A group of online chat room friends find themselves haunted by a mysterious, supernatural force using the account of their dead friend.

Text from Trailer: [from trailer] Online, your memories live forever... but so do your mistakes.
Blaire's account: [a text suspiciously came out of nowhere, probably by Laura, who may have hacked into Blaire's account] What's fat and white and red all over? Ken in a blender.
Ken Smith: [when they were bothered by the unknown account: billie227] It's probably a glitch.
Val Rommel: [a message came from billie227, which Ken and his friends thought was a glitch] Well, the glitch just typed!
Laura: Let's play a game...
Laura: Never Have I Ever... got Adam arrested for selling weed.
Mitch Roussel: That was me...
Adam Sewell: WHAT? They put me in handcuffs!
Val Rommel: Ken if this is you I swear I will burn you alive.
Adam Sewell: [when he hears some unusual noises inside his house] Who's there? I HAVE A FUCKING GUN, YOU HEAR ME?
Adam Sewell: [the lights in the house turned off suddenly] FUCK! What the fuck...
Laura: [from trailer] This is gonna be fun.
Blaire Lily: Mitch? Mitch! MITCH!
Laura: I wish I could forgive you.
[signs off following Blaire's apology and scroll through their shared facebook photos]
Blaire Lily: [imitating Shay Van Buren] Byeeee!
Jess Felton: [imitating Shay Van Buren] Byeeee!
Blaire Lily: Please, Laura we are not bad people... we are good people
Laura: Really? Are you sure about that?
Blaire Lily: [as the seconds drastically count down and Laura begins to type on facebook inbox] Mitch... do you hate me...? Could you ever forgive me, I am so sorry...
[crying profusely]
Mitch Roussel: Blaire... I don't hate you, I love you... I love you so much
[Laura sends in her message to Blaire]
Mitch Roussel: [to Adam, after founding out that he was sleeping with Blaire] Uh, YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD! YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD!
Blaire Lily: I wanna make prom night, the night.
Mitch Roussel: You serious? You wouldn't lie to me now
[teases Blaire with knife in front of his cam]
Jess Felton: Who would hack into a dead girl's account?
Val Rommel: Fuck this! Nope... I'm calling the police, that's a threat
[pulls up her mobile and dials 911 whilst disconnecting from skype]
Jess Felton: You bitch, what did you do?
Blaire Lily: [crying] I'm so sorry Adam.
Dank Jimmy: What is it you want woman?
Rando Pauls: Dude, she wants help
[stoned and laughing]
Blaire Lily: I can't... I can't show you the note
[sinking her head in tears and shock]
Mitch Roussel: What more notes being passed between you and Adam? No fuck this! Either you show me the note Blaire or I am signing out, I swear to god! No fuck this! I am signing out you hear me, I've had enough of this, I'm signing out.
Laura: If Mitch signs out, he dies...
Adam Sewell: Hey Mitch whose your buddy?
[glances at the icon of billie227 on the six-way call]
Blaire Lily: Please, I need you to call the police, my friend's being attacked, my friend's being hurt.
[whimpers and cries]
Chatroulette Girl: 911, police please, ok so I have this girl on webcam who says her friend is being attacked, location is Fresno, California.
Laura: Thank you Blaire, that must of been a hard thing to do...
Blaire Lily: No, please...
[shocked and slowing down in breath]
Adam Sewell: Fuck you Blaire.
Blaire Lily: I Hate you so much Adam.
Blaire Lily: Jess listen to me, i'm going to search for help, remain calm
Jess Felton: Please Hurry!
Jess Felton: Guys, who posted the video?
Mitch Roussel: Ok, everybody right now put your hands up... whose doing this?
[raises hands and is followed at seconds later by Blaire, Jess, Adam, Ken and Val's hands as well]
Laura: Never Have I Ever... spread the rumor that Blaire has an eating disorder.
Jess Felton: That was me...
