Everything changes for 15-year-old Mia when her mum brings home a new boyfriend.

Mia: [shouting to Keeley's father] Can you give Keeley a message for me? Tell her I think her old man's a cunt!
Joanne: [as Mia bends over, drinking from faucet] Get some clothes on, Mia
Mia: I've got some clothes on
Joanne: You're half naked
Mia: [drinks again] You don't normally care
Joanne: Yeah, well I do now so - get dressed
Mia: Why are you talking different?
Joanne: [to Connor] We should get a move on, yeah?
Tyler: Where you going?
Joanne: Not going nowhere
Tyler: Well, why did you just say, "Shall we get a move on then"?
Joanne: Listen, we're only going for a drive
Connor: You want to come?
Joanne: No!
Tyler: Yeah! Yeah!
Joanne: No, they don't want to come
Tyler: I do
Joanne: We're not going nowhere
Tyler: I don't care. I still want to come
Connor: Off you go, then, and get dressed
Tyler: [exit] Thanks for that
Connor: [to Mia] What about you?
Joanne: No, she won't want to
Connor: We're leaving in 20 minutes
Mia: Yeah. All right. I'd love to come
[last lines]
Tyler: [runs after car, shouts to Mia inside] Bye you skank! Don't forget to text me! Say hello to the whales for me!
Connor: You need sortin' out, you do.
Mia: So you keep sayin' But you're nothing to me, so why should I listen?
Tyler: [buries face in Mia's abdomen] I hate you!
Mia: [tenderly] I hate you, too.
Mia: What are you looking for?
Billy: A Volvo 940.
Mia: What's it look like?
Billy: Like a Volvo 940.
Mia: Cor! Clever Dick!
Mia: That your car?
Billy: Yeah. Still needs a couple of bits.
Mia: You left your cap.
Billy: Oh.
Mia: Where's your horse?
Billy: She was sick. We had to shoot her.
Mia: [looks down at lock. Sits down. Cries]
Billy: She was 16. It was her time.
Mia: [crying, looks up] Alright.
Billy: I was thinking of trying out the motor on a long run.
Mia: Yeah.
Billy: I know some people in Cardiff. You know, in Wales.
Mia: I'm leaving then.
Joanne: [dances] This is one of your CDs.
Mia: Yeah. It's Nas.
Joanne: Yeah, it's great.
Mia: You can keep it.
Joanne: Well, go on then. Fuck off.
[first lines]
[Mia calls Keeley using a cellphone]
Keeley: [from an answering machine] Hey, it's Keeley. Leave me a message.
Mia: Keeley, it's me. What's going on? I've left like three messages. I said sorry, didn't I? You know what I'm like. I was pissed off. Ring me back, you bitch.
Tyler: Why do you need so much stuff?
Mia: [packing] Just in case.
Tyler: What about the referral unit?
Mia: You can have my place.
Tyler: I don't want it. They're full of spastics and idiots, those places.