my tinkertoy.
Hector Martinez: Hey! Listen up, you fucking daffodils! You gonna leave me hanging here all night, huh? Get me down, you goddamn cuckoos! Get me some fucking Band-Aids! Come on, you fucking daffodils! Get me out of here!
Hector Martinez: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Anderson! This is civilization, man! What do you think this is, your bedroom? Damn! Knock! Knock! Don't don't come into my office like that, bro. Hey!
[Anderson shakes his head and leaves]
Hector Martinez: It's a Third World thing.
Dr. Bill Capa: [On why he won't take over the therapy group] For one reason or another I'm more screwed up than you people are.
Dr. Bill Capa: Six weeks ago, I spoke harshly to a patient and she committed suicide. Right in front of me. Perhaps she would have done this anyway. That's what my colleagues say. But I don't know.
Sondra Dorio: Oh, I'm so sorry.
Dr. Bill Capa: And my patient, her name was Michelle, jumped out of a window in my office.
Clark: Oh.
Dr. Bill Capa: So much blood. So red, and I... and right, uh, before my eyes the red, uh, disappeared. Just turned to gray, and so I don't see... red now. But, see, I was her doctor. And I failed. So I cannot help you. I don't think that you want someone like me around right now.
Buck: I think I do.
Richie: Me too.
Casey Heinz: Why don't you give us a try for a month?
Dr. Bill Capa: Does your mommy know you escaped from a straight jacket?
Hector Martinez: If you don't tell 'em, I'll have to tell 'em. Am I the person to break the news to these people? 'Listen up you fuckin' daffodils. Your shrink is dead. Which means that all the time, effort and love you put in this relationship is wasted. You're gonna remain as fucked up as you are, or get worse.'
Sondra Dorio: I'm sorry. Class was really, really, really late.
Casey Heinz: What class is that? Advanced cunnilingus for the single woman or C.P.R. for pleasure and gain?
[last lines]
Hector Martinez: Hey! You gonna spend the night up there? You and little Miss Fender Bender?
Dr. Bill Capa: Do I need a lawyer?
Hector Martinez: You're in L.A. Everybody needs a lawyer.
Dr. Bob Moore: Why don't we just drop our pants and see who's got the bigger dick? Then we can go back and have a nice, civilized breakfast.
Dr. Bill Capa: Wouldn't be civilized.
Dr. Bob Moore: Why?
Dr. Bill Capa: You'd be sulking!
Dr. Bill Capa: [about Bob's murder] He was locking up here late Friday night.
Sondra Dorio: Here?
Dr. Bill Capa: Yes, right here in the office.
Buck: Was he shot, stabbed, beaten? Have they got a suspect? A motive? Three days go by and you don't call us?
Dr. Bill Capa: I thought it'd be easier if you heard it together.
Casey Heinz: Oh, I see. So even Bob's death is group therapy. That's great.
[looks skyward]
Casey Heinz: Hey, Bob, thanks for giving us a chance to grieve together. Shit!
Hector Martinez: I probably fucked and/or arrested half of these people's parents.
Dr. Bill Capa: If I had known it was your birthday, I'd have come by tomorrow.
Hector Martinez: Me too.
Michelle: [just before jumping out of skyrise window] I think I prefer the view outside, actually.
Dr. Bill Capa: In the what-I-wait-for department, you're it baby.
Casey Heinz: [Discussing bob's murder] It wasn't a thief. I'll tell you that right now.
Clark: I agree.
Casey Heinz: I mean why stab a guy thirty times? Bob, he'd piss in his pants if you showed him a knife. You know that?
Sondra Dorio: What are you saying?
Casey Heinz: I'm saying Sondra, that you have to really hate a person to stab him that many times.
Casey Heinz: [to Bill] You're a shrink, right? You know what kind of power people hand over to shrinks. Well, maybe sometimes they hand over more than they want too!
Clark: That is absolutely correct. A thief would not stick around to stab someone thirty times!
Buck: Since when did you become such an expert on robbery?
Sondra Dorio: It's not the robbery he's an expert on. It's the rage!

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