Four bodies are found in New York City. The coincidence? They all died 48 hours after logging on to a site named feardotcom.

Jeannie: Do you like to watch?
Alistair: Joseph Stalin said that the death of one person is a tragedy. The death of a million, a statistic.
Alistair: You know, I believe death should be repulsive, so we don't grow too fond of it.
Frank: But then, I'm drunk by 8 p.m.
Mike: It's noon.
Frank: Hey, I'm ahead of the game!
Mike: It's a live-cam death site.
Terry: It doesn't sound like Turnbull. Why would he watch that?
Mike: People love to see death. Why do you think the ratings are so high on reality disaster shows?
Alistair: You won't shoot her. You suffer from the hero's curse of hope.
Mike: Yeah, I got hope. I hope my first shot blows your fuckin' head off!
[to her cat as she watches a violent video]
Terry: Turn around, Bennie. I don't want you watching this.
Alistair: How enticing the smell of cheap perfume can be... or is that fear?
Mike: I hate germs, and... diseases.
Terry: What about bugs?
Mike: Pretty much hate them too.
Terry: You know you sleep with bugs?
Mike: What?
Terry: You - sleep - with - bugs.
Mike: No, I, I-I-I don't, actually.
Terry: Yeah, you do. Everyone does. Dust mites. They're in your carpets, in your bed. They look like little lobsters. You know, in fact, they're distant relatives.
Mike: You're enjoying this, aren't you?
Terry: I, I just don't get out much.
Mike: That's evidence!
Alistair: I'd like to say I can feel your pain... but I can't.
Alistair: You can end this lesson whenever you wish... just ask me to kill you.
[Alistair's bound and gagged victim reacts violently]
Alistair: She wants to live. Very well... the lesson comes.
[Terry sneaks up behind Mike]
Mike: Jesus!
Terry: Actually, Terry Houston. Department of Health.
Mike: He tortures them until they beg to die.
Mike: Jesus Christ! What happened to him?
Woman P.I.: I don't think he got electrocuted.

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