A man convicted of murdering his wife escapes from prison and works with a woman to try and prove his innocence.

Irene Jansen: [Taking off his bandages and revealing his face for the first time] Humphrey!
Vincent Parry: Baby!
Irene Jansen: Here's looking at you kid!
Vincent Parry: That's my line!
Vincent Parry: [looking in a mirror after the bandages are taken off] Same eyes. Same nose. Same hair. Everthing else seems to be in a different place. I sure look older. That's all right, I'm not. If it's all right with me, it ought to be all right with you.
Irene Jansen: Can you shave?
Vincent Parry: The Doc said that I could.
Irene Jansen: Why don't you get dressed. I'll wait downstairs and sort of get a fresh impression.
George Fellsinger: Gert didn't hate you. Gert just didn't care for you. There's a difference. She would have walked out on you if she'd have found somebody permanent. She wouldn't frame you when she was dying. She was no prize package, but she wouldn't frame you. Madge framed you. Madge wanted to hook you, and when she found she couldn't have you, she framed you, sent you up for life. We both know that.
Vincent Parry: My attorney couldn't shake her story. Maybe someday she'll get run over or something.
George Fellsinger: That's what I pray for every night.
Irene Jansen: You won't tell me cause you think I'll come there. You think I'd follow you.
Vincent Parry: You'd be insane to follow me.
Irene Jansen: Was I insane to pick you up on the road? Was I crazy to let you stay here?
Vincent Parry: Yes.
Vincent Parry: Don't you get lonely up here by yourself?
Irene Jansen: I was born lonely, I guess.
[Vincent meets a discredited plastic surgeon]
Dr. Walter Coley: Ever see any botched plastic jobs? If a man like me didn't like a fellow... he could surely fix him up for life. Make him look like a bulldog, or a monkey. I'll make you look as if you've lived.
Vincent Parry: I have, doc.
Madge Rapf: I've cried myself to sleep at night because of you. She's got you now. She wants you very badly doesn't she? She's willing to run away with you and keep on running and ruin everything for herself. But she wouldn't care because she'd be with you and that's what she wants. Well she doesn't have you now. She'll never have you. Nobody will ever have you! And that's the way I want it! You're nothing but an escaped convict. Nobody knows what you wrote down. They'll believe me! They'll believe me!
Vincent Parry: I'm hiding.
Detective: From what?
Vincent Parry: My wife, my friends, my family, everybody.
Detective: Come on now, it can't be as bad as all that.
Vincent Parry: Well, I tell you what you do. You go up there and spend seven years with my wife, and then if you're still in your right mind, come back down here and tell me about it.
Irene Jansen: [seeing Vincent after he shaves] It's unbelievable. but it's good. I think I even like you better.
Vincent Parry: Well, don't let it give you any ideas.
Irene Jansen: What kind?
Vincent Parry: Don't change yours. I like it just as it is.
Cabby: Where do you want to go to?
Vincent Parry: Might as well make it the police station.
Cabby: Don't be like that. You're doing all right. You're doing fine.
Vincent Parry: If it was easy for you to spot me, it'd be easy for others.
Cabby: That's where you're wrong. Unless you'd be happier back in Quentin.
Vincent Parry: Yeah... yeah, sure. That's why they sent us up there. To make us happy.
Cabby: Nice looking suit you're wearing.
Vincent Parry: Thanks, and I don't feel chatty.
Cabby: Some fares like to talk.
Vincent Parry: Well I don't.
Cabby: You always that way?
Vincent Parry: Yep. That's why I don't have many friends.
[after operating on Vicent Perry, Dr.coley says goodbye]
Dr. Walter Coley: The artist in me wishes he could see what a nice job I've done, but I never will. Goodbye, and good luck.
Baker: Just take it easy, Parry. You're gonna be better off that you ever were. As soon as I rake in the chips, I walk out of the game. Want your hat?
Vincent Parry: You make it sound pretty simple.
Baker: It is, and don't make it complicated by trying to make a break. I'll have to kill ya and only make myself $5000. One way you die, either way I make money.
Vincent Parry: Will it take long?
Dr. Walter Coley: 90 minutes. No more, no less.
Vincent Parry: Oh, I thought it took longer than that.
Vincent Parry: [Alarmed to see the doctor sharpening a straight razor] Hey...
Dr. Walter Coley: Yes?
Vincent Parry: You're not going to operate on me with that, are you?
Dr. Walter Coley: [chuckles softly] Oh, no. Before I can start on you, you have to be shaved clean, and close.
Dr. Walter Coley: I perfected my own special technique 12 years ago - before I was kicked out of the Medical Association. My method is based partly on calling a spade a spade. I don't monkey around. Have you got the money?
Vincent Parry: Yeah, you want it now?
Dr. Walter Coley: Sam said you could afford 200... put it on the table there.
Bob: Just pick up the sofa and throw it at her. That'll make her catch on.
Vincent Parry: You know, it's wonderful when guys like you lose out. Makes guys like me think maybe we got a chance in this world.
Irene Jansen: I thought I had a good life here... but your going away doesn't make it seem good anymore. I've sort of joined your team and... and I don't look forward to being without you.
Vincent Parry: When I leave here, you're off my team, and lucky to be. Nah, I've got the Indian sign on me. It seems I can't win.
Vincent Parry: I hope I'm not a coward when you start in.
Dr. Walter Coley: We're all cowards. There's no such thing as courage. There's only fear: the fear of getting hurt. And the fear of dying. That's why human beings live so long.
Dr. Walter Coley: [Getting a towel ready to put over Vince's face] You won't feel any pain with this. I'm gonna' give you some shots that'll freeze your face.
Dr. Walter Coley: [Placing towel over Vince's face] Now... just close your eyes. Got a fine anesthetic. Used it in the last war. It's in your bloodstream now...
Baker: I got the license number. I always had a good head for figures.
Vincent Parry: My only interest in your head is how easy it'll crack open.
Cabby: You're a guy with plenty of trouble.
Vincent Parry: I don't have a trouble in the world.
Cabby: Don't tell me buddy, I know. Your trouble is women.
Baker: I learned some things that even I never knew before.
Cabby: A couple weeks ago I picked up a dame in my cab, she musta had her face lifted by one of them quacks. She got caught in the rain, and the whole thing dropped down to here. She shoulda left it unlifted.
Bob: I never met Parry. But I know psychologically he's no killer. He was just dumb.
Madge Rapf: What makes you think *you're* so smart. All you know is T-squares and drafting boards and not even much about them or anything else!
Bob: We've been through all of that before! A couple of hundred thousand times. A couple of hundred thousand years ago when I was a monkey and thought I wanted to marry you.
Madge Rapf: I could say plenty!
Bob: That's very true. Even Parry must have enough sense by this time to stay away from that...
Madge Rapf: [Cutting him off] He never had anything to do with me!
Bob: [Sarcastically] Santa Claus has nothing to do with Christmas.

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