Three more bone-chilling tales that include a vengeful wooden Native American, a monstrous blob in a lake, and a hitchhiker who wants revenge and will not die.

Annie Lansing: [as the hideously mangled killer strangles her] How much do you want!
Annie Lansing: [hysterical] "What happened, Mrs. Lansing?" "I-I ran over some guy, and over, and over, and over, and-"
The Hitchhiker: Thanks for the ride, lady!
Rachel: [being consumed by the oil slick-like creature] H-Help! It hurts!
Annie Lansing: You're seeing things, BITCH!
Deke: Ooooh, mucho ecological, Poncho! Mucho ecological!
Randy: It looked like it was goin' after the girls.
Deke: Aw, come on Pancho! You said you sobered up, man!
Randy: It looked like it was goin' after the girls!
Sam Whitemoon: [stroking his long hair and smiling] This hair's gonna get me paid 'n laid!
Sam Whitemoon: We're outta here, Fat Stuff! We're outta here for good! No more of this bullshit, man. No more eatin' dust for a living. There ain't no dust in Hollywood, man. And there ain't no fuckin' tribe of Tommin', wimpy-assed red men, neither!
Billy: Gimme! Gimme it or else!
Rhino: Or else what?
Billy: You'll find out, pimple-face!
Ben Whitemoon: It is a bad thing to borrow, it is a worse thing to beg.
Sam Whitemoon: Look at this. Look at this sweetheart. Tell me this ain't a movie star. What're you, kiddin'? They gotta make me a movie star. Hey. As soon as they see this hair they gonna say, Sam, get over here. Get in front of these cameras. There's a hundred million women out there just waitin' to run that hair between their legs.
Sam Whitemoon: [calling to his obese friend] Let's go Fat Stuff. We got some money that needs spendin'.
Rhino: Catch him! I want his ass!
Ben Whitemoon: [Ben bids farewell to Old Chief Woodenhead] Now... may your spirit rest, old warrior. Hagoonee. Hagoonee...
Randy: [after making it ashore] I... beat... you. Whatever you are. I beat you!
Sam Whitemoon: [to Martha Spruce at gunpoint] His old man bought my buddy here a Firebird man. A fuckin' Firebird that's gonna fly us all to Hollywood, USA!
Voice of The Creep: Well, kiddies, that was quite a price for young Sam Whitemoon to pay... eh, toupee, ehh, heh!
Deke: I feel the need, the need for WEED!
Mr. Haig: Here's your package, Billy. COD, nine dollars and ninety-nine cents. Mighty expensive for a toy ordered out of a funny paper.
Billy: Creepshow is not a funny paper. And this is no toy.
Mr. Haig: Well, what is it then?
Billy: It's a Venus flytrap bulb!
Mr. Haig: A Venus what-bulb?
Billy: Venus flytrap. It's a plant that eats MEAT!
[makes chomping-mouth gestures with his hands]

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