A female pirate and her companion race against their rivals to find a hidden island that contains a fabulous treasure.

Morgan: [to William after he asks her to be charitable] I brim with charity. I am charity's very soul. And because I am so charitable, I will maroon you on a rock the size of this table, instead of splattering your brains across my bulkhead... as you deserve.
Morgan: [about the Lieutenant's gun] By the way, that won't work. See, I took your balls.
Dawg: You plannin' to fight me with that little stick?
Morgan: No, Uncle. With this!
[Morgan reveals a loaded cannon and lights it, aiming it at Dawg]
Morgan: Bad Dawg!
Dawg: [after boarding Morgan's ship] Who wants to die first?
Pirate: We can't leave yet, Captain. We haven't put enough food on board.
Dawg Brown: We need less mouths.
[Shoots Pirate]
Morgan: Stop your chatter and say something Latin-ish.
William: Congratulations, madam. There's another town you've destroyed.
William: Why don't *you* row?
Morgan: Why don't you *swim*?
Morgan: [about his sword fighting] Very pretty Mr. Shaw.
William Shaw: Thank you, ma'am. I had the good fortune to study with a grand master in Vienna.
Morgan: Glasspoole!
Glasspoole: Aye!
Morgan: [to Shaw] Now, stop diddling and kill the man.
William Shaw: Kill him? Bless me, we never got to that.
Morgan: They're backwards.
William: I assure you ma'am, they're normal in every respect.
Dawg: [watching Morgan and Shaw falling into the ocean] Love. Who can explain it?
William: It is hard to imagine which part of your life would require me to speak Latin.
Morgan: Give me the map.
William: Give me... a kiss first.
William Shaw: [after catching Morgan hanging from a rope] I wish I'd never learned Latin.
[First lines]
Lieutenant: [Morgan is getting dressed into her pirating capri pants and vest] You're leaving? But I thought you and I were forever... I want you so badly!
Glasspoole: [shouts from outside] Morgan! Morgan!
Lieutenant: [pulls a pistol on a surprised Morgan; with a heavy accent and over Glasspoole's shouts] But then... so does the Governor of Port Royal! He will be pleased by the capture of Morgan Adams the PIRATE.
Morgan: You knew who I was?
Lieutenant: All along.
Glasspoole: [scene show Glasspoole waiting with Bowen on their horses] Morgan! Where are you?
Morgan: [sternly] You are heartless, Lieutenant.
Lieutenant: [apologetically] My apologies, seƱorita.
Morgan: [suddenly smiles; as she puts her belt on] But... You are right! I thought it more amusing this way. In fact, *I* knew that *You* knew... By the way, that won't work.
[the lieutenant looks confused. King Charles, Morgan's pet monkey, hands Morgan something; which she reveals to be the lieutenant's pistol's bullets]
Morgan: See? I took your balls.
[She leaves with King Charles; leaving the lieutenant dumbfounded with his empty pistol]
[Morgan has pilfered the governor's carriage and is being chased by British Royal soldiers, and a British Naval ship that canon fires at her. William is confused, thinking that the British is chasing him, unaware that Morgan is a pirate]
William: [shrieking] A SHIP! I find *myself* being *bombarded* by an *entire ship*!
Black Harry: [his last words] Once in your life, Morgan... Do as I tell you.
Dawg: [grabs Morgan by the jaw] Morgan... In sweet memory of you bouncing on my knee as a little girl... I'll give you one chance of me stealing your daddy's piece of the map.
Morgan: [curtly] Would you settle to the point of my cutlass?
Dawg: [chuckles bitterly] I knew you would say something like that... And we would soon fall into oaths and threats. Why don't cut on the jaw, shall we? I'll give one thing, little niece.
[William and Bowen notice that a pirate has accidentally uncorked a bottle of gun powder which dribbled on to the ground, making a line as he walks. Dawg meanwhile walks over to the one of the barrels in the corner of the tavern, and with his bare hands, grabs an eel, which hisses menacingly. Dawg takes the hissing eel towards Morgan's face, as a way of torturing her into revealing the maps location]
Dawg: [oilly; as he holds the hissing eel in front of Morgan, several inches from her face] This says it all Morgan... Pain, viciousness, mutilation... all the good things in life, my coat of arms.
[Dawg laughs wickedly; William tosses a candle to Bowen, who grabs it]
Morgan: [about the eel; trying to maintain her composure] Ugly... slippery and foul smelly... It DOES say it all...
Morgan: And it looks like you!
Dawg: [smiles malevolently] Heh, heh... Thank you.
[Bowen throws the candle on the stream on gunpowder that flared toward where the gunpowder pirate has walked to; just as Morgan is about lose her nerve, the gunpowder's source explodes, distracting Dawg]
[repeated line]
William: MORGAN!
Dawg: I love this.
[arms extended into air]
Dawg: I love it!

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