Eight strangers awaken with no memory and find themselves in a puzzling cube shaped room where the laws of physics do not always apply.

[first lines]
Colonel Thomas H. Maguire: [Maguire opens the portal to a new room, but ignores the room to look at the sides of the portal] Numbers. Where's the goddamn numbers?
[the portal closes before he can decide what to do]
Colonel Thomas H. Maguire: Oh God, oh God. There has to be something.
[He opens the briefcase, but it does not hold whatever he was looking for]
Colonel Thomas H. Maguire: Oh, shit. Goddamn it! Goddamn it! I mean, they're my numbers! Damn. Don't I at least get a shot at my numbers, you stupid fucks? I want a chance! God. I want a chance. God. I want a chance, like everyone else!
Jerry Whitehall: How do you do, Mrs. Paley?
Mrs. Paley: Hello.
Jerry Whitehall: You don't happen to know why you're here, do you?
Mrs. Paley: Oh, dear, I was never very good at philosophy.
[Some of the others chuckle at this]
Jerry Whitehall: Sixty thousand, six hundred and fifty-nine rooms? Christ.
Kate Filmore: This place must be huge.
Mrs. Paley: Oh, yes, yes. In a hypercube, there could be 60 million rooms.
Jerry Whitehall: Each one of these rooms has six of these doors and portals, but no matter how many different doors and portals I go through I always end up in the same three rooms.
Mrs. Paley: Maybe we're in Hell.
Kate Filmore: Who are you?
Simon Grady: Yeah, it's me. Good old Simon. Do you remember this, do you? Well, I've waited a long time for payback.
Kate Filmore: But, that was just seconds ago.
Simon Grady: Don't be so stupid Kate. You know time works differently in this place.
Kate Filmore: This guy sure moves quickly, he's just gone.
Kate Filmore: Are you okay? Did you hit your head?
Max Reisler: Yeah, I slipped. It's a wall - it wiggled.
[Kate finds Sasha]
Kate Filmore: Don't worry. Everything's going to be all right. Okay?
[Sasha is shivering in fear]
Kate Filmore: Do you understand me?
Sasha: I'm just blind. Not retarded.
Simon Grady: What happens if whatever that was in there, that killed the guy - killed me, what happens if that fucking thing gets in here?
Kate Filmore: Okay, let's just say we are in this hypercube or whatever; does this diagram show us how to get out?
Jerry Whitehall: Well... no. You see a hypercube isn't supposed to be real. It's just a theoretical construct.
Jerry Whitehall: I've been trying to get a handle on the configuration of these rooms. All I can say is...
Simon Grady: They just don't make any sense.
Jerry Whitehall: That's right - they sure don't.
Max Reisler: It is as if the rooms are moving around very quickly.
Jerry Whitehall: There's gotta be some kind of logic to it. You go in one direction and the room just loops back on itself.
[Kate, Sasha, Max, Mrs. Paley and Julia are asleep. Simon and Jerry are little way away from them in the room, and they speak softly]
Simon Grady: Look, let's just keep this between us for now, hm?
Jerry Whitehall: Yeah. Yeah, okay.
Simon Grady: So, here's the deal. I'm a private investigator. And I'm on a case: Missing Persons.
Jerry Whitehall: Well, given our current situation, that counts as irony.
Simon Grady: You're right. I think they stuck me in here because of
[he pulls a photo out of his jacket pocket]
Simon Grady: because of her, Becky Young. And they seem to have emptied my pockets of everything else but my knife and this. Maybe it's a message, or a warning.
[Jerry looks at the photo, then hands it back]
Simon Grady: Here's the kicker. Guess who she worked for.
Jerry Whitehall: Izon?
[Izon is the company that built the Cubes, so Simon smiles wryly]
[Simon and Kate hear someone at a portal outside the room that they are in. Simon pulls a knife and holds it to Kate's throat]
Simon Grady: Relax. This is just for show. All right? Pretend that you're scared.
Kate Filmore: That should be easy.
[the portal in the ceiling opens and Max looks down at them]
Simon Grady: All right, get down here now or she's dead!
[Max pulls back, and the portal closes]
Simon Grady: Some hero.
[He withdraws his knife and lets Kate go]
Kate Filmore: [sardonically] I have that effect on men.
Simon Grady: Glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humor.
Mrs. Paley: I'm not crazy. And I'm not hard of hearing either.
[turns to an empty corner]
Mrs. Paley: I told you no one would believe me!

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