A young man whose job is to watch over the Cube endeavours to rescue an innocent woman trapped in one of its rooms.

Dodd: What are you doing? You're not allowed in there.
Eric Wynn: I'm through pushing buttons.
Jax: I don't trust machines, I have a machine to thank for this
[points to his robotic eye]
Jax: and this!
[pounds the ground with his cane]
Jax: I want to see them with my own God-given eye!
Eric Wynn: Do you believe in God? It all hinges on that?
Dodd: Look, I just ask the questions and push the buttons, ok?
Eric Wynn: What happens if you push yes?
Dodd: I don't know... No-one's ever said yes.
Jax: [Dodd has swallowed a widget needed to power the cube] Cute. And rather cliche, in an endearing kind of way. Unfortunately, I do believe there is a penalty; a rather strict penalty for sabotaging state property.
[blows dust from pen into Dodd's face and Dodd collapses]
Jax: Ooh, instant paralysis, they weren't kidding, were they?
[he bends down to cut Dodd open]
Jax: However, not to worry, Mr. Dodd. You will still be able to feel.
Eric Wynn: This room is... green. I wanna go back to the blue room.
Eric Wynn: One day, your gonna wake up inside.
Eric Wynn: [yells] Wait! Don't I get a choice? Don't all the condemned get a choice?... I Choose *death*!
Jax: No, Mr. Wynn... you *do not* get a choice. You made your choice years ago, Mr. Wynn... I believe this is your signature?
Jax: Order number 793-bla-bla-bla-bla: Commence standard series of needle tests on Raine's group.
[pauses and continues whispering]
Jax: You do know what that means?
Dodd: Yes, sir! Of course, sir. All in a days work, sir. Right away, sir.
Jax: Do us a teensy favor and use mister Wynn's auxiliary monitor, we'll need the big guns here for our little mouse-hunt.
Dodd: Of course, sir. Anything I can do to help, sir.
Jax: That's the spirit, mister Modd. Way to keep the world safe for democracy...
Cassandra Rains: [after Bartok gets cut in many pieces] What kind of animals would do this?
Jax: Questions? Comments? What are we waiting for?
Cassandra Rains: [looks in terror at Meyerhold's face after Jellico has infected him with the flesh-eating virus] Oh my good... Your face!
Meyerhold: [touches his face and looks at his bloody hand] Crap.
Robert P. Haskell: They've trapped all the rooms around us - now what?
Cassandra Rains: [sarcastic to Eric Wynn] Really glad you showed up to help.
Eric Wynn: [Owen shows up at the exit point screen] But... he's one of us.
Dodd: No. Once inside, he's one of them.
Jax: I hope your shortcut worked, Mr. Quigley.
Jax: Mr. Wynn, you are holding up progress.
[first lines]
Ryjkin: I hate this place.

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