A police detective goes undercover in the underground S&M gay subculture of New York City to catch a serial killer who is preying on gay men.

Steve Burns: Hips or lips?
Stuart Richards: How big are ya?
Steve Burns: Party size.
Stuart Richards: [he is being cruise by a muscular man] Do I qualify?
[exhales cigarette smoke]
Loren Lukas: I hate cigarettes.
Stuart Richards: Oh, really?
Loren Lukas: I think they're disgusting.
Stuart Richards: Well I enjoy them.
Loren Lukas: All it is is anal regressive. If you want to quit I suggest you try another form of childhood stroking.
Stuart Richards: I don't want to quit.
Loren Lukas: I suggest you try an ostrich feather along the small of your back, up your spine up to the nape of your neck.
Stuart Richards: Sounds addictive.
Loren Lukas: Why do you come here?
Stuart Richards: Why do you?
Loren Lukas: Cause I'm having ego problems. I need to be worshiped and adored. Where you from?
Stuart Richards: Mars.
Loren Lukas: Terrific, I never made it with a Martian before.
Steve Burns: Excuse me?
Hankie Salesman: Yeah? What?
Steve Burns: I was just looking at all these colored handkerchiefs you have for sale here and... well, I'm kinda new around here and I noticed that nearly all of the guys wondering outside have one or more of these colored hankies in their rear pockets. Could you tell me what they mean?
Hankie Salesman: The blue hankie means blow-job. You have one hanging out of your left pants pocket means you want a blow-job. A blue in the right rear pocket is you give them. The green hankie in your right rear pocket means you're a hustler. The green hankie in your left rear means you're looking to buy. The yellow hankie in your left rear pocket means you give golden shower. The yellow in the right rear means you receive gold. The red hankie in your left rear pocket means you give S&M. The red in the right...
Steve Burns: [walks out] Okay! Enough! Thanks.
Steve Burns: They told me that there was some... special assignment... and that I was right for it.
Capt. Edelson: Let me ask you something... Have you ever had your cock sucked by a man?
Steve Burns: A man? No. Well, I...
Capt. Edelson: Ever been porked? Or had a man smoke your pole?
Steve Burns: You gotta be kidding. Yeah, you're kidding, I knew it. No.
Steve Burns: There's a lot you don't know about me.
Nancy Gates: Why don't you want me anymore?
Steve Burns: What I'm doing is affecting me.
Patrolman Desher: C'mere. I wanna show you my night stick.
Loren Lukas: Where you from?
Stuart Richards: Mars.
Loren Lukas: Terrific, I never made it with a Martian before.
Skip Lea: Who is that guy?
Stuart Richards: Who's here? I'm here. We're here.
[repeated line]
Stuart Richards: You made me do that.
Patrolman DiSimone: She ain't gonna make a fool out of me. Takes the kids and goes to Florida to see her sister and leaves me a note. Ten years of marriage down the drain.
Patrolman Desher: They're all scumbags.
Patrolman DiSimone: What?
Patrolman Desher: Women. They're all scumbags.
Patrolman DiSimone: Who. Which ones?
Patrolman Desher: All of them. You're better off.
Patrolman DiSimone: Just drive the car. You'll be driving a squad car for the rest of your life. What do you know? You know nothing. That bitch ain't gonna jerk me around. I'll get her.
Patrolman Desher: You'll get her.
Patrolman DiSimone: [sees the gay men on the street] Look at these guys. One day this city's gonna explode.

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