The magical inhabitants of a rain-forest fight to save their home, which is threatened by logging and a polluting force of destruction called Hexxus.

Batty Koda: [crashes into a tree] I'M BLIND, ON, NO!
[opens his eyes]
Batty Koda: I can see! It's a miracle! Another perfect landing! No worries! I'm okay! Thank you for caring. Just a few bruises.
[sees that no one is listening]
Batty Koda: Nobody cares about me.
Zak: I do you, bat-man.
Batty Koda: You sure?
Zak: I'm positive.
Batty Koda: Only fools are positive.
Zak: Are you sure?
Batty Koda: I'm positive...
[as Zak laughs]
Batty Koda: I fell for it! I should have known!
Crysta: But how can you live without trees?
Zak: Easy.
Crysta: But trees give life. They make the clouds, the water, the air.
Zak: We have air.
Batty Koda: Yeah, if you don't mind getting all your minerals in one breath.
Batty Koda: [singing] I been brain-fried, electrified, infected, and injectified / Vivisectified and fed pesticides / My face is all cut up / Cause my radar's all shut up / Nurse, I need a check-up from the neck up / I'm Batty!
Elder: Now, Crysta, aren't you a little old to believe in human tales?
Batty Koda: Human tails? Humans don't have tails. They have big, big bottoms that they wear with bad shorts. They walk around going, "Hi, Helen".
Batty Koda: [singing] Yo, the name is Batty / The logic is erratic / Potato in a jacket / Toys in the attic / I rock and I ramble / My brain is scrambled / Rap like an animal, but I'm a mammal.
Batty Koda: Gravity works.
Crysta: Are you okay?
Zak: [screams to his horror] WHAT HAPPENED TO ME! I-I-I'M THREE INCHES TALL!
Crysta: Oh... I shrank you.
Zak: You what?
Crysta: Well, it was the most amazing thing. 'Course, it's not what the spell was really supposed to do, but Magi Lune will fix you.
Zak: You... you shrank me?
Crysta: Yeah!
Batty Koda: Catches on quick, doesn't he?
Zak: What about you, Crysta? What is it that fairies do?
Crysta: Do?
Zak: Yeah, do you have jobs or something?
Crysta: What's a job?
Zak: Guess that answers that question. Look, what do you do all day?
Crysta: Help things grow.
Zak: Really? That sounds cool.
Crysta: No, usually it's warm.
Zak: No, cool means it's hot.
Crysta: What?
Zak: You know - bodacious, bad, tubular...
Batty Koda: Awesome use of the language, dude.
Zak: As in, you are one bodacious babe.
Crysta: And that's good... I mean, cool?
Zak: That's right! We're communicating.
Crysta: Tubular!
Zak: Am I dead?
Crysta: No.
Batty Koda: We can fix that for ya!
[Crysta pulls Batty from tree he just flew into]
Batty Koda: Oh, sonic interference, what a nightmare... I thought I saw a human...
[sees Zak]
Batty Koda: AH! HUMAN!
[falls from tree]
Crysta: That's a human?
Batty Koda: Yes! Yes! Kill it! Restrain it! Medicate it! Something!
[takes deep breaths]
Batty Koda: Puff up! Puff up! They hate that!
Crysta: What are you doing?
Zak: Carving your name. See? C-R-Y-S...
Crysta: No, no, you mustn't do that! Here.
[puts Zak's hand on the carving in the tree]
Crysta: Can't you feel its pain?
Zak: [in disbelief] Its *pain*?
Crysta: Yes!
Batty Koda: Humans can't feel anything. They're numb from the brain down.
Crysta: But just think. Humans back in the forest!
Batty Koda: Yep. There goes the neighborhood.
Crysta: Be nice, Batty.
Batty Koda: First thing, all these trees go. Then come your highways, then come your shopping malls, and your parking lots, and your convenience stores, and then come...
[Zak shorts out Batty's antenna]
Batty Koda: Price check on prune juice, Bob. Price check on prune juice.
Batty Koda: Hello, I'm a nocturnal placental mammal of the order pterodidae, or ptero-didn't-I... In case you can't tell, I'm a bat!
[Zak is trying to convince Batty to turn back]
Batty Koda: What're you, crazy, that's lemming talk!
Zak: [hits Batty's antenna] Wrong channel!
Batty Koda: [in English accent] Hail, Caesar! Emperor of Rome!
Zak: [Batty floats offscreen] Wrong channel!