Blaire Lily: Look Laura, do you remember all the good times we had together, we were close friends and we drifted apart I'm sorry...
Laura: Drifted apart? Is that how you remember it?
Val Rommel: Hey did you guys order your tickets two weeks ago like I asked youse to do...
Blaire Lily: Wh-... what seats are better... balcony or orchestra?
Mitch Roussel: Take it off, before I cut it off
[brandishes kitchen knife smirking]
Blaire Lily: [beginning to unbutton after rising up from bed laughing] You're cute when you're violent.
Adam Sewell: My turn ok Laura... let's make this interesting alright... Never Have I Ever Had sex.
Laura: [types it into the group] Never Have I Ever Had Sex!
Blaire Lily: This is Laura's account.
[surprised as a skype message surfaces from billie227]
Ken Smith: I thought you wanted to play a game billie, let's play a game.
Jess Felton: Laura! Laura please it wasn't me, I wasn't lying! Blaire, Blaire please I swear it wasn't me! You know I never did that, please make her stop, why is she doing this?
[crying and backing away from her desktop]
Blaire Lily: Jess I know, Jess please listen to me... everything is going to be ok, Laura please! Laura she didn't do anything please stop!
Laura: Never Have I Ever... defaced Laura Barns' grave.
Jess Felton: [crying and hyperventilating] No! Please Laura that wasn't me! I swear! Please no!
[the countdown of seconds going from 19 continues]
Adam Sewell: Please Laura she's telling the truth, it was me Laura, it wasn't Jess.
Blaire Lily: I got her!
Ken Smith: Now to try some of my famous brew of salsa!
[brandishes mixed up blender of food and drink to group]
Blaire Lily: Ken that is so disgusting!
Blaire Lily: [whispering] Laura?... Laura are you ok?
[begins chuckling quietly whilst recording Laura and zooming in on her face]
Laura: [murmuring] mmmhm...
Adam Sewell: You guys are so cute.
Mitch Roussel: I can't believe you'd do this me, I love you fucking slut
Blaire Lily: [crying in return and wheezing] No, please don't call me that baby I love you.
Laura: Woo! Who wants to see my butt? She's going to see my ass tonight!
[points at a female partygoer]
Matt: Yeah! I'm going to see your ass tonight too Laura!
[moves in over a now lying down Laura]
Laura: Never Have I Ever... crashed Jess' mom's car.
Blaire Lily: That was me.
Blaire Lily, Adam Sewell: See not so perfect and innocent now huh Blaire?
Blaire Lily: Look I have apologized for that which is more then can be said for her.
Val Rommel: Hey billie, why don't you give me your address so I can come over there and knock the trash out of your mouth.
Ken Smith: Oooh fight!
Laura: You wouldn't like it here...
Mitch Roussel: Never Have I Ever... roofied Ashley Dane and forced her to get an abortion
Adam Sewell: What the fuck Mitch? I did not roofie Ashley Dane and never I have ever forced her to an abortion... what the fuck!
Laura: Never Have I Ever... made out with Laura Barns
Mitch Roussel: [as the seconds tick away and Adam faces death with the losing fingers] It was me, Blaire I swear it meant nothing, it was at Adam's and it only lasted for five seconds...
Val Rommel: Hi billie, listen sweetheart you're a fucking asshole if you don't take these down right now, i'll come over there and knock the trash out of your ears.
Laura: Sounds great, But you wouldn't like it here.
Val Rommel: Who the fuck is this guy?
Blaire Lily: [leaning towards the camera preparing to unbutton again] Get the knife, Get the knife baby.
Ken Smith: [upon Laura's webcam displaying a grated image] Hey genius! We can see you.
Jess Felton: What is that? Like a lattice or crate?
[Ken sighs and stands up off his chair]
Ken Smith: Ken!
Ken Smith: What?
Jess Felton: Uh, stand back for a second.
Ken Smith: Why?
Adam Sewell: Just do it dude.
