After running away fails, a terrified woman (Jennifer Lopez) empowers herself in order to battle her abusive husband (Billy Campbell).

Ginny: You have a divine animal right to protect your own life and the life of your offspring.
Gracie: I like going by Grandma's, but do we have to drive for 55 hours, just to reach some phone booth? Can we call Daddy this time?
Slim: No!
Slim: Stop begging, you look like a dog.
Slim: [Slim has just finished explaining to Gracie why they need to run away and change their identity] ... but you cannot call me Slim.
Gracie: But I never call you Slim. I don't think you are that slim.
Slim: Oh, thanks a lot.
Mitch: [answering the phone] Is this my little croissant?
Slim: No, it's your loaf of bread.
Mitch: All right, man against woman. Is that really fair?
Slim: Fair for whom?
Slim: [to Joe] I tried to remember the last time I felt safe... and I thought of you.
Slim: So do we like it here?
Gracie: Why? Are we moving again?
Slim: No...
Gracie: GOOD! 'Cause I'm sick, and tired to death, of moving!
[Fighting with Mitch]
Slim: Self-defense is not murder.
Slim: Hi, I have a friend whose husband beats her up.
Desk Sergeant: She should come in here and file a complaint. If there's physical evidence of the abuse on her part, we'll come out and arrest him.
Slim: And if he has money, he can bail himself out, right?
Desk Sergeant: That's correct.
Slim: And then he's free 'til it goes to trial?
Desk Sergeant: If it goes to trial. It's up to the district attorney whether to prosecute.
Slim: So... she comes in here, has him arrested, and... pisses him off, and there's no guarantee that he won't come after her?
Desk Sergeant: She could get a restraining order.
Slim: What's that? A little piece of paper that says he can't come around?
Desk Sergeant: [nods]
Slim: And when he comes around... what does she do? Throw it at him?
Desk Sergeant: She calls us.
Slim: [pauses] And what about the kid? Is the paper good for the kid, too?
Desk Sergeant: [looks concerned] There's a child involved?
Slim: Yeah.
Desk Sergeant: Well that's a matter for the family courts to decide, but unless she can prove he's a danger to the child, she cannot legally bar him access...
Slim: [walks out]
Desk Sergeant: ...Miss... Miss!
Slim: Self-defense is not murder.
Mitch: You don't have the guts.
Mitch: You'll never see Gracie again.
Slim: You never will.
Ginny: He likes you!
Slim: He's a dick.
[Slim has just talked to Mitch's mother]
Mitch: Whatever happened to privacy?
Slim: Well, I guess it's dead, along with chivalry and fidelity.
Waitress: Hi sweetie, what's your name?
Gracie Hiller: [after Slim tells her to drop her chosen name "Queen Elizabeth] I don't know.
Slim: Are you scared?
Mitch: Of what?
Slim: Of me.
Slim: [Tearing up] I'm not the kind of girl who's husband beats her up!
Mitch: You wanna fight me, man to man?
Slim: Woman, Mitch.
Gracie: What's "tainted", is that like "painted"?
Robbie: Give me the soup, turkey burger, coleslaw, no fries and a couple extra slices of tomato.

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