After her mother's mysterious death, Nica begins to suspect that the talking, red-haired doll her visiting niece has been playing with may be the key to recent bloodshed and chaos.

[last lines]
Andy Barclay: [aims shotgun in Chucky's face] Play with this.
Chucky: Andy?
[fires gun, screen goes black]
Alice: [praying] Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. God bless Jill, Grandma, and especially Auntie Nica. Amen.
Barb: What about Chucky?
Alice: Chucky says there is no God.
Barb: What?
Alice: He said life's a bitch and then you die bleeding like a stuck pig!
Barb: Alice! You know it's not nice to curse!
Alice: I didn't curse mommy, Chucky did.
[looks over at Chucky, then back at Barb]
Alice: Mommy, am I going to die?
Barb: No sweetie, no!
Alice: But Grandma died, and Chucky says we're all going to die.
Barb: Alice, who really told you that? Was it Jill?
Alice: No.
Barb: Was it your daddy?
Alice: No, it was Chucky.
Chucky: 25 years. Since then a lot of families have come and gone; the Barclays, the Kincaids, the Tillys. But you know Nica, your family was always my favorite. And now, you're the last one standing... So to speak!
[laughs manically, then glares down at Nica]
Chucky: You know, you remind me a lot of Andy Barclay. He was a whiney little bitch just like you.
Nica: Did you kill him too?
Chucky: More or less. I killed his childhood. And the truth is, I killed you 25 years ago too, haven't I Nica? This isn't living. You can't call *this* living; you've just been on life support. Time to pull the fucking plug!
Nica: [lifts her head up, looking at him] So , you never actually killed Andy Barclay, did you?
Chucky: [steps back some] What?
Nica: You know it's called Completion Anxiety. It's very common in males... You are a male, aren't you?
Chucky: [glares] Oh, I'm gonna kill you slow!
Nica: [laughs] Oh now I get it! 25 years, must be the slowest murder in history! I mean, what have you been waiting for? A sign from God?
US EX Girl: [Andy's doorbell rings; he answers the door to see a female US EX] A package for you.
Andy Barclay: Really?
[he takes the long box]
US EX Girl: Maybe you won something.
Andy Barclay: Must be my lucky day!
US EX Girl: Have a good one...
Andy Barclay: Thanks. You, too!
[he takes the package upstairs to his apartment; then his phone rings and he answers]
Andy Barclay: Hello?
Andy Barclay: Oh, hey, Mom! How're you doing?
Andy Barclay: I'm sorry I didn't call. I meant to.
Andy Barclay: Yeah, I'm definitely coming for my birthday tomorrow. No, don't get me anything. Do me a favor, Ma, no surprises, okay?
Andy Barclay: Yeah. I'll be there, like, noon? 1:00? What are you making for dinner?
Andy Barclay: Yeah? How's Mike doing? Well, tell him I said hello.
Andy Barclay: Um... Yeah. All right. Well, I'll see you around that time.
Andy Barclay: Okay. Yeah...
Chucky: [emerges out of the box with a knife; he turns around and sees that Andy has a gun pointed to his face] Aha!
Andy Barclay: [cocks his gun] Play with this!
Chucky: ANDY...!
[Andy fires the gun once and the screen goes black]
Chucky: [laughs] Women. Can't live with them. Period!
Chucky: [during a flashback when Charles Lee Ray kidnapped Nica's mother when she was pregnant with her] It's gettin' late, and I'm gonna go pick up Barbie at day-care.
Sarah: No!
Sarah: I mean, shouldn't we have some time alone together?
Chucky: What about family time?
Sarah: Later...
Sarah: Right now I want to have you all to myself.
Chucky: Sarah. Sarah, you've had me all day!
Sarah: It isn't enough.
Chucky: That's a selfish fucking attitude for a mother to take!
Sarah: You don't wanna share me with her?
Chucky: No. No. Well, what's gonna happen when the baby comes? Are you gonna keep her from me, too?
Chucky: Because that would be very hurtful to me!
Chucky: And you wouldn't wanna see me get hurt, would you? Would you? Would you?
Nica: You're Charles Lee Ray.
Chucky: My friends call me Chucky.
Nica: You're dead.
Chucky: No, you're are.
