A computer specialist is sued for sexual harassment by a former lover turned boss who initiated the act forcefully, which threatens both his career and his personal life.

Catherine Alvarez: No means no. Isn't that what we tell women? Do men deserve less?
Meredith Johnson: Well, when he really wanted to stop, he didn't seem to have any problems doing it, did he?
Catherine Alvarez: And that's when you got angry.
Meredith Johnson: Of course I got angry. So would anyone.
Catherine Alvarez: Don't we tell women that they can stop at any point?
Meredith Johnson: Haven't you ever said no and meant yes, Mrs. Alvarez?
Catherine Alvarez: Up until the moment of actual penetration...
Meredith Johnson: [interrupting] The point is he was willing. That tape doesn't change anything.
Catherine Alvarez: The point is you controlled the meeting. You set the time. You ordered the wine. You locked the door. You demanded service and then got angry when he didn't provide it. So you decided to get even, to get rid of him with this trumped up charge. Ms. Johnson, the only thing you have proven is that a woman in power can be every bit as abusive as a man!
Meredith Johnson: You wanna put me on trial here? Let's at least be honest about what it's for! I am a sexually aggressive woman. I like it. Tom knew it, and you can't handle it. It is the same damn thing since the beginning of time. Veil it, hide it, lock it up and throw away the key. We expect a woman to do a man's job, make a man's money, and then walk around with a parasol and lie down for a man to fuck her like it was still a hundred years ago? Well, no thank you!
Catherine Alvarez: If you sue, you'll never get another job in the computer business; if you don't sue they'll bury you in Austin. If you sue it's news; if you don't it's gossip. If you sue nobody will believe you; if you don't, your wife won't. They will make your life into a living hell for the next three years until this case goes to trial. And for that privilege, it's going to cost you a minimum of a hundred thousand dollars. Do you not think it's a game Mr. Sanders? It's a game to them. How do you feel about losing?
Catherine Alvarez: [to Tom] Sexual harassment is not about sex. It is about power. She has it; you don't.
Susan Hendler: Give a man a hundred million dollars and you make a frustrated billionaire.
Meredith Johnson: You stick your dick in my mouth and NOW you get an attack of morality?
Susan Hendler: Ms. Alvarez, forty-eight hours ago my husband's penis was in another woman's mouth. I don't think there's anything in the law that can help me with that.
Meredith Johnson: Put it in.
Tom Sanders: [Looking at a mirror] Oh God, I can't do this.
Meredith Johnson: Come on. I want you inside me.
Tom Sanders: Oh no no no. I can't do this. I'm not gonna do this.
Meredith Johnson: Now, Now!
Tom Sanders: No. No. NO! NO!
Meredith Johnson: You can't stop. You just can't stop!
Tom Sanders: Sexual harrassment is about power. When did I have the power? When?
Tom Sanders: You wanna get fucked? Huh? Is that what you want?
Meredith Johnson: [turning mad as Tom leaves] Oh, you son-of-a-bitch. You get back in here and finish what you started. Do you hear me? Do you hear me?
[Tom ignores her as heads down the stairs]
Meredith Johnson: You get back in here and finish what you started or you're fuckin' dead. You are FUCKIN' DEAD!
Tom Sanders: I did NOT have sex with her!
Susan Hendler: Oh, then what was it Tom? She was trying to quit smoking?
Susan Hendler: Of course everyone knows! I'm so old fashioned, I greet my employees with a handshake!
Philip Blackburn: It gets worse. His lawyer is Catherine Alvarez.
Bob Garvin: Oh, great. She'd change her name to "TV Listings" just to get it in the paper.
Meredith Johnson: Let's get down to business.
Bob Garvin: This is America, goddammit. The legal system is supposed to protect people like me!
Meredith Johnson: Now you got the power. You got something I want.
Philip Blackburn: I offered him a move to Austin.
Bob Garvin: To Austin. That's like a duck making a lateral move to "a Lorange. "
Meredith Johnson: Hello? Tom that's something you say when you're greeting a RASH!
Bob Garvin: Meredith! could I see you after this please?
Tom Sanders: Bye bye.
Tom Sanders: Why don't I just admit it? Admit that I'm that evil white guy everyone is always complaining about? Hey Chau-Minh, come down here so I can execise my patriarchal urge!
Meredith Johnson: [about Susan] I guess it can be a bit inhibitating
Tom Sanders: What's that?
Meredith Johnson: Domesticity
Tom Sanders: Oh, you'd be surprised
Meredith Johnson: Oh, I don't imagine you can jump her from behind just because all of sudden you get excited just by the way you she bends over to just to pick up the soap
Meredith Johnson: [looks romantically in his eyes] You remember that... don't you?
Tom Sanders: Yeah, I remember that
Meredith Johnson: And you miss it, don't you?
Tom Sanders: I have my compensations
Meredith Johnson: Oh course... that's life. A series of trade-offs.
Meredith Johnson: Poor Sanders. You have no idea what you're up against - as usual.
Furillo: My wife told me you're full of shit! Guess you know women huh.
Tom Sanders: Yes I do!
Tom Sanders: Hi, Stephanie.
Stephanie Kaplan: Must be difficult. So much going on, and nobody giving you information.
Tom Sanders: It's been a crazy week.
Stephanie Kaplan: I remember I had a friend. She was one of the first women who moved really high up. You know what it's like in the high rooms - every day putting out fires, but it turns out, the job wasn't anything she thought it was, and she was looking the wrong way when they fired her.
Tom Sanders: Interesting.
Stephanie Kaplan: The truth usually is, once you get to it.
Susan Hendler: Oh Tom, you are the one person I know who sucks up to the people below you.
Meredith Johnson: Remember all the things we did?
Tom Sanders: Yeah, I remember.
Meredith Johnson: Things nobody knows about you and me.
[kisses passionately]
Meredith Johnson: All... our secrets.
Susan Hendler: An "old girlfriend"... that's about as exclusive as the White Pages!
Susan Hendler: Did you have sex with her?
Tom Sanders: No! No! No!
Susan Hendler: How did her hand get into your pants?
Bob Garvin: The Chinese say, "May you live in interesting times." Well this has been the most interesting merger since my second marriage.
[Meridith passionately kisses Tom]
Meredith Johnson: There... Now that wasn't so bad, wasn't it?

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