A woman framed for her husband's murder suspects he is still alive; as she has already been tried for the crime, she can't be re-prosecuted if she finds and kills him.

Margaret Skolowski: Ever hear of Double Jeopardy? Fifth Amendment to the constitution?
Elizabeth 'Libby' Parsons: No.
Margaret Skolowski: It says no person can be convicted of the same crime twice, the state says you already killed your husband right? So, when you get out of here, you track him down, and you can kill him. You can walk up to him in Times Square put a gun to his head and pull the fucking trigger and there's nothing they can do about it! Kinda makes you feel all warm and tingly inside don't it?
Handsome Internet Expert: Now maybe when this thing has finished its searching, we could go to this, uh, this neat little bar I know and, uh, have a little drink. What do you say?
Elizabeth 'Libby' Parsons: Yeah.
Elizabeth 'Libby' Parsons: I just have to check in with my parole officer first.
Handsome Internet Expert: You've been to jail?
Elizabeth 'Libby' Parsons: Actually prison. Jail is a different thing.
Handsome Internet Expert: [laughs nervously] So what did you do? Not pay your parking tickets?
Elizabeth 'Libby' Parsons: Oh, no. I was convicted of murdering my husband.
Elizabeth 'Libby' Parsons: I haven't felt this good since the day my husband died.
Libby Parsons: Excuse me?
Neighbor in Garden: Dear, whatever you're selling, I've already got two of them.
Libby Parsons: I could shoot you in the middle of Mardi Gras, and they can't touch me.
Elizabeth 'Libby' Parsons: I don't want to kill you, Nick, I just want you to suffer.
Libby Parsons: She just skipped town!
Travis Lehman: Yeah, and with your husband who isn't dead because you didn't kill him? Bullshit.
Libby Parsons: Alright, I admit it, I killed him. I chopped him up into little bits, and I threw them piece by piece into the Pacific. Are you satisfied?
Travis Lehman: No! No, you were a hell of a lot closer to your kid three days ago than you are today! All you had to do was wait three years, that's it! You fucking idiot!
Libby Parsons: You cannot know what it's like to sit in prison for six years and think of nothing else in the world but your son. Did I make the right choice? You asked the wrong question, Lehman, I didn't have a choice! Fuck your curfew!
Libby Parsons: [sees a picture of a girl on Lehman's sun visor] Who's that? Your daughter?
Travis Lehman: [says nothing]
Libby Parsons: Is that a problem for you, Lehman?
Evelyn Lake: So, you're the rich-bitch who snuffed her husband?
Elizabeth 'Libby' Parsons: No, I didn't...
Evelyn Lake: It's okay. He probably had it coming. Mine did.
Nick Parsons: Well, aren't you gonna do something?
Travis Lehman: What are you talkin' to me for? She's the one with the gun.
Travis Lehman: Oh yeah, she's very pretty, for a convicted murderer. I just came here as a professional courtesy since she's in New Orleans and plans on killing one of your prominent citizens.
Travis Lehman: Dammit, woman, if you don't get out of this car and go to your kid, I'm going to have you arrested... for stupidity.
Nick Parsons: Now is not a good time.
Travis Lehman: Well, I've got good news. It won't be long.
Libby Parsons: You could've given her a second chance.
Travis Lehman: There are no second chances here! This is the Last Chance House!
Travis Lehman: Oh no you're not, you're a parole violator. You are coming back with me to Seattle... where I will demand a full pardon, a parade, and a little pink poodle. On a keychain.
Bobby: I'm a lawyer, what we think isn't supposed to matter.
Margaret Skolowski: So you just repeat after me, "If I could trade places with my husband, I would."
[after making a sighing noise and very unenthusiastically]
Elizabeth 'Libby' Parsons: If I could trade places with my husband, I would.
Evelyn Lake: That's good. Now, throw in a lot of that born again Jesus stuff... they like that

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