A lionized account of the life of the martial arts superstar.

Bruce Lee: I'm no bastard, I'm Bruce Lee!
Bruce Lee: Don't touch me!
Joe Henderson: Or what?
Bruce Lee: Or I'll touch you back.
[Bill Krieger and Bruce Lee are discussing Lee's next series]
Bruce Lee: Ok, so he wanders the land, searching for his brother, solving problems, with no gun...
Bill Krieger: And, he has something noone else has ever seen...
Bruce Lee, Bill Krieger: [shouting together] KUNG FU!
Bill Krieger: Starring Bruce Lee.
Bruce Lee: Uh huh... He remembers what he was taught in the old country, by his teacher... and teaches people his culture.
Bill Krieger: After he's kicked the shit out of everybody.
Linda Emery: Stop whining and start fighting.
Bruce Lee: [Coming Home] Hello.
Linda Lee: What were you're doing.
Bruce Lee: I'm working on the Game of Death.
Linda Lee: Bruce.
Bruce Lee: I don't have a choice, we've been through this before.
Linda Lee: Maybe you don't, but I do. I'm taking the kids home for a while
Bruce Lee: This "is" home.
Linda Lee: No. Here is where we watch you work.
Bruce Lee: I know all about America, a mountain of gold, we are so good. But you can't believe that, you gotta read the small print.
Linda Lee: This is place is eating us up, can't you see that Bruce?
Bruce Lee: given us a life. Here I am somebody, I'm special. Back there, I'm just another 2-bit, no-nothing dishwasher from a fishy-stinking restaurant
[pushes stuff off his dresser in anger]
Bruce Lee: [Mimicking a Chinese accent] Hello, hello little white man. Try some from column A or some from column B.
[Braks his closet door in anger]
Bruce Lee: Who am I, huh? Who am I? Tell me who am I.
Linda Lee: I don't know who the hell you are anymore. Do you?
Bruce Lee: [Bruce to Linda as she walks away] Don't go too far, hon! It'll be over in sixty seconds.
Bruce Lee: Emotion can be the enemy.
Principal Elder: [Bruce Lee drops the message the Elders sent him, interrupting their game] Bruce, I know that you like to be called Bruce. You have been charged with violating the martial arts code. We've had several complaints from Wu Zuolin and Wong Jack Man and many others. You've been teaching the gwai lo, this must stop.
Bruce Lee: I'll teach whoever wants to learn.
Principal Elder: Bruce, we do things differently here. One of the things we do not do is teach our secrets to white, blacks. They are the enemy.
Bruce Lee: [Taking a moment to think on the matter] They are not the enemy. They just don't know us. We've been so closed for so long, they've never seen the real beauty of our culture. Lets show it to them.
Principal Elder: [the Elders disagree] I'm sorry. We do not agree. You are ordered to stop teaching the gwia lo.
Bruce Lee: Or what?
Principal Elder: Or we will settle this by combat. Prepare yourself.
Bruce Lee: The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.
Linda Emery: A philosophy major? Now, what can you do with a philosophy major?
Bruce Lee: You can think deep thoughts about being unemployed.
Bill Krieger: [after Bruce's 60 second fight] Hey, there.
Bruce Lee: Yes?
Bill Krieger: You look pretty fast out there, kid.
Jerome Sprout: No. He was too slow, and he took too long.
Bill Krieger: [to Bruce] You looked fast to me. Can you do some of that in front of a camera? You see, I am a producer.
Jerome Sprout: [not believing a word Kreiger is saying] Right, and "I'm" Marvin Gaye.
Linda Lee: All these years later, people still wonder about how he died. I prefer to remember how he lived.
Bruce Lee: Be like water.
Vivian Emery: The world needs hamburgers - it doesn't need judo.
Yip Man: Kung fu is more than a system of fighting. It's a system of thought. You must outthink your opponent, whatever form he takes... because some of them will be more than just men.
Voice of Young Bruce: What else could it be Si Fu?
