As homicide detective Thomas Craven investigates the death of his activist daughter, he uncovers not only her secret life, but a corporate cover-up and government collusion that attracts an agent tasked with cleaning up the evidence.

Thomas Craven: You had better decide if you're hanging on the cross, or banging in the nails.
Darius Jedburgh: I don't know what it means to have lost a child, but I know what it means never to have had one.
Thomas Craven: Yeah, got nobody left to bury you.
Thomas Craven: I'm not gonna hit you again, she wouldn't want me to.
Thomas Craven: But she's not here because of you!
[punches him again]
[last lines]
Darius Jedburgh: You got a family?
State Trooper #2: Yeah.
Darius Jedburgh: Kids?
State Trooper #2: Yeah.
Darius Jedburgh: [lowers his weapon]
Thomas Craven: I'm a guy with nothin to lose!
Thomas Craven: Deep down, you know you deserve this.
[Shoots Bennett in the neck]
Thomas Craven: I'm not gonna arrest anyone.
Darius Jedburgh: I never do.
Thomas Craven: Fasten your fuckin' seatbelt!
Darius Jedburgh: Now, you know better than anyone, cases like these are never solved. They're simply too complicated, too much hard work. There's a lot going on out there in this world. And you just never can connect A to B.
Thomas Craven: How do you know that?
Darius Jedburgh: Because I'm usually the guy that stops you connecting A to B. It's part of what I do.
Northmoor Doctor: I regret to say that this probably means that you'll have less time.
Darius Jedburgh: I know what it means, I've been havin' aural hallucinations... my father's voice callin' my name as I start to sleep. Bastard's been dead for forty years, and suddenly he's yellin' at me again. I come awake.
Northmoor Doctor: You're not sleeping?
Darius Jedburgh: No, I'm not sleepin'. I start to sleep - then I jolt awake. There's somethin' about the darkness. I don't like it.
Northmoor Doctor: I'm not a counselor. I know you want to banter with me. I don't do that. I can only give you the facts.
Darius Jedburgh: Well, we all know what the facts are. We live a while, and then we die sooner than we planned.
Darius Jedburgh: [as the doctor is staring into his eyes with a flashlight] Do you see a soul in there?
Northmoor Doctor: I beg your pardon.
Senator Jim Pine: I am a United States senator!
Darius Jedburgh: By what standard?
Darius Jedburgh: We're all terminal, Millroy. Even middle management.
Bill Whitehouse: It isn't what it is, Tommy. It is never what it is. It is what it can be made to look like.
Thomas Craven: [Drawing his gun and turning around] Creeping up on a bereaved man at a murder scene is not very bright.
Darius Jedburgh: Mr. Craven, we have things to talk about.
Thomas Craven: Welcome to Hell!
Senator Jim Pine: You left as a Master Sergeant of a heavy weapons platoon.
Thomas Craven: Ah, yes sir.
Senator Jim Pine: How'd you do that at 20?
Thomas Craven: Everybody else was dead.
Neighbor: [yelling at Tom] What the fuck are you burning out there? Fucking Christ.
Thomas Craven: My English friend, Mr. Davenport here about 6 feet tall, 220 pounds is enjoying his cigar.
Darius Jedburgh: Cigar?
Thomas Craven: I'm not celebrating just now.
Darius Jedburgh: I know you don't smoke. I saw your DARPA file.
Thomas Craven: You gonna tell me what that is?
Darius Jedburgh: Defense Advance Research Projects Agency. Their slogan is:
Darius Jedburgh: [speaks Latin] scientia est potentia
Darius Jedburgh: And I know you know Latin.
Thomas Craven: [speaks Latin] stile sursum
Thomas Craven: You know what that means, yeah?
Darius Jedburgh: Stand the fuck up.
Thomas Craven: Please do so.
Thomas Craven: You know, Bill, no one expects you to be perfect. But there's just a few basic things you gotta get right. Always do the best you can by your family. Go to work every day. Always speak your mind. Never hurt anyone that doesn't deserve it... & never take anything from the bad guys.
Thomas Craven: Everything's illegal in Massachusetts.
Thomas Craven: I'm the guy with nothing to lose and doesn't give a shit.

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