An ex-Marine turned teacher struggles to connect with her students in an inner city school.

Hal Griffith: How'd they get you to stay?
Louanne: They gave me candy and called me their light.
Hal Griffith: That'll do it.
Louanne: What should i tell them? If they dont want to die remember to knock?
Mr. Grandey: This wouldn't happened to have been their reward for reading poetry would it?
Louanne: In my classroom, poetry is its own reward.
Emilio Ramirez: What, are you gonna give me some advice? Just say no? Well, forget it! How the fuck are you gonna save me from my life, huh?
Louanne: You asked me once how I was gonna save your life. This is it. This moment.
Louanne: There are no victims in this classroom.

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