Eight unsuspecting high school seniors at a posh boarding school, who delight themselves on playing games of lies, come face-to-face with terror and learn that nobody believes a liar - even when they're telling the truth.

Dodger: Avoid suspicion, manipulate your friends, and eliminate your enemies.
Tom: [after shaking Owen's hand] I just beat off.
Rich Walker: Gotta love eBay.
Tom: Yo Obi-Wan, have you seen my shoulder pads?
Dodger: Why don't we play the game with school? We're the wolves, they're the sheep.
Mercedes: I don't think they'd all fit in the chapel.
Lewis: What's the matter Graham? Mad because you blew the physics test?
Graham: I don't know Lewis. Mad because Mercedes blew the lacrosse team?
Lewis: Blow this!
Lewis: Mercy someone's there.
Randall: Just because you're Tom's new bunk buddy doesn't mean you have to be his bitch.
Regina: I hate to be the bitch here but are we going to play, or what?
Tom: Aw, Regina, you love to be the bitch!
Dodger: Alright, alright, everybody put your money in.
Mercedes: Congratulations, baby. Tonight you could've gotten laid, but instead you got fucked.
Tom: He's just pissed cause he's fat.
Randall: That means, if I may, that if you upon some nasty pictures of the victim on the internet don't forward them to the whole school.
Rich Walker: A resounding no to sensitivity and respect from Mr. Hodge.
Regina: I hate to be the bitch but are we gonna play or what?
Tom: Aw Regina, you love to be the bitch.
Randall: Tom, who's your new boyfriend?
Tom: You'll have to excuse Randall here. He doesn't know the difference between a roommate and a cellmate. Everybody, this is Owen. Owen this is everybody.
Owen Matthews: This is high school. Nothing's for real.
Owen Matthews: [to Randall] You don't really think the angry homophobe thing is fooling anyone, do you?
Tom: Yo O-Dog, what do you think a murder victim looks like?
Dodger: You guys have no imagination. It's like your playing checkers, and I'm playing chess.
Dodger: Even if any of that were true...
Dodger: Who would believe you?
Regina: I can't get caught in the boys dorm again.
Tom: Like the last time when we hooked up?
Regina: You mean when you jerked off to my yearbook photo?
Librarian: [catches Owen and Dodger about to make out] Go check out German Philosophy. No one will bother you there.
Regina: And they only just found that girls body today because it was dragged through the woods by a wolf.
Tom: Yeah listen, the guy blew her head off. Then just let the wild life go to town.
Mercedes: Why's it have to be a guy?
Tom: Serial killers are always guy.
Regina: Just the one's that get caught baby.
Mercedes: Serial means more than one jackass.
Tom: You're not taking your SAT book to my lake house this weekend are you?
Randall: Can I borrow your car?
Tom: Yea man, you know, just leave the keys on the tire and don't get any blood on the back seat.
Randall: I wouldn't dream of it. I want this to be special, you know, like in the middle of the woods up against a tree.
Regina: You're a pig.
Randall: You're a dyke.
Regina: Die a violent death.
Graham: [mocking Owen in a british accent] You can't convince me if you can't convince yourself.
Dodger: You guys have no imagination. It's like your playing checkers... And I'm playing chess.

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