Australian outback expert protects his New York love from gangsters who've followed her down under.

Nugget: I've been looking for Walter Reilly. Haven't seen him around, have you?
Denning: You shoulda brought a gun instead of a beer, mate.
Nugget: Nah. I don't need one. I got a Donk.
Denning: Got a what?
Donk: Donk.
Punk: [about Mick breaking into Rico's mansion/fortress] What are ya chances?
Mick: Fair.
Punk: What are your chances of getting out of here with that jacket on?
Mick: [throws his knife across the room into the punk's mohawk] Better than average.
Doris: Tell me, Sue, what is Mick like in bed?
Sue: [cleverly brushing off the question] I dunno, he still sleeps on the floor.
Mick: What did you do last night?
Punk: We didn't do nothing. We was here all night.
Mick: That's what you call cool, is it? Well, tomorrow, if someone asks you the same question, you can say: "We didn't do nothing,"... or you can say: "We went out to Long Island to help this lunatic storm a fortress!" At the very least you can come watch me get my head blown off...
Charlie: If Mick want his clothes back, he can climb down there and get it his bloody self.
Mick: G'day, amigo.
Sue: You shot Walter.
Mick: Yeah. It was the only thing I could think of to save his life.
Sue: Who do you think you are? You hold me here at gunpoint, threaten to kill people, then you act like you're some sort of rock star? You're a drug dealer. You're a grubby little parasite.
Rico: You should watch your mouth. It is not wise to annoy me. Bob Tanner did and I had his head blown off like that...
[snaps his finger softly]
Sue: You killed Bob?
Rico: And if your Mick screws this up...
[snaps his finger softly]
Rico: Get some sleep. Gonna be a long day tomorrow.
Mick: [hiding and watching their campsite, he whispers] Yeah. And it' ll be a long night, too.
Ledge Suicider: I'm about to throw myself off this building.
Mick: You could kill yourself.
Ledge Suicider: That's the whole idea.
Mick: Oh, ah, right. I'll just wait till you're finished.
[after several moments when the Ledge Suicider does not jump]
Mick: Would you mind getting a move on? I'm on me lunch break.
Sue: There's nothing wrong with the food, it's the company.
Walt: Are you really enjoying that?
Diamond: [eating fire-roast bat] Nah - needs garlic.
[Aborigine speaks in Aborigine]
Charlie: No, mate, we just hold them.
Sue: What did he say?
Charlie: [winking] He wants to know if we're allowed to eat these men.
Sue: Do you know where they are?
Mick: Yeah. About 500 yards that way, over that ridge.
Sue: How do you know that?
Mick: Can't you smell it?
Sue: Their sweat?
Mick: Wally's aftershave.
Mick: Wanna give me some help?
Sue: Would Bonnie say no to Clyde?
Mick: Who?
Mick: [to suicidal ledge-walker] Just out of curiosity, why would you want to - - pssshhheeewwwww?
[makes whistling sound and gestures with his arm in a diving motion]
Mick: You ready to go home now?
Sue Charlton: I am home.
Walt: You know, some people say that he talks to the animals. The aborigines call him Jabba-Jahda-Ah-Der-Ahd, which means The Crocodile Who Walks Like a Man.
Rico: [chuckles] If what you say is true, it's lucky we brought the Kryptonite.
Sue Charlton: Mick - be careful. This isn't a game.
Mick: 'Tis to me.
Rico: This Dundee likes to play games! Maybe we show him some good games when it gets light.
Walt: You want me to lead them to Jaba Point?
Fuji: [speaking about 'Crocodile' Dundee] Do you know who that was?
Cato: No.
Fuji: Clint Eastwood.
Charlie: Mick's bloody lucky you can't shoot straight, Wal.
Mick: Now we're all on foot. That makes us even.
Sue: Seven to two is "even"?