Batty Koda: [back onscreen; imitates John Wayne] Well all right, Gunny! We're goin' to war!
Batty Koda: [after saving Crysta and Zak from the leveler] "Don't go," I said. "Bad idea," I said. But would you listen? No. Don't listen to Batty. Well what do we have here? Shoes... animals don't wear shoes... A HUMAN!
Crysta: A TREE!
Batty Koda: WOAH!
[flies into tree... ]
[upon entering FernGully, Batty crashes into a tree]
Batty Koda: Red light!
[crashes into another tree]
Batty Koda: Red light again!
Batty Koda: Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!
Batty Koda: [Hexxus knocks over a headlamp that's about to fall on Batty] Oh, this is gonna hurt...
Batty Koda: I have but one claw, but beware!
Ralph: [sees Zak sliding on the windshield] Hey, Tone, there's a little man on the windshield here.
Ralph: [suddenly recognizes him] Hey, Tone!
[Crysta looks at cloud of black smoke coming from Mt. Warning and realizes Batty is not with her]
Crysta: Batty? Batty... Well come on!
Batty Koda: [looks around] My heart! Oh! My heart!
[falls back]
Batty Koda: ... I can't go on... heaven my little wings can't make it!
Crysta: Hmmm maybe you should wait here for me...
Batty Koda: A fabulous idea... only why don't you stay here with me?
Crysta: [kisses his nose] Don't worry I'll be right back
Batty Koda: Why do I not believe you?
Crysta: Will you both just calm down?
Batty Koda, Zak: He tried to kill you!
Batty Koda, Zak: I did not! You did!
Batty Koda: [follows Crysta] Yeah, this territory looks kinda familiar. Fabulous day in the canopy, isn't it. Well, where do you think you're going?
Crysta: Mount Warning.
[Batty goes stunned an knocks into a tree]
Batty Koda: I know where I am. I know where I am. HEY! You scared me there. For a minute, I thought you said you were going to Mount Warning.
Crysta: Well, I did.
Crysta: Exactly!
Batty Koda: Fractured fig, fairy bug, come on! Mount Warning is the last place a little fairy like you wants to go. Look at these! D'you think nature did this? D'you think I put this on to get better reception? NO! Humans did this. We should stay here. It's nice here.
Crysta: [after Zak lights a match, gasps] What is it?
Zak: It's fire.
Crysta: [curiously] That's fire?
[Crysta touches it until]
Crysta: OW!
Zak: Careful!
Zak: What are you supposed to be, some kind of fairy?
Crysta: Of course I am. What about you? Are you really a human?
Zak: Last time I checked.
Goanna: [about to eat Zak] Welcome to the food chain.
Crysta: Stop! He's a human!
Goanna: Uhh... what's a human?
Batty Koda: Delicious and nutritious! Tastes just like chicken!
Crysta: [Crysta glares at Batty, then flies over to the Goanna] He's my friend.
Goanna: Any friend of a fairy...
[spits out Zak]
Goanna: ... is a friend of mine.
Crysta: Thanks.
Goanna: You owe me a free dinner after this one.
[first lines]
Magi Lune: [opening narration] Our world was much larger then. The forest went on forever. We tree spirits nurtured the harmony of all living things, but our closest friends were humans. Then, as sometimes happens, the balance of nature shifted. Hexxus, the very spirit of destruction rose up from the bowels of the earth, and rained down his poison. The forest was nearly destroyed, many lives were lost and the humans fled in fear, never to return. Most believe they did not survive. It was only by calling up the magical powers of nature, that I was able to trap Hexxus inside an enchanted tree, and save FernGully.
Zak: [remorsefully] I wish - I wish the human tales were true. They're not here to protect the forest; they're cutting down trees.
[the fairies gasp in shock]
Zak: They're destroying the forest! And I was helping them do it. Batty was right.
Batty Koda: [in surprise] I was?
Zak: They're coming this way. You can't stop them. You'll have to leave.
Zak: Buzz off? I'm not buzzing anywhere. Now unshrink me, and I mean now.
Crysta: Well, I guess I could take a bash at it.
Zak: "Take a bash"?
Crysta: Actually, I'm just sort of learning.
Zak: Great, I've been shrunk by an amateur. I don't believe this. Okay, okay, come on! Bash away!
Ralph: Are you sure the leveler can handle this baby?
Tony: Sure, the leveler eats anything.
Ralph: Kinda like you.
Tony: How many times a day I have to threaten your life?
