Emily has always been the rich brat who tries to pull every imaginable stunt to get attention. But one day, as she fakes her own kidnapping and locks herself in the trunk of a car, a thief ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ

Emily: You got a girlfriend?
Vincent: Nah, I gave that up.
Emily: Why?
Vincent: Because I always see the potential of failure.
Vincent: How stupid do you think I am, huh?
Emily: How stupid is there?
Emily: Do you like my tummy?
Vincent: Yeah, it's nice.
Emily: Do you like my laugh?
Vincent: If you smile.
Vincent: We can do this the easy way or the hard way.
Emily: What's the hard way?
Vincent: It's harder... it's harder than the easy way. That's what I know.
Vincent: I once stole a Ferrari with a Chihuahua in the back. He made less noise than you do.
Vincent: I'm tired of tossing salad, if you know what I mean.
Emily: Where are we going?
Vincent: Knotty Pines.
Emily: What do ya gotta go to Knotty Pines for?
Vincent: So I can meet my man, and tell him "Hey Greg! It's so nice to see you! I just got robbed for $200,000! I enjoyed it!" "Whaaat by who?" "Her uncle!" "Who?" "Her uncle?" I mean, is this science fiction or what?
Vincent: You don't know where you are, you don't know who I am, and you're cuffed to my bathroom pipe. Honey, don't do me like that.
Uncle Ray: Why? Did I beat you? Did I shoot you? In the groin?
Vincent: Are those options?
Vincent: [Uncle Ray is walking towards them with a gun] Think he's gonna shoot?
Emily: Yes, *yes*, Vincent! Run!
[both start running quickly]
Vincent: You're a real screwy kid ya know that?
Vincent: I got a Twinkie in the car. It's all yours, if you want it. Just make this call for me.
Vincent: Do you know the best way to make a dream come true? Do you? It's to wake up.
Raymond: Yeah, right. That's what I'll do, give my car keys to a car thief.
Vincent: How old are you?
Emily: Twelve.
Vincent: Okay. If you say so.
Stick: She's got some ass, huh?
Vincent: Your mother's got some ass.
Emily: Oh, hi Dad, I'm okay but um... Daddy he made me touch his penis.
Vincent: [Vincent hangs up the phone] Touch what?
Emily: Oops.
Vincent: Let's see... we've got rum, tequila and rum... Rum and tequila. What would you like?
Emily: You don't have to be drunk to kiss me.
Vincent: Well... I'm not drunk.
[kisses her]
Vincent: I've known this girl for two days, are you tellin' me I care more about her than you? You son of a bitch! You should've sold her when she was born for cashvalue Mr. Business Man!
Vincent: There goes the medicine cabinet.
Emily: [Emily is cuffed to the sink in the bathroom after beating on Vincent] What... you're done? You don't wanna play anymore?

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