Crossing Over is a multi-character canvas about immigrants of different nationalities struggling to achieve legal status in Los Angeles. The film deals with the border, document fraud, the ... See full summary »

Special Agent Howell: You see what's interesting Miss Shepard is we ran a check on your name. A Claire Shepard arrived on a B-2 visitors visa seven months ago and then just two days ago she has her status adjusted to an EB-1 green card for persons of extraordinary ability. According to The Internet Movie Database, the only Claire Shepard that matches your spelling, age and place of birth has two credits on little known Aussie TV shows. Walk on roles. She hasn't won any national or international awards
Special Agent Ludwig: Which is something the adjudicator who handled your case would have to have been aware of and yet he approved you for an EB-1. Miss Shepard we'd like you to tell us about your relationship with center adjudications officer Cole Frankel?
[first lines]
Max Brogan: What do you want me to do?
San Pedro ICE Processing Agent: Look, it's not my problem.
Max Brogan: All I'm asking, Stevens, is did the old man get seen to? He was sweating and shaking when I put him on the bus. He said his arm felt numb.
San Pedro ICE Processing Agent: Jesus Christ, Brogan, everything is a humanitarian crisis with you. You've signed off on more orders of recognizance than the rest of your unit combined.
Max Brogan: Don't give me that shit. The man's about to have a goddamn heart attack. I want him seen to.
Max Brogan: I've never been invited to a shunning before. What is this? Something you guys brought over with you?
Zahra Baraheri: I didn't bring it, I was born here. I'm the only one in this family who's an actual American.
[in order to convince the immigration adjudicator that he is entitled to receive Green Card, Gavin is requested to demonstrate his familiarity with the Jewish religion by reciting "Kaddish" prayer - a Jewish prayer, most of it Aramic. Since the atheist Gavin has little knowledge of Jewish religion, he recites instead a mishmash of prayers, blessings, hymns and non-religious songs in Hebrew]
Gavin Kossef: Baruch ata, Adonay, melech haolam...
[= Blessed are you, Lord, King of the universe]
Gavin Kossef: Hevenu shalom alechem...
[= We brought you peace]
Gavin Kossef: Bore pri hagafen...
[= Who creates the fruit of the vine]
Gavin Kossef: Vetzivanu lehadlik ner shel shabat...
[= And commanded us to light a candle of Sabbath]
Gavin Kossef: Melech haolam...
[= King of the universe]
Gavin Kossef: Hevenu shalom alechem...
[= We brought you peace]
Gavin Kossef: Adon olam asher malach...
[= Eternal Master, who reigned supreme]
Gavin Kossef: A-a-a-men.

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