Crysta: [preventing Batty from getting dizzier after his first appearance] Bless your heart with magic light; I give the gift of fairy sight!
Crysta: What's a machine?
Zak: It's a... thing. Cutting down trees.
Crysta: That's terrible!
Zak: Only if you live in a tree.
Crysta: I *do* live in a tree!
Zak: Oh.
Root: [after a falcon nearly attacks them, to Crysta] Are you crazy going above the canopy?
Stump: Yeah! We were almost falcon fodders!
Hexxus: [singing] I see the world and all the creatures in it, / I suck 'em dry and spit 'em out like spinach. / 'Cause greedy human beings will always lend a hand, / with the destruction of this worthless jungle land. / And what a wonderful machine they have provided, / To slice a path of doom with my sweet breath to guide it.
Hexxus: Ahhh... delicious... a first-class smoke. Mother's milk. And what is this delightful thing? And how did I get out of that tree? Oh, of course. Humans. What wonderful creatures. So clever. So helpful. I must take this wonderful human thing to... Fern... Gully...
[evil chuckle]
Crysta: [feeling a freshly cut stump with her hand which glows from the pain] Magi, can you heal it?
Magi Lune: [solemnly] A force outside of nature did this. I can't heal it, and I can't stop it.
Crysta: Zak can! I know what did this, Magi: a monster the humans fight. Humans can stop it. They have these magic red marks that...
[Magi cuts her by shaking her head no as they turn seeing a huge dark red 'X' mark on the stump]
Crysta: [appalled] But Zak said...
[Crysta flies further out passing all the red X's, to her shock the whole forest is gone, she then sees humans loading the logs onto a tractor-trailer]
Crysta: [sadly] Humans did it. Humans did it all.
Crysta: [seeing a tree about to crush Zak after he catches her] Bless your eyes with magic light; I give the gift of fairy size - oh, sight!
Crysta: Magi, don't leave me!
Magi Lune: I love you. I'll always be with you.
[Magic fades away into blue specks]
Magi Lune: We all have the power - and it grows when it is shared. Remember what you learned, Crysta.
[the specks scatter to all the fairies, including Zak as the tree opens back up]
Crysta: [sadly] Oh, Magi...
Pips: Hey, what's going on, Zak?
Zak: Huh? What are you talking about?
Pips: You know exactly what I'm talking about: the forest! You know what's happening, don't you?
Zak: But...
Elder: Good idea, ask the human. He may know.
Crysta: Crysta?
Crysta: [in tears, angry] You lied to me!
Zak: Uh... I... Crysta!
[Crysta flies off in anger]
Tony: Zak!
Ralph: What happened here?
[they see the entire forest almost empty with tree stumps, Zak smiles and plants a seed remembering what Crysta told him]
Zak: I will remember.
[Zak leaves with Tony and Ralph]
Zak: [solemnly] Guys, things have gotta change.
Magi Lune: Since the beginning of time, we have been the guardians and the healers of the forest. We have too long forgotten the magic powers of nature. The time has come to call on them again. Remember: all the magic of creation exists within a single tiny seed.
Magi Lune: There are worlds within worlds, Crysta. Everything in our world is connected by the delicate strands of the web of life, which is a balance between the forces of destruction and the magical forces of creation.
Magi Lune: Look for the hero inside yourself, Crysta. Look to the good and loving heart in you and all others.
Crysta: [about to change Zak back to his normal size] What was done, now undo. Return you to the form that's true. Good-bye, Zak.
Crysta: [about Zak] He's a bodacious babe!
Hexxus: [to the leveler] I do believe we are destined to be soul-mates!
Ock: Halt! Who goes there!
Rock: Hi, Crysta!
Ock: Okay, what's the password?
Crysta: Oh, come on, you guys!
Ock: Hey, is that the password? It sounds good.
Crysta: [flies off] Bye!
Rock: Bye! That's it, that's the password.
Ock: I don't know if that's the password or not. I'm so confused!
Pips: So, what the Mage have to say?
Crysta: She said I should start getting serious.
Pips: 'Bout time.
Crysta: Oh, and stop hanging around with bug-brained layabouts like you.
Hexxus: [to the construction-drivers posing as their boss] Make sure you use plenty of oil!
Batty Koda: Oh oh, oh oh, big ears! Elephant! No, no, no, anteater! Oh, orangutan! Ok, ok, let me guess again- a duck! A duck! Ooohhh, it's Darwin's grab bag!

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