A teen living under house arrest becomes convinced his neighbor is a serial killer.

Ashley: What else have you seen Kale?
Kale: What else have I seen?
Ashley: Yeah, what else?
Kale: I've seen a lot. I mean, not like that, not, I mean...
[takes a breath]
Kale: For instance, I've seen that you're maybe one of, I don't know, three people in the world that likes pizza-flavored chips. You're also the only person I've ever seen that spends more time on the roof of her house than in her actual house. And what are you doing? You're reading. Books. You know, not "US Weekly or "Seventeen", or, you know... but you're reading substantial books. You also do this, uh...
[scratches head, chuckles]
Kale: You do this thing where, it's like an OCD thing, but it's not. It's, um... Whenever you're leaving your room, you grab the doorknob, you turn it and you're getting ready to leave but you don't, you stop and you back up and you turn to the mirror and you stare at yourself. But it's not like a, you know, "I'm so hot" kind of stare. You know, it's more like... "Who am I, really?" And to ask yourself that, I mean, that's so cool. So you look out the window all the time like I do, only you're looking at the world, you know? Tryin' to figure it out, trying to understand the world. Trying to figure out why it's not in order like your books... I'm only looking at you.
Ashley: That's either the creepiest... or the sweetest thing I've ever heard.
Kale: This is my friend, Ronnie. Ronald. Say hi, Ronald.
Ronnie: Hi, Ronald.
Kale: I'm having a kid. Your little boy's growing up, I got a girl pregnant, now I gotta go visit her. She lives in Reno, I don't know how I'm gonna get there. Probably have to take Mom's car. But, we're gonna live together. We're gonna live in the trailer park. Her name's Shirley, she's real great.
Ronnie: Operation Stupid is officially over!
Ronnie: Oh my god, you've made the tower of Twinkie! Is that in a stalker's handbook somewhere?
Ashley: [looking at a picture of a dead girl] This girl died from blunt trauma, most likely blows to the head and face. Gnarly.
Ashley: I'm hungry... let's order pizza!
Ashley: Where are the coffee and doughnuts? You can't have a stakeout without coffee and doughnuts.
[last lines]
Ronnie: [filming Kale and Ashley kissing] Soon to be the most popular video on YouTube.
Kale: Who's going?
Ashley: Minnie Tyco.
Kale: Oh, yeah, skinny psycho...
Ronnie: It reeks in here!
Kale: What's it smell like?
Ronnie: The corpse of a rotting hottie.
Minnie Tyco: [Ashley is looking for Turner in the store when she bumps into Minnie Tyco] Ashley, hi!
Ashley: Hi... Skinny Minnie...
Minnie Tyco: Where did you hear that name?
Kale: [Ashley and Kale are kissing] Remember the other night, when we talked about my issues?
Ashley: You said you didn't have any issues.
Kale: Oh, did I?
Ashley: Mm-hmm.
Kale: That was complete bullshit. I have a million issues.
Ashley: [Kale is kissing Ashley on top of her while she is laying on his bed] For a guy who killed his teacher?
Kale: I didn't kill my teacher.
Ronnie: I really *really* love your neighborhood.
Ashley: [Turner has just broken into Ashley's car] What are you doing?
Mr. Turner: Well, I'm officially welcoming you to the neighborhood. I know that you've been following me
[Ashley begins to protest]
Mr. Turner: No, no, no... Don't deny it. I'm not upset and quite frankly I don't even want to know why. I just would like you to know that I'm a little on the shy side. So short of all of this sneaking around in some kind of hip new aged way coming on to a somewhat older man.
[He begins to caress her hair]
Mr. Turner: I really feel oblidged to tell you that I rather enjoy my privacy. You see the world is in a heightened state of paranoia and I tend to think that someone as intelligent and attractive as you doesen't need to be wasting her time... stoking the fire.
Ashley: [Frightened] I...
Mr. Turner: So now you know... Your not the only one who's watching.
[Turner then puts the car key back into the ignition]
Mr. Turner: So feel free to pass that along if you'd like.
