A werewolf loose in Los Angeles changes the lives of three young adults, who, after being mauled by the beast, learn they must kill their attacker if they hope to change their fate to avoid becoming werewolves too.

[describing the werewolf in human form to the police]
Jimmy Myers: I - I don't know... what a - about 5 foot 10...
Ellie: [cutting Jimmy Meyers off] She's got a bony ass... and fat thighs... and ugly skin.
[the werewolf breaks through a window, roaring, and gives Ellie the finger]
Joanie: [Jimmy has just asked to fight one-one-one with Joanie, but Joanie sends him flying] Fair fight? This is Hollywood!
Jimmy Myers: [holding wrestling opponent high in air] You know what the best thing about being a fairy is, right? You get to fly.
Jake: [walking Ellie through her transformation] It's okay, Ellie, it's okay. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Jimmy Myers: No, you don't understand. I'm a werewolf, I have an unnatural sexual allure.
Bo: [rolls eyes sarcastically and scoffs] Yeah, I know.
Zela: Don't let this get up fool you; I have the gift. I blame my mother.
Kyle: Okay, all psychics back in their seats please.
Zela: [to Ellie] The beast is human, too. Don't forget that. And it's closer to you than you think.
Kyle: Maybe you can just follow me...
[dragging her away]
Kyle: Shouldn't you psychically know when you're annoying someone?
Jimmy Myers: [calming Becky down, who's tucked upside down in her car] Just stay still.
Becky: [shouting] You try and having your car rolled down a mountain and staying fucking still!
Becky: [Zela has just told Becky and Jenny they're in danger] You can't tell people this shit! Lay off the crack pipe.
Jake: Where is that brother of yours anyway? Now where could he be...in the basement? These heightened senses are a kick huh?
Joanie: Why do men always go for the tortured ones? Poor, damaged Ellie.
Ellie: [hits Joanie in face with brick] Fuck you!
Bo: [Jimmy's mutated dog has just chased Bo and Jimmy and damaged Bo's car] What the fuck was that?
Jimmy Myers: My dog.
Bo: What kinda dog do you have?
Kyle: Whoa, hey, Ellie.
Kyle: Hey, '70s retro week is booking up. Do we want Keith Partridge or Marcia Brady?
Ellie: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!
Jake: The only way you can break the curse is by killing the one who started it all and that's me. I'm not ready to die just yet.
Joanie: I guess there's no such thing as safe sex with a werewolf.
Joanie: Putting on weight, Kyle?
Ellie: You're a monster!
Jake: Join the club.
Joanie: All I got was a couple dates, some hot sex and an "It's not you it's me".
Jimmy Myers: [trying to annoy Bo, who keeps provoking him] You're really becoming transparent. How about a little identity intervention, okay? 'Cause all this internalized homophobia's giving you away.
Ellie: Why can't you just download porn like most normal teenagers?
Joanie: I'm not going to kill her. I'm just gonna rip her to shreds and let her choke on her own blood... and then maybe I'll eat her.
Jimmy Myers: No, I'm not gay, I'm cursed!
Bo: I know it must feel like that sometimes...
Jimmy Myers: No, I'm cursed by the Mark of the Beast!
Jake: I don't want you to worry about your brother. After all there is only one alpha-male. And I really think we should put the poor kid outta his misery, don't you?
Kyle: I drink, you drive, ready to go?
Ellie: Kyle, can you cover for me at the opening?
Kyle: What? And miss Jake's big opening?
Ellie: I can't make it.
Bo: Hey, I know you. You're from PE.
Brooke: His name is Billy.
Jimmy Myers: Ah, its, uh, Jimmy.
Bo: You're the dodgeball crotch target! You should really wear a cup.
Brooke: Stop it, Bo. Okay?
Bo: I'm just lookin' out for him. He can't help it. Every school's got one; the derogatory hit-geek on his way to Fagtown.
Jimmy Myers: Look, uh, I-I'm not gay.
Bo: Oh, bummer. You mean you're just an ass-wimp-wad for no reason?
Jimmy Myers: [nods reluctantly] ... Y-yeah.
Bo: Ha, that sucks.
[starts to turn away. turns back quickly]
Bo: BOO!
[Jimmy jumps]
Jimmy Myers: [speaking to Bo who just "came out" to him, and admitted his crush on Jimmy] Good for you. Yay... go gay! But, um, unfortunately I got my own shit to deal with so... I'll see you later.
Jimmy Myers: [as Jimmy closes door in his face] Jimmy... wait, Jimmy.

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