[Ken stands back and begins to wave his right arm indicating Laura's webcam is capturing him from behind]
Jess Felton: [sarcastically whilst straightening her hair] Blaire you're a dirty girl, you're going to hell just like the rest of us...
Blaire Lily: What else do you think I did?
[crying as she looks over Laura's final Skype IMS]
Mitch Roussel: [frustratingly whispering to the rest of the group] Hey we're not doing this shit here, everybody pick up your phones and mute your computers.
Jess Felton: I don't know where my phone is guys please don't do this.
Blaire Lily: Jess it's okay
[mutes mic]
Jess Felton: No wait!
[gets up from bed and walks to desk chair whilst quickly glancing for phone]
Jess Felton: Fuck guys.
Laura: [Via Skype IM] Nice try guys, let me turn those mics on for you.
[Blaire, Mitch, Adam and Ken's mics then suddenly turn on bringing the audio from their phone calls to the convo]
Laura: .
Jess Felton: Guys, Guys! He can hear you, he can turn your mics on.
Ken Smith: Let's say her karma wasn't completely unwarranted okay, nobody wants to talk about it but Laura fucking sucked, she was a big bully and she deserved all the shit she got from that video.
Adam Sewell: [burying head upon desk in shocked laughter and disbelief] Aw Ken buddy...
Blaire Lily: Ken...
Ken Smith: What? I'm sorry that was in poor taste.
Blaire Lily: [imitating Pazuzu possessed Regan MacNeil as her webcam turns on displaying her wriggling toes] Mitch! Mitch, I've got something to show you.
Mitch Roussel: Are you doing your demon voice again?
Blaire Lily: [continuing with impersonation] Yeah, do you like them?
Mitch Roussel: Ooh yeah, let me have a look, love the purple and just the top of the toes.
[first lines]
Teacher: Laura!... Laura?
[Laura fires upon herself on the high school basketball courts, a female student then screams as the teacher and crowd rush towards Laura's body and Blaire pauses the liveleak video]
Ken Smith: [Upon inspecting billie227's profile] I can't fucking shut it off.
Blaire Lily: [upon discovering no-one has talked with Val tonight] I'm adding her.
Ken Smith: Can I just be honest I don't like Val.
Jess Felton: [laughing] Nobody likes Val, except for Val
Ken Smith: Val. Yeah see you just get me Jess.
Val Rommel: [upon seeing the tagged photos of her on Jess' facebook] You trashy little bitch delete them.
Jess Felton: Oh wait, did you just call me trashy seriously
[taken aback in laughter]
Laura: Goodbye Jess
[bracketed IM smiley emoticon]
Blaire Lily: For a sec I thought this was real
Mitch Roussel: How do you know it's not?
Blaire Lily: Stop trying to freak me out.
Mitch Roussel: Or what?
Blaire Lily: Or... I'll send my dad to fight you
[winky emoji]
Mitch Roussel, Blaire Lily: Your dad's not home...
Blaire Lily: How do you know?
Mitch Roussel: Cause he's out drinking with mine
[sends link of Laura's facebook memorial page revealing the messenger to Laura]
Jess Felton: Like the drinking game?
Laura: Exactly, except in this version the loser doesn't drink... the loser dies.
Jess Felton: [Upon Blaire revealing her note causing Adam's death, screaming, hyperventilating and crying] You stupid bitch! You killed him.
Blaire Lily: [Crying and in shock rocking back up against bedside wall] I'm so sorry Jess, I didn't know what else to do.
Adam Sewell: What's up?
Blaire Lily: [glancing at the icon for billie227] It's still there...
Adam Sewell: So were you two really cybering?
Blaire Lily: [beginning to add in Mitch, Jess and Ken to the convo] No.
Ken Smith: Uh-oh! Someone's in their chonies! Oh someone's in their chonies!
Mitch Roussel: I just don't see why I can't come over later.
Blaire Lily: You know you can't.
Mitch Roussel: Why?
Blaire Lily: No. My dad would kill you.
