As his kingdom is being threatened by the Turks, young prince Vlad Tepes must become a monster feared by his own people in order to obtain the power needed to protect his own family, and the families of his kingdom.

Ingeras: My father was a great man, a hero, so they say. But sometimes the world doesn't need another hero, sometimes what it needs is a monster.
Vlad: Men don't fear swords. They fear monsters.
Mirena: [to Vlad] Death cannot separate us, for one life is born from the other.
Vlad: [in a rage to his people after they try to burn him] Do you think you are alive because you can fight? You are alive because of what I did to save you!
Master Vampire: I have been waiting an eternity for a man of your strength to arrive. But what kind of man crawls into his own grave in search of hope?
Vlad: A desperate one.
Master Vampire: There is always a price for power.
Vlad: Why think separately of this life and the next...
Mirena: When one is born from the last.
Vlad: It's not a child's place to save his country.
Master Vampire: What is it that you are seeking?
Vlad: I want the power to destroy my enemies and save my family.
Vlad: Never forget who I am.
Master Vampire: [to Vlad] Most men reek of fear. In you I smell hope.
Vlad: [to Ingeras] Run to your mother.
Mirena: [to Vlad, seeing his transformation] What is happening to you?
Hamza Bey: The Sultan is preparing for battle and requires 1,000 boys for his army including your son.
Master Vampire: [following Vlad and 'Mina' out of the market] Let the games begin.
Master Vampire: [holds Vlad by the throat] Why spill blood if not for the pleasure of it?
Vlad: Because men do not fear swords. They fear monsters. They run from them. By putting one village to the stake, I spared ten more. Sometimes the world no longer needs a hero. Sometimes what it needs... is a monster.
Master Vampire: [tightening his grip a little] And you believe you know what it means to be a monster? Hmm?... You have no idea... but I'm going to show you.
Mirena: What is happening to you?
[Vlad cuts the tent open as his skin burns]
Mirena: No! Stop it!
[as she pulls him to her]
Mirena: May God strike down whoever did this to you!
Vlad: [pained] I chose this!
Mirena: This is the strength you sought? But why?
Vlad: Because I sent corpses back to Mehmed, instead of our son.
Mirena: [near tears] You did this for us?
Vlad: In two days, I'll be restored... I just have to resist.
Mirena: Resist what?
[when he says nothing, panicked]
Mirena: Resist what, Vlad? Tell me!
Vlad: The thirst... for blood.

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