Trapped in a London subway station, a woman who's being pursued by a potential attacker heads into the unknown labyrinth of tunnels beneath the city's streets.

Homeless Guy: Any spare change?
Kate: [withdrawing money from a cash machine] This machine gives out notes. Why don't you hang round a phone box?
Jimmy: Homeless people don't go missing, homeless people *are* missing.
[Guy unzip's trousers]
Kate: What are you doing?
Guy: Just Breaking the ice.
[Arthur has just left George alone to see where a tunnel leads to]
George: Arthur!
[silence after Arthur has been attacked by the creep]
George: You'd best not be fucking with me
[steps into deeper water leading into the tunnel]
George: Tsk - SHIT!
[Kate is trapped on a stopped train and is trying to get some sense out of a coked-up Guy]
Kate: [banging on door between cabin and cariage] Hello? Did you kill the driver?
Kate: Okay, listen to me, I really don't mean to be rude but I don't care about your life story right now, we have to get to the security guard as soon as possible
Jimmy: You're a cheeky, fuckin' bitch, do you know that?
Jimmy: So what are you, French?
Kate: No, I'm German.
Jimmy: German? I support Germany when they're playing against England at football. Come to think of it I support anyone who's playing against England at football.
Kate: [to a silent figure in the train] Excuse me, I fell asleep on the platform
Kate: [after silence] Don't you check them before you lock up?
Kate: I mean, it sounds a little weird nobody's in charge here
Kate: [after no answer] Excuse me? Would you mind answering me? You're starting to freak me out!
Guy: Come on, you know you want it
Kate: Guy - you're mentally ill, do you know that? Freak
Guy: Kate - where you going?
Kate: Out of here
Guy: [sweetly] Good luck!
Kate: Now... what is that supposed to mean?
Jimmy: [realising Kate needs help, and has paid him money to help her find the guard] Mandy... babe! Gonna help our wee friend Kate here
Mandy: [under the influence, soon after the introductions] Who?
Jimmy: Gonna help our friend Kate here, gonna take her to see the guard
Mandy: [after an uncertain silence] D'ya fancy 'er?
Jimmy: No, I fancy you
[kisses her cheek]
Arthur: It depends which area you're in. If you're in the areas around Chinatown, there's a strange sort of *seafood* smell, whereas in Soho...
George: Oh wow wow wow stop right there! This ain't the fuckin' Discovery Channel!
Arthur: I'm just trying to educate you, that's all.
George: Trust me, there's nothing I wanna know about *shit*.
Kate: Craig... is that your fucking name?
George: Fucking travesty that's what, I got busted for dealing weed, and that shit's legal now. Had I gotten caught now, for what I had then, they would have thrown *it* down the drain, and not me!
Arthur: Ah, you're a drug dealer, chap I had last week was a pimp!
Kate: What's your name?
George: George.
Kate: I was supposed to meet a George tonight... this wasn't exactly what I had in mind.
Kate: I don't know what to say. It's like a penis... just smaller.
Jimmy: [after Kate explains an attack] It sounds to me like some vigilante train driver got a wee bit carried away. The way I see it, you should be thankin' the man, not runnin' away from him.
Kate: No, no, no, you have no idea. You didn't see what he did to Guy.
Jimmy: The rapist?
Mandy: Can I have a fag, Jim?
Kate: I'm telling you, something is not *right* down here!
Jimmy: [after he hands Mandy a cigarette, which she is not aware of] There's a lot of things not right doon 'ere, sweetheart.
Mandy: Can I have a fag, Jim?
Jimmy: You've got one in your fingers, babe!
Jimmy: [They have discovered a barely alive Guy on the tracks] What you lookin at me for?
Kate: I don't know. Can we just get him off the rails?
Jimmy: He tried to rape you - let him rot!
Guy: Please - help!
Jimmy: FUCK off!

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