CIA operative Valerie Plame discovers her identity is allegedly leaked by the government as payback for an op-ed article her husband wrote criticizing the Bush administration.

Joe Wilson: The responsibility of a country is not in the hands of a privileged few. We are strong, and we are free from tyranny as long as each one of us remembers his or her duty as a citizen. Whether it's to report a pothole at the top of your street or lies in a State of the Union address, speak out! Ask those questions. Demand that truth. Democracy is not a free ride, man. I'm here to tell you. But, this is where we live. And if we do our job, this is where our children will live. God bless America.
Valerie Plame: You seriously think you can pick a fight with the White House and win? They'll bury us.
Joe Wilson: They'll bury us if we don't. Listen Valerie.
Valerie Plame: No you listen to me.
Joe Wilson: No, Valerie, Valerie, Valerie! Do I, does that make me right if I shout louder than you? If I shout louder than you am I right? If I'm the White House and I shout a million times louder than you, does that make me right? They lied Valerie, they lied. That's the truth.
Valerie Plame: One by one, everybody broke - except me. And that made me feel special. You can't break me. I don't have a breaking point.
Valerie Plame: I was wrong.
Joe Wilson: Niger has two uranium mines in the Sahara desert. One's flooded. The other is run by COGEMA, a French subsidiary jointly controlled by the Japanese and Germans. Five hundred tons of yellowcake is not an off-the-books size transaction. It represents a 40 percent production increase in the nation's annual output of uranium. A sale that size would leave a huge paper trail. Any documentation would, by law, have to be signed by the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, and the Minister of Mines. But say it was an off-the-books deal. How do you hide the transportation of 500 tons of anything, let alone lightly-refined uranium. You're talking 50 semi-tractor trucks on one road through villages where nothing passed for months except maybe one bush taxi. It would be the biggest event for months. To say they forgot is like kids forgetting Christmas.
Dr. Zahraa: How do you do it? Lie to someone to their face? Huh?
Valerie Plame: You have to know, know why you're lying... And never forget the truth.
Valerie Plame: You did your job. You should feel good. They count on that. That's why they don't pay you.
Scooter Libby: Why does the CIA feel the need to "play" these briefings.
Paul: No, no, what I mean is... Okay look, I didn't mean what I just said.
Scooter Libby: Which part? The last part? Or other things, too?
Paul: I'm sorry, I'm getting a little confused.
Scooter Libby: You want me to come back?
Paul: No. God no.
Dr. Zahraa: ...Tell me what you need to know, I will memorize it.
CIA Agent: We have 50 very specific questions, some extremely technical.
Dr. Zahraa: You have 206 bones in your body, do you want their names in English, Latin or Arabic?
Scooter Libby: In 1991, the United States invaded Iraq, and afterwards weapons inspectors discovered Saddam was six months off enriching uranium to sufficiently high specification to make a nuclear bomb. He had fissile material, and not a single person in the CIA had the slightest clue that such a program even existed. So, now, one decade on are you telling me that you're 100% sure these tubes are not intended to create nuclear weapons?
[last lines]
Valerie Plame: I loved my career because I loved my country. I was proud of the serious responsibilities entrusted to me as a CIA covert operations officer.
Diane Plame: So do you have lovers all over the world? Do you have a gun?
[down to a whisper]
Diane Plame: Have you killed people?
Valerie Plame: I can't. I... I can't tell you anything.
Diane Plame: You can't tell me anything. Okay, alright. So do you want to go shopping? See a movie? Mani-pedi?
[first lines]
Valerie Plame: Jessica McDowell, Gnosos Chemicals.
Tabir Secretary #1: When do you leave for Kuala Lumpur, Miss McDowell?
Valerie Plame: I fly to Taiwan Tuesday, then back to Düsseldorf.
Joe Wilson: When Benjamin Franklin left Independence Hall just after the second drafting, he was approached by a woman in the street. The woman said, "Mr. Franklin, what manner of government have you bequeathed us? And Franklin said, " A Republic madam. If you can keep it."
Valerie Plame: [repeated marital conversation] It's on the PostIt.

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