Nica: Why us?
Chucky: Didn't your mother even mention me? I'm an old friend of the family.
Alice: Chucky, I'm scared!
Chucky: [laughs] You fucking should be!
Barb: [after Chucky runs up to her with his knife] Oh my God!
Barb: Alice!
Chucky: Alice is MINE! Now she knows...
[peels the rest of his disguise off]
Chucky: ...there is no God!
Chucky: [looks at Barb] You have your mother's eyes. And they were always too FUCKING CLOSE TOGETHER!
[violently stabs his knife into Barb's eye]
Chucky: It's time to play!
Chucky: [referring to the flowers he bought for a very pregnant Sarah after kidnapping her] Ya like 'em?
Sarah: Mmm-hmm...
[Chucky takes the duct-tape off Sarah's mouth]
Sarah: Yes...
Sarah: They're beautiful. Thank you.
Chucky: Difficult to found when I found out they were not exactly in season...
Chucky: Anyway, enjoy.
Post Office Worker: Next.
Tiffany: Good afternoon.
Post Office Worker: Three-day, two-day, or overnight?
Tiffany: Overnight. It's extremely urgent.
Post Office Worker: Fragile?
Tiffany: Surprisingly not.
Post Office Worker: Approximate value?
Tiffany: Well, my mother always used to say you can't put a price on love.
Post Office Worker: Under 250, then. Would you like to insure the package?
Tiffany: Oh, that won't be necessary.
Post Office Worker: It protects you and it protects the recipient.
Tiffany: I doubt that.
Post Office Worker: Perishable goods? Live animal?
Tiffany: Just put "other."
Alice: Chucky, you found me!
Chucky: I told you I would.
Alice: Where's Grandma?
Chucky: In the cellar.
Alice: What's she doing down there?
Chucky: Nothin'.
Alice: Chucky, Mommy and Daddy are dead. Aunty Nica killed them...
Chucky: But I'm your friend to the end, Alice. And now it's time to play!
Alice: Hide-And-Seek?
Chucky: Hide-The-Soul. And guess what? You're it!
Alice: Why do I always have to be it?
Chucky: Because you're somebody that no one would ever suspect. Now, close your eyes.
Chucky: [turns to Nica after killing Ian] Your turn!
[Chucky charges at Nica with the axe]
Nica: [Nica lifts up her paralyzed knees as Chucky swings the axe at her; he slashes her legs but she can't feel the blow. He looks up at Nica, stunned; Nica rips the duct tape off her mouth] MY TURN!
[Nica hits Chucky to the floor; she pulls the axe out of her flesh and decapitates Chucky with the axe]
Chucky: Will you just keep your fucking voice down?
Alice: Chucky, stop cursing!
Alice: They'll never find me in here, Chucky! This is the best hiding place ever...
Tiffany: They never learn.
[to Chucky in the plastic evidence bag]
Tiffany: So, who's next?
Chucky: [quietly] Niiiica!
Chucky: I'm gonna get you!
Chucky: Women. Can't live with 'em. Period.
Barb: [talking about the Chucky doll being sent to the house] It was obviously sent here by mistake; it must belong to someone else. And Alice, you already have too many dolls as it is...
Alice: Yeah, but, Chucky's my friend till the end!
Ian: Well I for one think it's a real nice gesture.
Ian: Thank you, Auntie Nica!
[off Barb's look]
Ian: It's a doll. What's the worst that can happen, huh?
Chucky: [In his Good Guy voice] I like to be hugged!
Alice: I love to hug you too, Chucky!
[as she hugs him tightly to her, Chucky's eyes eerily start to grow wide]
Alice: [looks confused] What's that, Chucky?
[has the doll pressed against her ear, as if listening to what he's saying]
Alice: Oh, Chucky wants to know what's for dinner!
Chucky: [In his Good Guy voice] Life is short!
Chucky: Say 'hi' to the little woman for me!
Nica: [Holding the knife at Chucky] You wanna play, motherfucker? Let's play!
Nica: Barb, put him down!
Nica: Look, I know that this sounds nuts, but that doll- I think that there's something in it!
Barb: [Barb is standing on the upstairs balcony holding the Chucky doll] Wait a second!
