At first, the strange phone messages promised great wealth. Soon, though, government agents pursue the young engineer receiving them around the world.

[first lines]
Curator: Everything okay down there?
Max Peterson: Piece a cake.
Curator: That locks it?
Max Peterson: Yep, centuries of Thai history, safe as Fort Knox. Watch, uh,
[removes a panel]
Max Peterson: Relax, I'm a professional.
Max Peterson: [causes a massive short] Okay, now your servers are down because of a power surge, a grid malfunction, or maybe even a bomb. Now, if the intruder tries to reboot your servers or access the data, he'll always hit this screen.
[login screen]
Max Peterson: This is your BIOS-level password. Without it, nothing works in this room.
[types the password]
Curator: Oh, we memorize.
Max Peterson: Oh yes, just in case.
[systems come back online, he starts to leave]
Curator: Oh, when do lights come back on?
Max Peterson: Well right, uh, you're going to have to call an electrician...
Mueller: It is the seemingly harmless traces we leave behind that later can be used to destroy us.
Agent Dave Grant: I'm impressed. I always thought you were a little stupid.
Max Peterson: You mean stupid like, build a computer that knows absolutely everything, and then lose control of it?
Raymond Burke: You now the three most important words in politics?
assistant: Uh, no sir.
Raymond Burke: Don't get caught.
[last lines]
Yuri Malanin: They will try to build it again.
Russian General: Of course, of course, that is what we are here for. At least this time they've learned that not everything Man creates is for his benefit.
Yuri Malanin: It seems we were able to help the Americans make the right decision. At least for now.
Russian General: Yes?
Yuri Malanin: I want to believe so.
computer: Echelon is a threat to freedom.

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