At the end of the day, I remain a country boy inside. Tahar Rahim
I was a mixture of a country boy and a town boy, really. Chichester is a town on the coast of England, and I grew up all along that strip of coast that Chichester branches out into. Sometimes I was living in a house in the country, and sometimes I was living in a town. Ed Speleers
I'm a country boy. I'm from Georgia. Jason Aldean
The Lord has been there from wanting to be a momma, to having a wonderful childhood life and dreaming of having a good motherhood as a child; always wanting to meet a good old country boy and having someone to love as much as I love my husband Roland and having a little boy that is a mixture of the both of us. Ashton Shepherd
I'm not a politician. I'm not a lawyer. I'm just a country boy. Max Burns