A group of people are trapped in an elevator and the Devil is mysteriously amongst them.

[last lines]
Ramirez: [voiceover] After my mother would finish her story, she would always comfort us. "Don't worry," she'd say. "If the Devil is real, then God must be real, too."
Old Woman: Damn. I really wanted you.
Detective Bowden: That was my family on Bethlehem Pike. That was my son! I've been waiting for this moment for five years, all the things I would say to you, and the things I would do. The thing is I forgive you.
Ramirez: Everybody believes in him a little bit, even guys like you who pretend they don't.
[Detective Bowden takes out a small folded piece of paper and throws it to Ramirez that reads "Im so sorry"]
Ramirez: What's this?
Detective Bowden: An apology note left at the site of a hit and run. My wife and son were killed out on Bethlaham Pike five years ago, but that's OK, because whoever did it is *sorry*. You can tell by the heartfelt apology on the back of a carwash coupon.
Detective Bowden: So no, I don't believe in the Devil. You don't need him, people are bad enough by themselves.
Dwight: [over radio] You sure you're reading that right? Your eyes ain't what they used to be.
Lustig: [in control room] You know what, I'll ask your mom to read it for me next time I got her bent over the console.
Dwight: My mom's 78, have at it.
[first lines]
Ramirez: [voiceover] When I was a child, my mother would tell me a story about how the Devil roams the Earth. Sometimes, she said, he would take human form so he could punish the damned on Earth before claiming their souls. The ones he chose would be gathered together and tortured as he hid amongst them, pretending to be one of them. I always believed my mother was telling me an old wives' tale.
Old Woman: You think this will make you good? You're not good.
Tony Janekowski: I know.
Old Woman: You think you can make up for the choices you made?
Tony Janekowski: No.
Old Woman: You think you can be forgiven?
Tony Janekowski: No.
Ramirez: [seeing ghostly face on monitor] You see it?
Lustig: Yeah, look, that's just... That's just grain in the image. That's, you know, it's a mistake. It's like when people see Jesus in a pancake or something.
Ramirez: When he's near, everything goes wrong. Toast falls jelly-side down, children hit tables, and people get hurt.
Tony Janekowski: Take me instead please.
Ramirez: [voiceover] My mother's story would always begin the same way, with a suicide paving the way for the Devil's arrival. And it would always end with the deaths of all those trapped.
Young Woman: Turn on the lights!
Salesman: When's the last time you heard somebody say 'hang tough'?
Lustig: [Over radio] What did you say?
Salesman: Nothing.
Lustig: [Over radio] What did you just say?
Salesman: [Taken aback] Um... nothing?
Old Woman: Is he picking a fight?
Ramirez: You're never going to get these people to see themselves as they really are, 'cause it's the lies that we tell ourselves, they introduce us to him.
Salesman: Oh, this is not good...
Detective Bowden: Any luck with the elevator company?
Detective Markowitz: They're out of business.
Detective Bowden: I guess that figures.
Old Woman: Whores, liars, cheaters, & deserters: all in the same.
Young Woman: Did you just touch my ass?
Ramirez: You must consider that one of these people might be the Devil.
Young Woman: Oh my God! It is you!
Tony Janekowski: Put your hands back up on that wall.
Young Woman: It hurts!
Young Woman: It feels like something *bit* me!

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