Mitch Roussel: Pfft, that's easy I would die for you.
Blaire Lily: [beginning to button and unbutton before leaning closely forward to the webcam] Get the knife... Get the knife baby.
Laura: [Adam dials the police] 911, please state your emergency.
Adam Sewell: Yeah! Um, there's someone threatening me and my friends online and they also threatened our friend Valerie Rommel, you sent some officers over there earlier to her house but they didn't see what we saw. And there's a lot more to the story, so.
Laura: What is your friend's address?
Adam Sewell: What?
Laura: Her address?
Adam Sewell: Uh guys, guys what's her address?
Jess Felton: Uh... hold on, I have it in my desk hold on.
Adam Sewell: One sec...
Jess Felton: 10705 East Bower.
Adam Sewell: Yeah it's 10705 East Bower and he keeps threatening us and he won't leave us alone.
Laura: Where are you right now sir?
Adam Sewell: Um i'm at home, online... with my... with my friends
Laura: Are you safe?
Adam Sewell: Yeah.
Laura: All of you?
Adam Sewell: ...Yeah, we're good.
Laura: Even Ken?
Adam Sewell: What?
Laura: Don't... Hang Up.
Adam Sewell: What?
Jess Felton: Wha-What just happened?
Adam Sewell: Shhh, Shhh!
Laura: I said, Don't... Hang Up.
Blaire Lily: Who did you call?
Adam Sewell: Fuck!
[weighs back in chair in frustration]
Adam Sewell: It's this fucking arsewhole!
[Laura's account then rejoins the group convo]
Jess Felton: [Upon hearing Laura's explained version of Never Have I Ever and whimpering] I'm going to lose. I don't want to play.
Laura: Would you rather I just killed you now JESS?
Laura: Never Have I Ever offered to trade Jess' life for my own...
Mitch Roussel: [as the Skype message countdown initiates] No, none of us would do that.
Mitch Roussel: Come on your in real estate, sell this to me.
Blaire Lily: Oh ok, well witness exhibit B, a human's right leg.
Val Rommel: Hey Billie, sweetheart you're a fucking arsewhole, so why don't you take down the photos.
Ken Smith: Alright, it's just a game, we're all just gonna download it and play it right?
Laura: [IM] ken, what are you doing?
Ken Smith: Not doing anything, man. I just wanted to play a game! You like games you seem to like games, dude, I thought we were gonna play. A fucking, great game for you man.
Trojan Destroyer program: [everybody downloads just a game.dmg/.exe]
Adam Sewell: Ok, I just launched it.
Trojan Destroyer program: [program launches and scans]
Adam Sewell: I got something for you, billie227.
Ken Smith: Is it searching, guys? Did everybody download it?
Blaire Lily: Mine's got something. Mine's got something.
Ken Smith: Ok, good. Wait until everybody got something. Is it flagging? Has everybody got some flags? It should be more than one, two, it should be multiple. Ok cool.
Laura: [starts timer]
Laura: u have 1 minute to stop this
Ken Smith: Ok, trash. Trash all of those and then empty your recycling bins, ok? Empty your recycling bins after trashing them, do not save them. Everything! Everything that's flagged.
Mitch Roussel: It's not gonna delete these.
Ken Smith: Just fucking listen to me! Trust me, dude.
Adam Sewell: [grabs gun and points at screen]
Ken Smith: Is it deleted? What's going on? Keep me updated, guys. Ok, Adam's done. Mitch?
Mitch Roussel: [finishes scan] Mine's the same.
Ken Smith: Ok, Jess?
Jess Felton: [finishes scan] Mine's done!
Ken Smith: Ok, Blaire? Blaire! Blaire!
Blaire Lily: We're just gonna
[inaudible/webcam glitch]
Blaire Lily: Blaire's bin guys. It's gonna be cool. I promise!
Laura: [timer flashes 10 seconds left in red]
Ken Smith: Ok, it's cool, it's cool Blaire!
Laura: [leaves call]

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