Mr. Turner: Cool?... Are we cool?
Ashley: Cool... Cool...
Mr. Turner: [Whispering] Cool.
Kale: So now you got the whole jock and bimbo population showing up? That will be fun. I just didn't think you'd conform so fast.
Ronnie: Dude you havta see this I got like my whole great escape on video!
Ronnie: [Ronnie is attempting to break into Turner's car while talking to Kale on a phone] Are you sure I'm still in the clear?
Kale: [Kale switches to Ashley who is following Turner at the store] Ashley, where's Turner now?
Ashley: He's shovel shopping. Visual coming your way.
[Ashley sends a picture of Turner on her phone to Kale's computer]
Ronnie: Are you sure I'm still clear?
Kale: [Looking at picture of Turner at store] Yeah, you're golden, man. He's still in the store.
Ronnie: [Sitting down in front of Turner's car] Ok...
Kale: [Ashley is sending continuous photos of Turner to Kale's computer] Well, that's pretty cool.
Ronnie: What are you talking about?
Kale: Ashley's got like a live feed going here.
Ashley: [to Ronnie and Kale] What took you so long?
Kale: We were upstairs playing.
Ronnie: Video games!
Kale: I'm fine! It turned, I'm green!
Ronnie: Man, I was in your closet for like two weeks. I gotta take a piss.
Julie: Clean up your room, and clean up the kitchen.
Kale: Yeah, I'll do that. Let me just check my schedule.
Ronnie: [whispering] Help me...
Kale: All right that's it. Give me the phone, I'm calling the cops
Ashley: Wait, he didn't even do anything. All he said was that he liked his privacy
Kale: But think about that, why does he want his privacy? I mean he's hiding something, we know that.
Ronnie: Yeah, definitely.
Kale: Right? And he knows that we know that, he knows that, and regardless of if he had a bad day or good one, it doesen't matter. He scared the hell out of you, that's a grown man.
Ashley: Look, Kale, he freaked me out, but he's right. We're the ones spying.
Ronnie: Oh, man, she has that Stockholm thing. You know where the hostage falls for the hostage taker?
Ashley: Where do you get this stuff?
Ronnie: I read a lot?
Kale: Ok, I have a question, how is that a nice and charming guy?
Ashley: I didn't say that.
Kale: Ok, Ash, what you said was that "He broke into my car, but did it in a nice way?". Maybe I'm not understanding
Ronnie: Ok, you know what? Can we just...
Ashley: Drop this? This is obviously not a cute little game anymore. This has gone way too far.
[Cell phone rings]
Ashley: Hi, mom. No, I'm not over here.
Ashley: Ok, I'm coming.
[to Kale and Ronnie]
Ashley: Parents anniversary amazingly enough... Just drop this, I'll call you later, ok?
Mr. Turner: [His last lines to Kale] You made me do this.
Ronnie: [listening to "You'll Never Find" by Lou Rawls] My dad likes this song, by the way.
Officer Gutierrez: I'll take care of it.
[takes bite of burger]
Officer Gutierrez: When I take care of it.
Ronnie: [repeated word, emphasizing pronunciation during a Spanish class presentation] Quizas.
[class laughs]
Ronnie: [breaking into a car] This is a lot harder than it looks on the Internet.
[first lines]
Kale: Do you think he sees us?
Daniel Brecht: No, he can't see us. But trust me, he can feel us watching.
Mr. Turner: [to Kale] Listen, I get it. I went to school... There were plenty of teachers I just wanted to kill.
Ronnie: Yes, concentrate. Now this one's for the gold.
Ronnie: [freaking out] Why you sound so agitated?
Julie: I can't believe this.
Kale: I can't believe your actually buying this guy's bullshit.
Julie: What, after what you just pulled?
Kale: It's bullshit, Mom
Julie: And everything that's happened this past year? It's a miracle they just didn't take you away! I have to go talk to him.
Kale: What are you talking about. Now?
Julie: He could press charges, Kale!
Kale: Now? I don't care if he's gonna press charges!
Julie: Sit down! I care... You are breaking my heart, Kale.

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