Barb: You know about this?
[referring to Chucky]
Nica: Well... I think I do...
Barb: You know what's in this?
Nica: [stunned] Do you?
Barb: Why didn't you tell me?
Nica: I'm trying to tell you...
Barb: Wait, wait! When did you find out?
Nica: [frantic] What does it matter?
Barb: It matters to me!
Barb: It matters to me that my own sister is out to get me!
Nica: No! No, no, no, you don't understand! This...
Barb: Oh, I understand perfectly. I understand you resent the fact that I actually have a life!
Nica: No, Barb, this isn't about anything that...
Barb: Well, you know what, Nica? It isn't my fault. Okay? What happened to you isn't my fault!
Barb: And it isn't my fault that you dropped out of school, and it isn't my fault that you chose to never leave this goddamned house! I mean, what the hell were you waiting for, a sign from God?
Nica: No, Barb! Just put the fucking doll down!
Nica: Barb?
Nica: Barb!
[Barb approaches from the top stairs balcony holding Chucky]
Nica: Barb, where's Alice?
Barb: Playing fucking hide-and-seek.
Nica: [from the bottom of the stairs] Barb, put him down!
Barb: What is wrong with you?
Nica: [hysterical] I know this sounds nuts but that doll- I think there's something in it!
Alice: [after eating the chili] Hmm. Hmmmm...
Nica: Alice, honey, is something wrong?
Alice: It tastes funny!
Alice: Maybe we put too much oregano in.
Barb: [laughs] Alice, sweetheart, it's not that bad.
Barb: Eat it!
Father Frank: [after excusing himself from dinner] I'll see you all in the morning... at the cemetery.
Barb: Mom left the house to both of us.
Nica: So?
Barb: So...
Barb: I think we should consider selling.
Nica: [astonished] What are you talking about?
Barb: Nica, this place is fabulous. It's so much closer to us, we'd get to see you way more often. And with your half of what we could get for the house, you'd be set for the rest of your life.
Nica: This isn't about me. This is about money...
Barb: Well, you know we've been struggling. Print media is dead. lan's working at Starbucks! We're going to have to send Alice to public school. And she so had her heart set on St. Bridget's. I don't want to deprive my child...
Nica: You have a live-in nanny!
Barb: Well, actually, that's not really working out.
Nica: Barb, this is my home!
Barb: Nica, I know this is hard! But do you really think you can manage here all by yourself? Mom would have wanted you to be taken care of. That's all she ever wanted...
Nica: [after flirting with the delivery guy at the door] Was that guy hitting on me?
Sarah: Baby, you're beautiful...
Nica: [smiles] Thank you, but I... I think that guy was hitting on me. Maybe I should go ask him out.
Sarah: Nica, he was just being nice!
[Nica sulks]
Sarah: I'm sorry. Oh, honey, I just don't ever want to see you get hurt.
Nica: [Sarah observes her package] I thought you swore off the Home Shopping Network.
Sarah: I haven't bought anything in three weeks.
Nica: Maybe you have a secret admirer.
Sarah: You sound threatened.
Nica: No. Not at all...
Nica: I just wouldn't want to see you get hurt.
[first lines]
Sarah: [doorbell rings; Nica sits occupied on her laptop, surfing travel websites] Nica?
[doorbell keeps ringing]
Sarah: Nica, that's something at the door.
Nica: I'm busy!
Sarah: Nica, please!
Nica: [annoyed] God!
[Nica wheels herself away from her laptop and goes to answer the door]
Sarah: What are you doing that's so important?
Nica: I was playing solitaire...
Sarah: The computer cheats, you know.
Nica: Yeah, well, I'm used to that!
Chucky: [Sarah had apparently grassed Charles to the police after Charles sees them arrive at his lair] Why? Why would you want to destroy this family?
Sarah: You destroyed MY family!
[Spits at him]
Chucky: No I told you I always had time for families. Especially kids!
[Chucky stabs Sarah's womb]
Chucky: .
Nica: [Realizing why she is paraplegic] You DID THIS to me?
Chucky: No Nica. You did this to me. You and your mommy.
[Flashback to the toy shop scene from the original film]
Chucky: . Got me killed! But I knew a way to come back!

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