Yip Man: We all have inner demons to fight. We call these demons 'fear', and 'hatred', and 'anger'. If you don't conquer them, then a life of a hundred years... is a tragedy. If you do, a life of a single day can be a triumph.
[last lines]
Linda Lee: Three weeks before the opening of Enter the Dragon, the movie that would bring him into international fame, Bruce fell into a mysterious coma and died. He was 32. Thousands of fans have gathered in Hong Kong for the funeral. I buried him in America so he can be close to us. There are many people that want to know the way he died, I want to remember the way he lived.
Bruce Lee: I'll beat any man in this room in 60 seconds.
[Bruce has been told he has to leave Hong Kong]
Bruce Lee: This is a joke right? You're joking.
Bruce Lee: [after beating up a hustler at the gym] Sorry about your father. Those were Koreans, I'm American.
Bruce Lee: [Watching Linda & Vivian reunited by Brandon] Brandon, you're a strong one. Only you could do this.
[Bruce Lee in a wheelchair]
Vivian Emery: How are you feeling, Mr. Lee?
Bruce Lee: Oh, like half man, half car.
Bruce Lee: [Has Johnny Sun pinned down] Do you give up? Do you give up?
Bruce Lee: Do you give up?
Johnny Sun: I give up. I give up.
Johnny Sun: [wanting to challenge Bruce to a 60 second fight] I've beaten him before, I will beat him again.
Linda Emery: [Sees Bruce pulling into the driveway in a new car] You steal Steve McQueen's car?
Bruce Lee: He stole mine.
[Stops car]
Bruce Lee: Come on, get in. we're late.
Linda Emery: Okay.
[Opens front door and settles herself down on Bruce's lap]
Bruce Lee: What? Linda... Hey.
Linda Emery: You do the clutch, I'll work the stick.
Bruce Lee: When I was a kid I had all these crazy ideas, I wanted to show the world the beauty of our culture, I wanted to give them a hero, but a Chinese hero, but I want something else now, I want to stop breaking my wife's heart, I want to play with my children without having to look at the clock, they're American, I need to go back to America or I lose them, if I lose them, nothing means anything
Luke Sun: [coming onto the film set of "The Big Boss"] You. You've beaten my brother, he ca'nt walk straight, he ca'nt talk right. You've dishonored my family.
Vivian Emery: Well, I don't want to rain on your parade Mr. Lee. But the world needs hamburgers, not Judo.
Bruce Lee: Kung Fu.
Vivian Emery: Whatever. But what about children, that's what marriage is about, children, and what will they be? They won't be white, and they won't be oriental. They'll be some kind of half-breed and will not be accpted by either side.
Bruce Lee: But, they'll be American. Linda's American, I'm an American.
Vivian Emery: No. you're an American citizen Mr. Lee.
Bruce Lee: [explaining why he is going to the United States] I'm excited to come to America
[holds up a poster of James Dean]
Bruce Lee: James Dean, French fries, the skies the limit. That's what they said.
Jerome Sprout: [Before the combat dispute] I scooped him out. His name is Johnny Sun. He is formidable, he is a killer. 2 people tried to rob him last year, one went to the hospital, the one with the gun went to a funeral home.
[Bruce Lee and Bill Krieger are discussing Lee's next series]
Bill Krieger: Chinese immigrant wanders the land.
Bruce Lee: He's a good guy. A hero.
Bill Krieger: Of course he's a hero; he's the star of the show. He wanders the land, solving problems. Every week, he solves a problem.
Bruce Lee: With no gun. Just his hands.
Bill Krieger: That's good. That's great. No gun. He's looking for something...
Bruce Lee: His father! He's lost his father who came ahead of him.
Bill Krieger: No, no, not his father. The father thing has been done to death. He's searching for his brother.
Bruce Lee: Good.
Bill Krieger: Searching for his brother.
Bruce Lee: He never finds him.
Bill Krieger: Well, not until the fifth year, anyway.
Bruce Lee: It isn't size or strength that matters, it's focus.

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